Zombie Hot

Madame Weebles —  July 1, 2012 — 71 Comments

This one is for daisyfae because she’s the one who inspired it.  After our Hot Dead Guy Sweet 16, she suggested having an “I’d Do Him/Her Even if He/She Was a Zombie” contest.

Because let’s face it: there are some people who are so excruciatingly sexy, so unbearably gorgeous, so devastatingly attractive, that you’d still want them even if they were zombies.

So here we go.  It’s not a contest, but I’m opening this up for discussion.  Very serious, mature, sophisticated, salon-type discussion, of course.

My Top Three Hot Undead Guys (in no particular order):

Robert Cornelius

I’m sure you’re all familiar with him by now.  I know he’s no longer with us, but I think Mr. Cornelius is one of the dreamiest gentlemen ever to grace this planet.  I’d still pine and swoon for him even if he were an undead Victorian madman.

Michael Fassbender

I could be in a permanent vegetative state and still be able to sense the hotness emanating from The Fassbender.  It’s ridiculous how delicious he is.  Zombification would do nothing to diminish this.

Geddy Lee

Geddy shows up in my dreams at least once a week now.  He’s the only guy I have ever had recurring dreams about.  He’s hot, and he also obviously has some sort of hypnotic power over my conscious and subconscious mind.  I see no reason why he wouldn’t still have this power over me if he were a zombie.

Now it’s your turn.  And you can’t include your significant other in this—that’s cheating.

71 responses to Zombie Hot


    Hmmm…I don’t get your Geddy Lee fascination (even being Canadian), but Fassbender…. *swoon*


    I have rotating ones this week — all people who work here — oops! I can’t say his name I’ll just say this — nope — better not…


    John Stamos, Tom Petty (I know he’s not you’re usual kind of handsome, but he IS sexy) and Brad Pitt, from that movie, Legends of the Falls. Oh, and Jeffrey Morgan ’cause he reminds me of hubby. Shemar Moore is pretty zombie hot too. I should stop now…


    Okay, off the top of my lesbian head (i.e., I wouldn’t do it with any of these guys but I still have the capacity to recognize beauty no matter what the gender) — Sam Shepard before he got craggy, Alec Baldwin before he got fat and publicly asshole-ish (but I still like him), and Alain Delon before he got old. Hey, isn’t Robert Cornelius still dead and only alive inside your head (oops still in withdrawal from Weebles Poetry Slam #2)?


      C’mon, give us your lady choices! This isn’t exclusively guys, you know—anyone can be Zombie Hot!

      Yeah, Robert Cornelius is still dead, sadly. But if he were to be resurrected by some ancient spell and walked among us today, I’d still want him bad.


        I didn’t realize we could select from our preferred gender! In that case (when my insanely jealous Special Friend is not looking) hook me up with Penelope Cruz, Ariel Levy and/or Samantha Stosur.


          If you’re a woman who likes the women, bring it on. No discrimination here at Fear No Weebles. Besides, all hetero gets monotonous.

          You and I have the same taste in chicks—I love Penelope Cruz. I had to Google Ariel Levy because I had never seen her picture, and I never heard of Samantha Stosur because I don’t watch much tennis. But yeah, they’re hot broads.


            Ariel is a terrific journalist, Samantha beat Serena’s butt at the US Open last year but is playing way below form this year, and Penelope, well, she’s Penelope. Drool.


    Let’s see….

    Linda Fiorentino…. An easy choice… She’s the all time number one on my list!

    For the remainder (in no particular order):
    - Sara Shahi (lovely eyes… at least while still living);
    - Jennifer Connelly (sweetly sexy); and,
    - Annabella Sciorra (moan, gasp, whimper sexy).

    Okay … I know that’s four. Could I maybe squeeze in an undead threesome and make that count as one choice?


    Hedy Lamarr for me. She was cool, the first woman naked on film and invented frequency hopping. In her lifetime people only recognized her for her looks and acting, but these days every wireless device in existence depends on her invention. But I’m not all geek, she was hot, too :D



    I gotta say, James Garner still sets my pulse racing!


    Hmmm, I suspect even a zombie Daniel Craig would look good. Or Jeremy Renner. Or any of those True Blood guys if they weren’t already vampires. Or…oh, now you’re just getting me all hot and bothered…


      Dead, I can’t do–but if I were ever gonna play for “the other team,” Daniel Craig would be a worthy. Proving, at least, that your taste in men isn’t bad. So that makes, men, literature, movies. Oh, wait–not that last one.


        Well, now, hold on a sec. I looked up “EuroTrip” to see if it might be something I’d like to watch, since, you know, you made it sound like some highbrow sophisticated comedy, and what I saw suggested I’d find plenty of boobies and not much else. So I think I can use those two hours of my life for something else. (Speaking of boobies, I’ll discuss those in my post on Vegas tomorrow, though it’s low key so don’t get your hopes up. You’ll have to stick with movies like EuroTrip for that.)

        On the other hand, I will credit you for steering me towards “Man’s Search for Meaning,” which I’ve just started today.


    Sam Elliott, Ricardo Montalban,and–I don’t, but if I did–Michelle Pfeiffer.


    I’m afraid I have to be VERY specific, some of my chosen are time sensitive.
    I’d do Colin Firth in his Mr. Darcy days. (To be honest, I’d do him today after he took out the garbage. I mean, really, c’mon.)
    Warren Beatty- anywhere from “Shampoo” to “Heaven Can Wait.”
    I’d do Hugh Grant from “Notting Hill” to “Bridget Jones.” (that one might get some raised eyebrows — something about his good-looking, arrogant, smart-ass self turns me on.)
    Richard Gere was epically hot in “Looking for Mr. Goodbar.”
    Daniel Day Lewis would thrill me playing the vampire Nathaniel from “Last of the Mohicans.”
    Okay, so I gave you five. Big deal. The truth is I could probably give you ten more and that list would include, drum roll… The Fassbender.
    So Gorge-a-licious!

      AgrippingLife July 1, 2012 at 8:54 pm

      I meant zombie, not vampire! Although I could do either, truth be told.


        Five, ten choices, who cares, there’s no limit. And I definitely get the time sensitivity issue–for some people there’s a certain window of time when they’re hot, before the expiration date. I’d take Daniel Day-Lewis from his Age of Innocence time. And Colin Firth anytime is pretty dreamy.


    I like zombies and I like hot, but for me the tastes are sadly, mutually exclusive. Dead & Sexy I just can’t do. In fact–and this is not a joke, even if it is blackly funny–one of the many reasons I don’t find Lindsay Lohan at all attractive is that I know she’ll be dead soon.


    Had to send this link to a friend of mine who’s a zombie fiend. :) Harrison Ford in his early Indiana Jones days gets my vote.


    Catherine. Zeta. Jones.

    And maybe Christian Bale, but the rumors about him make me nervous…


    I like women with brains. If she’s zombified, will that mean she’d want me for my brains?


    Ooh . . . I’d go for Fassbender, too! And Bale!

    Some actors from olden days I’d go for: Richard Barthelmess, in his younger days. John Garfield.John Garfield died young, too, so he’d still look nice. Probably. Ooh, David Tennant. Jamie Bamber. A young Jimmy Stewart. I’ll stop there for now. :-D


      Wow, Barthelmess and Garfield—that’s Old School, Angel! Nicely done! I like David Tennant too but I actually prefer him as that mean Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter than as Dr. Who.


    Jason Varitek(ok not a movie star but a very hot Red Sox), Bradley Cooper and young Clint Eastwood… Geddy Lee??? really?


      Tek???? Really?? :D

      Yeah, Geddy Lee. What can I tell you. I like bass players, and I like guys with glasses. Oh yeah, I should put Adam Clayton on my list too.

      And I’ll put up Jorge Posada as my catcher of choice. ;)


    Richard Chamberlain, Johnny Depp and Chris Pine…


    How could I have possibly forgotten – Robert Downey, Jr. when he was in Ally McBeal…maybe even Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes.


    Ed Harris and Lucy Lawless – with me in the middle of that gooey, messy Zombie sandwich!


      Well played, daisyfae. Ed Harris is uber-hot in that mean-looking, Don’t Mess With Me or I’ll Fuck You Up kind of way. And Xena, well, what else can be said there??


    Gregory Peck. Gary Cooper. Cary Grant. Sean Connery.


    Sorry zombie dudes… not really my thing.
    Nothing personal, undead guys… no need to go all ‘aahhhrrrghhh arrrggghhh’ on my brain(s), now… :)


    For me, its Shania, Catherine Z-J, and the stream of CNN news ladies.


    I’d do all three. They can be in Undead Magic Mike.


    Johnny Depp…God knows i have a mind disturbing desire for that man…so many things i will do to him…he’s the one man my hubs knows i can leave him for…ok and maybe Charlize Theron and Scarlet Johansson…I am greedy lol. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the follow


    James McAvoy. Swoony swoon, that man is HOT. Seeing him tortured in The Last King of Scotland gives an idea as to what he will look like zombie-fied, and I feel certain he will still have it going on.
    Jack White. Rocker genius hot, and already so pale I think death will become him.
    Helena Bonham Carter. Weird, amazing actress, and we already know she makes creepy hot.
    I could probably go on and on. I sent this post to my sister, who has it bad for the Fassbender. :)


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