Let us now mourn discontinued treats

Madame Weebles —  April 9, 2012 — 21 Comments

Being a long-time consumer of cakes, cookies, ice cream, and candy, I have enjoyed several brands that are no longer sold. But I remember them fondly. Sigh.

So let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane, shall we? And please feel free to share your own long-lost faves.

Ben & Jerry’s Dastardly Mash Ice Cream

This is one of the earliest B&J flavors I remember, from around the mid-80s. It was a rocky road type of flavor. I loved it, but I guess I was one of the few. According to this tombstone in the Flavor Graveyard at B&J’s headquarters in Vermont, the raisins may have ruined it for people. Ordinarily I don’t love raisins but in Dastardly Mash, they really worked for me.

Burry’s Happyniks Cookies

Anyone else remember these? They were fun—chocolate and vanilla wafer cookies, and each one had a happy face. Look at the picture of the cookies on the box—they’re just so cute! How could you not love a smiley cookie? I’m not sure when these were discontinued but it was probably about 20 years ago. And the cookie aisle hasn’t been as happy a place since then.

Garbage Candy

Not to be confused with Garbage Pail Kids, which were completely different. Garbage candies were like Sweet Tarts, but they were shaped like things you’d find in a garbage pail. There was a soda bottle, a tin can, an old sneaker, a fish skeleton, and a bone. And they came in a little plastic garbage can. I used to get one of these garbage pails every day after school.

Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies

These were awesome. Marshmallow between two cookies that were sort of like Nilla wafers except softer. So good. And so sorely missed. I had them with a glass of milk when I was a kid but I wish Nabisco still made them because I bet they would be great with a cup of coffee too.

Hershey’s Bar None Candy Bar

These were also awesome. Why oh why did Hershey discontinue such a wonderful candy bar? I’d much rather they bring this one back and dispense with some of the newfangled varieties of Hershey’s chocolates that are out now.

Viennetta Ice Cream Cake

Mr. Weebles misses Viennetta very much. They still sell it in England and other countries, but that doesn’t help us much since we don’t live in England and other countries. I first had Viennetta in London and was so happy when they started selling it here. But then they stopped. It’s like they were just teasing us.

21 responses to Let us now mourn discontinued treats

    Cory (aka the "roomie") April 9, 2012 at 11:42 am

    I really miss Burry’s Fudgetown cookies–I know you remember them! http://www.flickr.com/photos/60585948@N00/70520857/


    I guess I’m lucky that most of the treats I love the most are still being made. (There would be rioting in the streets if they ever tried to stop making Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I would be leading it.)

    My local Trader Joe’s has stopped making a lot of stuff that I really loved, like the peach sauce (apple sauce, only made with peaches); it was great on waffles.


      Peach sauce! That sounds really good. Damn Trader Joe’s, why did they discontinue it? Companies should not be allowed to discontinue products without our express permission.


    The only one of those I remember is the Garbage Candy. Raisins have no place in delicious foods! Just as they have no place in oatmeal cookies (oatmeal cookies with raisins are the Devil’s Cookies), Ben & Jerry had no right to toy with the natural order of things by attempting to put raisins in ice cream. Talk about your crimes against humanity!


      Ordinarily I agree with you about the raisins, but in oatmeal cookies and in Dastardly Mash I make an exception. Otherwise they should be banished from salads, baked goods and everything else.


    So the universe isn’t out to just get me? It seems like when I find a new favorite food item, the stores decide that’s the time to stop stocking it. It’s good to know I have company. Sigh. I’d rather we still could have our favorites….

    free penny press November 18, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    I miss Pop Rocks candy.. Felt like you had little pieces of sweet dynamite in your mouth. i wanted to be this lady when i get older but no, they took them away:


      Now that’s a cute old broad. I liked Pop Rocks too—they were so fizzy and fun. I mean, what were they trying to protect us from by taking them off the market?? You can buy guns with no problem but Pop Rocks? Too dangerous.


    I realize you wrote this over a year ago. Whatevs. My soul cries out for Vienetta every. Damn. Day. (I also think about corn dogs every damn day, but at least I can still get my hands on those.) Oh, Vienetta… the crunchy chocolate layers, the decorative ripples down the side… I found one once, long after they’d been withdrawn from grocery stores, lurking in a gas station freezer with the Flintstones push-up pops. Yes, I did buy it, and it was the best last fling I ever had.


    what can we do to bring back the marshmello sandwhich cookie?


    I remember the Garbage Candy, Bar None, and the Happyniks. We used to get Happyniks all the time. I think that Burry’s offered smile-y face merchandise you could send away for on the back of the box, such as a happy face cookie jar. (I know such a cookie jar exists, but it’s possible it had nothing to do with Happyniks.) Me, I’d like to see once again this Nabisco cookie selection that came in a flip-top box wrapped with red wax paper inside. It had half a dozen different types of cookies inside. I’m sure there’s photos of it on Flickr, but I don’t remember what it was called.


    When my son was in elementary school, I put a vanilla and chocolate Happnik cookie in his lunch each day and that made him very happy. He’s in his 40’s now and works in the food industry. He, often, remarks to me how happy he was that I did that and wishes to be able to have them again.


    Being Nabisco marshmallow sandwich cookies no longer exist, I would love to be able to have the recipe for these cookies! I remember eating these cookies which were so delicious with soft cookies while a with the marshmallow in the middle, and of course I had it on the 60’s. I would love for these marshmallow cookies coming back tho don’t understand why not, and also with the same exact ingredients… Please if any idea of the recipe which I don’t doubt exist, maybe we will be able to get the recipe from the packaging of the cookies, and maybe someone can be lucky enough to be able to get it! Thanks in advance for any help you may be in helping me….those were the good ol days!


    Dutch Twins cookies.


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