Navel gazing, addendum

Madame Weebles —  May 30, 2012 — 33 Comments

Sorry folks, I thought “navel gazing” was a fairly standard expression. Maybe it’s just because I’m in NYC, home of millions of self-absorbed people. So I will clarify. Here’s the entry from Merriam-Webster:

33 responses to Navel gazing, addendum


    This has happened to me before, too. Who hasn’t heard “navel gazing”? Maybe people who don’t do it. Huh.


    hahaha! Hard to believe that needed explanation! : )


    I thought it was what one stranded on an island does. Staring at the horizon for a ship.


    Ha, naval gazing! Or, I like navel oranges but they make me seasick.


    Good idear for those who don’t practice — I was born doing this which is why I’m still standing in the same place.


    Ah, I see now. Yeah, navel gazers are morons.


    It even has a name, other than “navel gazing”: Omphaoskepsi.


    While I do a lot of navel gazing, I like the mimosas idea more!


    I missed your navel-gazing post, dang it. I’ve just arrived from there, still chuckling.

    Navel-gazing isn’t new to me, but you should’ve seen my face the first time I encountered a jar of naval jelly…


    Thanks so much for the definition, Madame. I have some oranges here, and I’ve been starting at them, but no little belly buttons are appearing! I was very confused,


    I had never heard of navel gazing before today… but I HAD made the conceptual leap that it must be like “contemplating one’s navel”

    Navel oranges, are so much more fun…. it doesn’t even hurt when you pierce them!


    it’s one of my fave terms too. i use it all the time and I’m usually met with odd stares and cocked heads. Shit, i gotta start hanging out with more smarter folks.


    I have to admit this was a new one for me…
    but then, I don’t get out much, you know. :)


    We’ll have to ask him how to say it in French.


    Ooo I’m a new Yorker and now the fact that I can’t tear my eyes away from those navels makes sense!


    Thanks for the laugh!


    Again, you have given me useful terminology…thank you :)


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