Somebody’s looking for me

Madame Weebles —  June 9, 2012 — 46 Comments

Lately there have been an awful lot of clicks to my blog from searches for “Madame Weebles” and “madameweebles.” And today I found the search term “Who is Madame Weebles?”—complete with question mark.

I’m not sure what they expected from that last one. It’s not like Google can spit out a dossier on me. Or can they? Google’s getting a little creepy with the amount of information they have, so who knows.

Now I’m wondering if one of you blabbed to the authorities about my tissue killings (yeah, I’m looking at you, Summer Solstice Girl). Or maybe Interpol is still trying to find me after that incident in Prague—which was not my fault, by the way.

So I’ve purchased the mask shown above to disguise my identity. They’ll never find me now.

46 responses to Somebody’s looking for me


    That’s a bit unsettling. At least you can make a quick getaway, if need be, using your time machine. Phew!


    Hmmm….I am reading a felon’s blog?


    [in munchkin voice] I’ll use my magic dust to make you invisible and they’ll never never find you…


    I did not turn you in, I promise! And I think the mask is your best defense! I would never recognize you with the mask! I think you’re safe! Thank God!

    We could never do without our Weebles…




    If I was less cyber-stupid I would know how to embed a link in this comment to share a photo I took on my way home from work on Friday of a Robert Cornelius book that an UWS sidewalk vendor was selling for ten clams (as we say in Flintstones-speak). It made me think of you M. Weebles. Possibly RC was trying to channel you through me to encourage your time traveling, but I was in a bit of a hurry and did not put much thought into any of this until now.


    Your post inspired me to check Google to see if I could find out anything about myself. But then at the last second I chickened out, worried about what I might find and so I searched for “Madame Weebles” instead since it seems to be the popular thing to do. It wasn’t me searching for you those other times though.


    I love my coffee way to much!


    It’s good to be stalked. Now, please change the towels in your bathroom. They look like they’ve been there for days!


    Curses… well, I knew it was only a matter of time before people found out. My resemblance to Joan Crawford is so eerie that people have thrown wire hangers at me.


    If your name is Joan… do you mind if I call you so?

    Fish Out of Water June 10, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    One of the searches I’ve had is “gumball in butt hole”. Is someone trying to tell me something?


    Oh man, no one will ever know. I hope you wear it everywhere.


    I may or may not have already told people about you and your ingenious hot dead guy postings! :)


    no one ever googles “who is hot femme?” le sigh.


    Just call yourself Spartacus.
    Works for me…
    Acutally,I believe they are googling you looking for me.
    Crafty bastards…


    You’re a popular girl! (I didn’t want to say you;re a popular Madame, because that doesn’t sound entirely nice)

    The mask will certainly help, but google will probably drive by in one of their vans and take pictures of you, so you might want an alternative for on-street use.



    Love the mask, MW — it’s SO you. :).


    I would guess this added hint-o-mystery will only add to the intrigue.
    I suspect this was all part of your brilliant plan, though. :)


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