Reblog due to weather

Madame Weebles —  June 21, 2012 — 21 Comments

It’s hot out there today.  Although to be fair, it’s actually cool and refreshing here in NYC compared to what’s going on in other parts of North America.  Some of our Canadian homeys are sweltering in 40+ degrees Celsius (that’s 104+ degrees Fahrenheit for my fellow Celsius-challenged Americans).

In any case, when the mercury rises, so does my cranky level.  And my lazy level.  So it’s time for another reblog.  And what better subject to discuss on a hot, icky day than disease?  Enjoy!

Which diseases were the most glamorous?


21 responses to Reblog due to weather


    I didn’t actually read the reblog (yet), because I’m just that lazy today. WTF is with this 40C/104F weather we’re having? Though, to be clear, I’m not complaining, because I have a strict policy about complaining about only one season. My kids, though, don’t follow the same policy, and they’re melting a little more each day.


    The bathroom at where I work here in Gotham City could double as a sweat lodge today. Onto your post about glamorous diseases. The Kafka fiend in me is expecting to find consumption on that list.


    Okay, but is it a *dry* heat?
    Here in Hotlanta (and they don’t call it that for nothing), there’s always a sticky, moist and humid heat, which makes it extra yucky. I’m wiping my brow as I type.
    By the way, I’m so encouraged to see that you have reblogged yourself! I did not know that was possible, but I had hopes… I think I’ll need to learn how to do that before the holiday season rolls in again.
    It was a terrific post, Weebles, and well worth the reblog. =D


      It’s very possible to reblog oneself, Robin–I haven’t done it that often because I don’t have that much early material to recycle, but it’s handy when you’ve got no other posts ready. Meanwhile today it’s not too humid here, only about 50% humidity, but come July and August, we’ll be looking at 99 degrees and 99% humidity. It’ll be great.


    It’s downright pleasant here on the Correct Coast!
    And I’d say consumption is the most glamorous, ’cause I secretly want to be Doc Holiday.


      Correct Coast, eh? Define pleasant — 60, 70 degrees?

      Consumption is pretty glam, although I’m fond of the vapors too.


        I live right on the coast–it’s somewhere in the mid-60s, which may seem cold, but the tourists love it–they come over from the Valley where it’s 9,000 degrees.

        I think women can pull off the vapors better than men. I just can’t see telling somebody I have that and them being in any way impressed.


          True, it’s not easy for the gentlemen to convincingly do the vapors. Not without causing people to point and laugh, anyway. And 60 degrees is fine with me—I’m happiest at about 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit, personally.


    Read the reblog, like the reblog (oh, crap, not sure I “liked” it tho…gotta go back…hold on a minute…ok, we’re good now. See, I can do that real fast cuz I’m also on a cool coast (perhaps not the correct one, because it’s not the right one but the left one). It’s in the mid 70s here , warm in the sun but with a nice breeze. You’re welcome to c’mon over (down?) but beware of the barking zombies…


    Haven’t read your reblog yet but I’m going to have to try that when the muse just doesn’t want to play with me, which has been today. People have been in bad moods today that I’ve encountered. Must be the heat! At least, it won’t be much longer. In other parts of the country it STAYS this way for weeks on end….. Perfect temp to me is in the mid-70s with 50s and 60s in the evenings. Once it gets above 78, I start to get uncomfortable, you know get the vapors — what exactly is the vapors anyway? See, I have to go read your repost. Stay cool, MW. :).


      I highly recommend the reblog, Brigitte. Solves a lot of problems! Plus you must have all kinds of past blog posts that are ripe for reposting and sharing with tons of new people. :) My ideal temp is 45-50 degrees—maybe even lower, like 40. So when the nasty weather starts in earnest, probably in a few weeks, I’m going to wish I were in a meat locker.


    Weebles–Your reblog is like a fine wine.


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