Madame Weebles —  July 25, 2012 — 94 Comments

I couldn’t think of a clever blog title.  So I’m just saying hi.

It feels sort of weird not writing about ghosts today after all those posts.  Although I shouldn’t be using that term, as it’s not really PC;  Mr. Weebles rightly pointed out that they’re not ghosts, they’re Paranormal Americans.  At least, the ones I’ve met so far have been American.  In the future I’d like to have a more diverse group of paranormal friends.  I’ll be curious to find out whether they keep their accents in the hereafter.  I hope so.

Some people have asked if I’ve had other strange experiences like the ones I wrote about.  Yup, I have.  Not as dramatic as those three stories, but strange nonetheless.  They started happening after I turned 40 and increased after I started training to become a reiki practitioner.

Once, when I was doing research on my favorite Paranormal American, Mr. Cornelius, I picked up a handwritten letter (written by someone else) and I got a distinct, overwhelming sense of the personality of the letter writer (for the record, he felt like a pompous, annoying prig).  I also found that I could hold someone’s keys and get a sense of them by “listening” to the energy from the keys.  Stuff like that.  I can tell how people are feeling by “reading” them, or sometimes even without reading them—sometimes I just pick up a vibe out of nowhere.  I know, it sounds kind of ridiculous.  I can’t explain it, and I have no idea how or why it started happening.  And it’s kind of hit or miss; sometimes I get stuff, sometimes I get bupkes.

And no, I can’t predict winning lottery numbers.  Don’t think I haven’t tried.

94 responses to Hi


    Those “feelings” I can understand. I guess for me I just get good and “bad” ones when I meet or am around certain people. Not sure to the extent as you have, holding something, but I believe in it, MW.

    Okay, touch the screen from my message to you. Tell me what you get. And I hope it’s good.

    You’re wonderful!


      That’s the funny thing, Brigitte, I’ve always SUCKED at being able to get an accurate first impression of people. I’d probably be better off just saying, “Hi, can I see your keys, please?” and then working from there.

      It would be so cool i I could just touch your Gravatar on my monitor and get vibes! You know, like “Wait, I just got a flash—I see you holding your best-selling novel at a press junket in Hawaii!” But it doesn’t seem to work that way.


    Remind me not to give you any of my personal items. I’m worried what you’ll see from them. :)


    Remind me never to let you hold my keys. My superhero cover would be blown.


    Mostly I get bupkes. When I understand I’m getting stuff, it gets very interesting… And when I consistently pay attention, it gets clearer and even MORE interesting! :)


      That’s basically my experience too, Margarita—it usually takes me a while to realize, “Hey, what’s this??” But if I actively *try* to get something, it doesn’t usually happen. Probably because I end up not being as open to it. But I guess it all takes practice.


        Yeah, I guess it’s a little like surfing: You have to learn to recognize which waves are the ones worth riding, and which ones are just passing through. Now, don’t get the idea that I do anything other than channel surfing…that’s just the analogy that came to me! :)


    I commend you on your use of the word “bupkes.” A personal fave! Note: I have intentionally placed the quote mark after the period. Even though I will never understand why I should….


      I know your dislike of the punctuation within the quotation marks, LP—I can see arguments for and against this style, but I’m sure we’ve discussed this! What you need to do is move to the UK, where they do it your way!


    Dear Madame,
    What a gift.
    I love that you have it. ;)
    I know you will be able to use it to help someone someday.
    I just know it. ;)
    Love, LIs


    Hi right back atcha! Hope you pick up the good vibes I’m sending. :-)


    You’re just a veritable extra sensory perception machine. Sadly my perception of those things I can actually touch to poor, so paranormal beings are way beyond me.



    Hi Madame Weebles,

    I’m looking for houses and I may need you to come along to make sure there are no ghosts, or that all existing ghosts are benevolent. Plus, yesterday I was convinced the man who showed us his house was a serial killer, especially after he wouldn’t let me open the secret door I found in his basement. Clearly, I am in need of your skills. Don’t worry though. I’m at least half-kidding. (i.e. I’ve already fully convinced myself that he’s a serial killer…)


      What a coinky-dink, I’m convinced my neighbor is a serial killer. I’m pretty positive he has an eyeball collection in his house somewhere.

      I have to admit I’m not too bad with good/bad vibes from places, generally. Even in Gettysburg, there was this one section of the battlefield that I absolutely REFUSED to go in. When I got home I looked at the maps to see what happened there, and it turns out that the area was exactly where my great-great-great-great uncle’s regiment got massacred (my ancestor was killed). So I must have sensed the extra bummer in that area.


    Paranormal Americans! That is awesome :D Wish I had your expertise, though. There’s all kinds of creepy stuff that goes on around here.


    Whatever topic you write about, you do it well! But I think I will keep my personal belongings stashed away. A girl has to have some secrets, right? ;)


      Thanks JM! You make a good point, secrets are a girl’s prerogative. But MAN, would I love to get my hands on some of the artifacts you dig up!!!


        Ooh, that could be interesting! 5,000 year old spear points and axes, 18th century Spanish coins and clay tobacco pipes…. Think of the stories you might hear from them!


    This doesn’t sound ridiculous to me, haha. Also, Paranormal Americans…well done, Mr. Weebles.


      Isn’t that a good one? Another fine example of Charm City Cleverness.

      Also, I’m getting a very strong vibration of a smokin’ hot guy somewhere near Hampden who wants to bang the hell out of you repeatedly.


    What’s your paranormal American feeling about who’s going to wake up prez on Wednesday November 7th — will it be Barry or Mittens?


      Don’t I WISH I could predict that one! I’d be overjoyed to look into a crystal ball or something and say “I see a landslide for Barry.” But I don’t have mad skillz like that.

      However, I do have a vision of a slammin’ babe who lives somewhere in the West 70s with her own deliciously air-conditioned apartment, and wants to invite you over for dinner and (ahem) dessert.


        This sounds exciting — as long as there’s nothing on the menu containing tomato, orange, lemon, lime, mango, bell pepper, broccoli, dairy, spice or flavor! Yes, I have some dietary restrictions to ensure I don’t leave via ambulance.


      How about if she just serves up bread and sex, then?


    Well, then it’s only fair to send a message to him personally.

    Dear Theo,
    Hi!! How was your day at skate camp?? Peace out, O-T!
    Love, Madame Weebles


    I want to see/hear something! I think…


    Maybe I should try to rustle up some paranormal Canadians for you…just so you could get all multi cultural and stuff. I’m sure we have lots of spooky stuff going on up here. I grew up very close to Uncle Tom’s cabin and there apparently is a lot of eerie presences (?) to be felt/heard/seen there…


    Oh! And another great story…I love them.


    I would argue that the dead are citizens of the underworld, and ought no longer to be considered as part of any earthly cohort.

    Regarding the lottery, I think that most people don’t take it seriously enough. Planning for your own retirement and for your children’s education isn’t a game; it’s a very serious business. In my family, we try to teach the kids about planning for their own future. Sometimes they have to understand that while maybe those “funny pieces of paper” don’t look as appealing as a meal at McDonald’s, he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank when we hit it big. It’s coming. I can feel it.


    you need a weeble with a vibe-o-meter on your header….


    Note to self: it’s ‘paranormal Americans.’ :)
    Last night there was this clicking sound by my desk. Three clicks in a row, then twice, and again a couple of times. When I cut the light on it stopped. I tried figuring out what it could possibly be — a paranormal American, perhaps. I’m reading ghost stories by M.R. James now. And also after three months I’m still reading The Dialogues of Plato — in it Socrates talks about spirits — then there are your recent posts on ghosts — hmmmm…


      Now that’s interesting. We had a few months of strange occurrences in our house—electronic things mysteriously going off and on (or vice versa) for no reason. This went on for about 3 months and then it stopped as abruptly as it started. No idea who/what it was, though. Maybe the clicking you heard was your dad saying hi!


    Maybe I should have read the signs and not persisted in commenting. Multiple failed attempts should be seen as a sign? Right? But then, if they’re really, really good this one won’t go through either, right? I applaud your candor, believe in what you are doing and marvel at how well you are navigating this very sticky subject. There is a wealth of curiosities out there… just out of reach. Or are they?


      I’m glad you did manage to comment, Nikki! Thanks for this—when I write about it, it feels like I must be a little insane, but I’m glad I’m among open-minded folks. And good point about the curiosities being just out of reach, or not…


    Haha, paranormal Americans.

    I had to look up the word “bupke,” a I don’t think it’s used around these parts.


    We have so many abilities the scientists don’t understand yet. I always think it’s rather arrogant of mainstream science to pooh-pooh the whole thing.


    Sometimes when I see someone, I get the overwhelming feeling of ‘you are such an asshole/ a bitch’. But mostly I already know these people ;).


    Nothing like pompous, annoying vibes. ;)


    I used to be able to say if a pregnant woman was going to have a boy or girl. I was right ALL OF THE TIME. It stopped as my kids got older. I put it down to not being interested in the baby phase anymore so stopped looking for it.
    Once, in church, I got the impression that I should pray for a woman I had never seen before. She was sitting in the pews ahead of me. So I said a quick prayer. I got the sense that I needed to pray for her again. And I did. This happened several times. Finally I said “God, I’ve prayed for her I don’t know what to pray any more.” Pray for her. OK. So I prayed for her one more time. Suddenly, I was washed with a horrible sense of grief. I started crying and my family was looking at me like I was nuts because nothing was going on that was cry worthy. I was crushed by this terrible sadness and after the service I ran to a pastor that I respected a lot . He told me she was there to arrange her adult sons funeral. He had died of cancer. Then he told me to go talk to the woman. And I did. Mostly I blubbered.


      That’s an incredible story, Wanda. You obviously have some intuitive abilities yourself.

      I am ALWAYS wrong when it comes to guessing whether someone is having a boy or girl. I can guarantee that if I think someone is going to have a girl, it’s going to be a boy. So in baby pools, I always bet on the opposite of what I think it’s going to be.


    Paranormal American. That phrase makes my feel mysterious and patriotic at the same time, like I should be stealing flags off people’s front porches and stuff.


    And now that it’s daylight, I’ll head over to your third ghost story. Didn’t want to read it last night :P


    You had me at “Hi.” But then it got better. You’re quite the multi-faceted little weebley one, aren’t you? I’m so impressed.
    Do your powers extend to being able to *find* keys, by the way? I’m always looking for mine.


    great. so now if we have drinks when i’m in town? i’ll have to wear a lead helmet to keep you outta my head. you’d decide i’m a twisted pervert, and probably run from the table…


    What a gift!!! I’ve always had a good sense of intuition, but nothing like that. Once I was jealous of my boyfriend hanging out with his roommate all the time, but waved it off because my jealousy seemed unneccessary. And then she turned out to be psychotic. Shoulda listened.


    Yeah, psychometry is really interesting. Something about the vibration that is transmitted through metal objects like watches and rings, especially things that have been worn by the same person for awhile. I pick up stuff from people’s energy fields, although I have a few clients who know that I can do it and some of them can be really kind of annoying. “What are you picking up from me today?” “Am I okay?” “Am I dying?” I mean really? While I want to be compassionate and supportive, sometimes I have to say: “What do you think?”

    Anyway, great post, MW. I’m glad you’re willing to step into these waters…



      Thanks, Cathy. I can’t pick up stuff from people’s energy fields, but I can see how that would be annoying. The psychometry is fascinating—I had read about it ages ago but when I first started realizing that I was actually getting impressions from items, it really blew me away. Doesn’t happen very often (also, I’m not trying all that often, either), but when it does it’s pretty wild. I’m looking forward to learning more about all of these new waters…

    A gripping life July 29, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    I don’t know how I missed this little gemlet. I think we definitely pick up on energy. It doesn’t surprise me that your radar is finely tuned. You have all the qualities and interests of someone who is “spiritually aware,” for lack of a better term. I also think animal lovers are probably more sensitive to those other senses. I’d rather feel my way through life than rely on my intellect. Great post, Weebs.


      Thank you so much, Grippy! I agree, I’d rather feel my way through than just rely on rational decisions for everything. I mean, sure, those decisions need to be made, but sometimes you just have to go on instinct, just because.


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