I can’t think of a title for this blog post because it really just consists a lot of random, disparate brain droppings and there’s no real theme here to tie it all together and bring it on home

Madame Weebles —  June 3, 2012 — 46 Comments

I’ve got nothing meaningful to say today.  Plenty of stuff flying through my brain but none of it very profound.  It’s Sunday, and any deep thoughts I may have are out having a martini brunch.  So here’s all I got today:

The Funky Scale
I’m pissed that I forgot to add Kingsley Shacklebolt to my original Scale of Funky. Mr. Weebles and I were watching one of the Harry Potter movies when we realized that we should have put him on the list. Because Kingsley is definitely funky. He has a funky name and a funky look. And he’s a wizard. You just know he’s got to be one of the funkiest wizards at the Ministry of Magic, if not the funkiest.

My goal is to have one of each of the original Weebles made during the 1970s. My collection is almost complete—I’m missing only about 6 of them. The inventor of Weebles, Ned Strongin, died just over a year ago at the age of 91. I have no idea how long it took him to perfect the Weeble, but I wonder what the protoypes looked like.  I’m thinking they looked something like this:

I can see why they probably wouldn’t have tested well in market research.

Also, I really want to make a Steampunk Weeble. But you’d be surprised at how difficult it is to find really tiny goggles.

The Weeblettes
These are the Weeblettes. Quite the little Rogues Gallery, aren’t they? They’re all girls, they’re all rescues, and they’re all wonderful. Adopt shelter pets!!

I like to cross-stitch.  It gives me else something to do while I’m just sitting around watching television.  But I lose interest pretty quickly, so I keep switching between patterns.  Right now I have 3 or 4 unfinished cross-stitch patterns.  I’ll complete them eventually.  The first cross-stitch piece I ever did is this one, which is now proudly displayed in my office:

I need to buy a doily to put under it so I can make it look extra dainty.

The New York Yankees

Like all arrogant Yankee fans, I expect my boys to go 162-0.  Right now they have a disappointing 28-24 record.  Meh.  Fortunately, the season isn’t even half over yet they’re still ahead of the Red Sox.

Geddy Lee
Every few weeks or so I have dreams about him. I had another one last night. I’m not sure why or how these dreams started. Although I’ve always liked Rush, Geddy didn’t do it for me when he was younger. But apparently he does it for me now, big time. I just hadn’t realized it during my waking hours. Maybe the Universe wanted to make sure I was aware of how much he rocks. And I have to say I think he looks pretty smokin’ hot in this photo.

46 responses to I can’t think of a title for this blog post because it really just consists a lot of random, disparate brain droppings and there’s no real theme here to tie it all together and bring it on home

    Fish Out of Water June 3, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    My random comments: I looooooooooooooooooooooove Geddy Lee. Rush is an amazing band. My late sister Fran was a cross-stitcher. She was a kick ass woman, went far too young. Both my kitties are girls and they are rescues. I used to have Weebles as kids, but I much preferred Little People. When I had them they were made of wood, not plastic like now. Plastic has made it possible for us to have a lot of stuff, but most of it is crap. LOL!


      Right on, Fish!! Another Geddy fan! I’m sorry about your sister–I will think of her the next time I pick up my stitching. And YAY for rescuing kitties. I bet they’re beautiful little girls. My Fisher Price Little People were wood too. The newfangled plastic ones are just wrong.




    Yes, Kingsley Shacklebot (Love the name!) IS FUNKY! And the Weeblettes are beautiful girls! But sorry, used to live in Boston, so I have to go with the Red Sox. Oh well…



    Dude, Geddy Lee? I didn’t know. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I suppose Geddy Lee wearing some sort of Revolutionary War soldier uniform would be up your alley?


    when dad was dealing with cancer, our family had to rally together… mom and dad called a family meeting, and discussed keeping out emotions in check, and being patient with each other as we dealt with the hard stuff ahead – and that we all would bring something different to the fight. i said “From each according to his ability. To each according to his need.” Mom then said – “I would LOVE to have that cross-stitched and hung on my wall. That is beautiful.” Never got it done. Never got around to telling her it was a Karl Marx quote.


    Shacklebolt? That is funky-delic-delicious, although I don’t know a thing about Harry Potter. Your Sunday ramblings are quite entertaining, MW. For instance, I had no idea who the inventor of weebles was, but now do thanks to you. I used to cross-stitch myself but never did one like yours — which ROCKS, love it and love, love your weeblets. I have two, but of the doggie kind and most times prefer their company to some humans. Must confess, never was a Rush fan, my tastes are more toward the Pink Floyd genre, but Geddy Lee is kind of hot in a rocker kind of poet-in-a-coffee-house-wearing-a-black-turtleneck kind of way. :).


      I like Floyd too–actually I’ve been on a Dark Side of the Moon jag lately. And I COMPLETELY know what you mean about preferring the puppies to the people at times. I feel the same way.


    I did not realize until this post that you’re a woman of so many talents Madame W. What a pity you cannot fill in as the Yankee’s closer in Mo’s absence … or can you?


      HA! I like you, you’re funny. Man, I wish I could fill in for Mo. If they let me stand about 10 feet from the plate, I *might* be able to throw something resembling a strike. But it’s unlikely.


    Love the first cross stitch you did…. that is completely awesome.
    AND YAY for rescue animals :) the Howler is a rescue.


    Oooh, a steampunk Weeble! It’s gotta be done! And your girls are beautiful. And hey, Rush! What can I say?


      Isn’t that a fun idea? Steampunk stuff is so cool, I’ll have to find some teeny-tiny gears and goggles for my Weeble. And thank you for the kinds words on my girls—they’d thank you too except that they’re all zonked out right now. Shouts out to you, my Canadian homey!


    Your “random, disparate brain droppings” are funny!


    Yeah, Shacklebolt was a classic. His line “Whether you like him or not minister, you’ve got to admit Dumbledore’s got style” punches his funky ticket with authority.

    Weebles – you’re going to update the “directors” shot when you get them all together, aren’t you?



      I love that you remember that line of Kingsley’s by heart, Nigel. That line definitely punches his funky ticket with authority (that’s a great line too, by the way).

      Since there are now several new members of the Weebles Board of Directors, yes, we will be taking a new group shot very soon. How kind of you to notice and ask.


    Love this, and I’m a huge fan of Shacklebolt. Also weebles. :-) Love the kitty photos too, and I am a Yankees fan. Thanks for visiting my blog from Robyn. Just love her! Great blog, and love the title!


    Good to see someone else who hasn’t forgotten that Rush exists.


    1. I want a sassy cross-stitch thing. I was considering stealing the one you did…but I googled and found this which was clearly made for me: http://www.bonanza.com/listings/Tequila-Makes-My-Clothes-Fall-Off-Sassy-Sampling-PDF-cross-stitch-John-Shirley/76399771

    2. One year ago, I took Dane to see the Time Machine Tour. It was so much fun!!! He was a history dude, his thesis was “The American Post-War Occupation of Germany.”

    3. Reiki? That blows my mind a bit because I am having a weird energy thing. That’s happening.


      La La, check out http://www.subversivecrossstitch.com. Sassy cross-stitch patterns galore. But the one you found really does have your name on it.

      I heard the Time Machine Tour was great—I haven’t ever seen Rush live but I hear they put on a great show. The other two guys are awesome but I’d mainly be interested in the Geddy show.

      A weird energy thing? I’m intrigued! Do tell more.


        I was going to mention the subversive cross-stitch site but i see you’ve already found it. My Siamese is a rescue cat, he was hard to place because he has one enormous fang poking out of his bottom jaw. But he’s still adorable


        I love that site. They have so many funny patterns. And I bet your Siamese is adorable—maybe even more so because of his wacky fang.


    Please consider titling this blog “Gemini Girl in a Random World.” Just about covers everything, right?


    Those are some awesome looking Weeblettes. And I’m sorry I don’t have any of my weebles left to send you.


      Thanks, Purple! One of the Weeblettes was sleeping on my lap this morning and made me late for work. Because you know, I couldn’t disturb her.

      Too bad about no Weebles but that’s why God invented eBay.


    Lovely, lovely Weeblettes.

    And yes, yes, adopt shelter pets!!!


    I like cross -stitching as well! I get bored with doing so , so I usually try to cross stitch while watching a movie at home.


    Amazing cross stitch!!!


    I like you, inphiluencer. Yes I do.


    Yep, I’m reviewing your old posts for my upcoming Q&A rather than working. I prefer it.

    Just a quick comment to ask if you might consider doing a cross-stitch commission?


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