You guys are awesome

Madame Weebles —  August 16, 2012 — 143 Comments

I can’t brain today.  I have The Dumb.  The well has run dry for now.  So I’m going to refrain from writing any further posts until next week.  Hopefully that will give my brain enough time to stop oozing.  I’ll still be reading everyone else’s blogs, just not my own.

In the meantime, I have two things to say:

  1. You guys are fucking awesome.  AWESOME.  Seriously.  The last several posts have had well over 100 comments, and some are even over 200 comments.   This is a better party than I ever could have hoped for, and it’s all thanks to you.  I may have to start serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvres (and special thanks to Grippy for the hostess suggestion).
  2. Did I mention that you guys are awesome?  You’re all smokin’ hot, too.   You’re getting laid tonight for sure.

For your enjoyment, I offer you two Muppets classics.

143 responses to You guys are awesome


    Jim Henson once said if you can’t figure out how to close a sketch, blow something up.
    I like the corollary, if you can’t figure out how to close a post, go with Muppets!
    Enjoy the brain rest, Madame Weebles. And it will give me time to read all the comments!


    You know who’s smokin’ hot? Beaker. Beaker is smokin’ hot.


    Enjoy the cerebral rest! (Just don’t make it eternal, please.) You deserve any comments and wondrous attention that come your way. Your blog is fantastic. :)


    Manamanah could be the greatest song from that era. It ranks right up there with Disco Duck and Mr. Jaws.


    As your (im)personal physician I prescribe that you give your brain a rest and chill out watching Yankee baseball. Oh, and you’re the source of everyone’s awesome-ness. Just sayin’ Weebs.


    I used to sing Manamanah at the top of my lungs all the time, just for the sheer enjoyment of it (and this was just last week). Best song ever.


    Thanks for recognizing my awesomeness! Enjoy your hiatus, but hope to see you and your muppets (& dead dudes) again real soon!


    Aw, you’re not too shabby yourself. I am so glad there is someone else out there who can’t get enough of old Muppets clips.


    Enjoy your time off! Send your folks my way to be entertained and amused!


    Enjoy your break Mme.Weebs. I hope you’re back at it with the life force of a thousand muppets in no time. And I, for one, can’t wait to get laid tonight.


    I’ve never been one to troll the bars before, but your inflation of my ego precludes my staying home. What should I tell my wife?!


    Have a good rest, Weebs. You’re effing awesome yourself and deserve every bit of this lovely, lovely goodness. And thanks for the Muppets, always a wonderful way to end a post. Take care, friend. xo


    Even your ‘non posts’ are excellent – enjoy the rest.
    Please serve me cannoli and coffee.


    Brain ooze…sounds bad, Madame. An ice cold beer pitcher should help with that: once you drink the beer, it’ll catch whatever is still oozing! Rest up! xoxoM


    This is a good time for a break while it’s warm. Hopefully it won’t be too hot and you can go out and enjoy life outside of the ‘sphere. I will miss you of course but I can always revisit old posts, AND, I have that lovely cake to look at — oh no no, I’m not a stalker, I’m not obsessed — not to worry, not to worry at all! Enjoy your period of decompressing Mme. Weebles! xoxo


    I’m totally getting lucky tonight– one kid away and one kid is going on a sleepover… yea baby :) See there are some major benefits to a kid being away at college.


    I’ve gotten 200 comments!



    Oh, you!

    And you, Madame, are an inspiration to me; I’m gonna post about the Muppets this weekend!


    You haven’t been reading Fifty Shades, have you?
    Also, BEAKER!!


    You are awesomer :).


    Good feeling I am not getting laid tonight…but thank you for the hope :-)


    Um thanks, you have a nice break now…


    See you soon, Weebles :-)


    I have to second the person who said Beaker is hot. And what person in their right mind doesn’t love the Muppets? This is the second post I have read and you, my lady, have a new devotee! Enjoy that rest and come back strong! Menomenah!


    You’ve been answering 100-200 comments in past several days? and you still had time to come visit my site? You are just simply, One cool cat!
    Hope all your lay-ing dreams come true tonight :)


    How do you do it Madame Weebles? How do you continue to change the world over and over again?

    Also a Muppet question, what’s the name of that big monster guy who sometimes runs in at the end?


    Thanks – all that awesome right back atcha! And thanks for the Muppets. Yes, I did the head bob during Bohemian Rhapsody. It had to be done.

    And thanks for cueing up a mattress dance for me tonight – I’ll make sure Hubby gets the memo… or something. :-)


      It did have to be done—I’m only said that Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem didn’t do any head bobbing themselves. And here’s to your hubby getting the memo, or something. ;)


    That ‘doctor’ SWORE my dumb wasn’t contagious! :(


    enjoy the break, but not for too long. I just got my friend all the Muppet films for his birthday. I only get stuff that I want, I can borrow them now. ill have to post a pic of me when I’m a kid in my Muppets tee and hot pants.


      I hope your friend knows how lucky he is to get such a fantastic gift. And yes, please post the pic of you in the Muppets tee and hot pants as soon as possible. I need to see that.


        It’s great as I look as camp as anything and my youn ger sister in front of me looks like a butch female bouncer. It’s an interesting juxtaposition. She never turned out to be the aggresive lesbian she looks in the photo, she’s married with a kid. You can draw your own conclusions from what I look like though.

        Thanks, that’s a good excuse for a post, I’ll dig them out


    What!? You have the dumb?! Not possible!! Visit moi anytime!


    I love your blog, I just wish I’d found you and it (it and you? Them and it? It and thingy?) sooner! :) Have a great break. I mean, y’know – stay in one peice. Or piece. Er…

    writerwendyreid August 16, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    I know I’m a newbie here, but you are extremely funny, super nice, use profanity (fucking eh!) et tu peux parler en francais en plus! Rock on Mme. Weebles, rock on! :-)

    workspousestory August 16, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Oh Madame and how awesome are *you*!!! And hot, obviously.


    Madame Weebles, I regret to inform you that although you have done the obligatory search term post, you have not done the obligatory book post.

    Just sayin’…


    We all need a creative breather now and again. (I’ve got one coming after Saturday.) We’ll all be here, anxiously awaiting the next installment! Hot dead guys? Hot weebles? More Beaker love? Whatever it is, I know it’ll be worth the wait. :)


      Thank you so much, JM. I will be introducing some new hot dead folks soon, actually. And who couldn’t use more Beaker love? That reminds me: they did a series of Weebles with Sesame Street characters, but not Muppet Show characters. A Beaker Weeble would have been amazing. Or a Bunsen Honeydew Weeble. Oh well.


    happy rest until next week – I might have had something clever to say but made the mistake of reading your other commentors and decided not to look lame so I will save my cleverness for another time (truth be told my fountain of cleverness is dry too)


    if you weren’t entertaining the shit out of us, we wouldn’t be here my darling! i’ve had about 3 weeks off blogging – brain fog lifting. having moments where i almost sort of kinda think i might like to consider writing again. but not yet…


      I was wondering when you’d be posting again, lady. I know what you mean about the brain fog. It happens to the best of us. Whenever you decide to write again, I shall be very happy to read it.


    Hey, kick your shoes off, put your feet up, take a rest. When people bug me about not posting enough I always tell them my no-cost blog has a double your money back guarantee which I will refund when they pay the $15 processing fee.

    As for the “You’re getting laid tonight for sure” bit – I’m hoping you’re using your clairvoyant powers and not just joking!! :)



      That’s a good guarantee policy, Nigel, I’ll have to put that in place here too.

      As for telling everyone they’re getting laid tonight, would I kid you about something that serious?? Perish forbid.


    My blog, my words, Clown Boy.


    You’re pretty awesome yourself, Weebs. Must be all the blogs about beefy legged dudes.


    Enjoy the holiday, Madame Weebles. Your blog is the bees knees.

    whiteladyinthehood August 17, 2012 at 9:49 am

    Your posts ARE really cool and hilarious! I always enjoy coming here and reading what you write. I can see why you have many followers! (you rock)


    Being relatively new here, I’m impressed not only with the number of visitors/comments, but you keep up with them! A tip of the cap to you …. or a glass of wine! Enjoy your weekend …. and …. Manamana.


    Thank you. I think you are smokin’ hot too.


    Thanks for the muppets. They always cheer me up, even when I’m already feeling cheerful (does that count as double happiness?).

    As for the broken brain, you can be like Buffy after graduation: “Fire bad, tree pretty.”


    We have yet another thing in common (besides being awesome).
    Both of our brains ooze.
    Mine leaves a trail. Does yours?


    I love the muppets… and people who make me laugh… which is a little redundant… but I think you get what I’m saying. Keep being awesome.


    LMAO! I haven’t seen the Muppets in years :-) …really brought a smile to my face especially Manamenah!


    Rest easy, our dear lady of the weebs… we shall be busy missing you in the meantime.
    And – I should say you are the only person (beside my darling hubs) who has ever referred to me as being ‘hot’. Mmmmmm – thank you.


    You PMSing Weebles? My brain goes to ka ka when I’m PMSing. Can’t string three words together to save my life.


    Love those Muppets. Maybe cheeriness and dancing along with them is causing the brain ooze?….oh, then we’re all in trouble.


    MW, sorry it has taken me so long to get over here – been playin’ in the water – getting a new Scuba certification (Stress and Rescue). Just wanted to say, No YOU’re Awesome! And if you want any recipes for appetizers let me know. And thanks for the Muppets. I had never seen either one. Bohemian Rhapsody was my favorite, especially Kermit’s disclaimer about video conferencing.

    Loved it.



      Daayyyum, Cathy, you go, Scuba Lady! I start freaking out just thinking of putting on Scuba apparatus. Yeah, those two Muppets videos are good ‘uns, especially the Manah Manah one, which is a favorite of mine. And you can’t help but love a Muppets rendition of a Queen song.


        Do you know if they (the Muppets) have done “We Will Rock You?” Another favorite of my by Queen. Did you happen to see that one by Queen at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics? As I’m watching it, I’m thinking “That’s really cool! Queen at the Olympics!”

        Anyway, here’s another of my favorite renditions of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” We saw Jake perform this at the weekend of Jazz at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs in April. Didn’t know anything about him until then and were thinking “solo ukelele? Really?” Now I’m a big fan!


          I don’t know if they ever did a Muppets rendition of “We Will Rock You,” but they *should* have if they didn’t! I’m going to have to check this out. And thanks for the clip of Jake–I used to work with a guy who played the ukelele (he wasn’t even Hawaiian), it was pretty cool.


    Mwahahaha. Thanks, that was awesomeness.


      Welcome, livesinstone! Do you actually live in stone? Because although it would certainly be structurally sound, it would probably be pretty hot in the summer time. At any rate, I am very glad you enjoyed the wonder that is the Muppets.


        Sadly I do not. I was thinking a bit more of it being a cool stalagmite infested cave with some nice bats. Sometimes there may be some scuttling…and echoey drips coming from somewhere far within its infinite depths (cuz uh, yeah…I’m really intellectually deep… yeeaahh). The original idea for the name was trying to be all deep and metaphorically, mostly referring to permanency of a past you cannot change, oneness with nature, and something vaguely hermitish, it kind of changed with my mood. Another one I liked was how we live in a cave of our own perceptions and beliefs and hardly venture out…I guess it just makes me sound like Golem. Then, with deep meaningful (well, ok just to me) name in place… I started writing mostly documentary reviews. Meh. I, too, may have a case of the dumb, but maybe braining is overrated? Anyway, your post was preciousssss, so thanks!


    Dear Madame Weebles,
    Your post clearly shows, that Freshly Pressed isn’t nothin! You get more likes and more comments, than I did AFTER being Freshly Pressed! Very impressive, you should be pretty happy about that. ;)
    Love, lis

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