Taking a blogging break

Madame Weebles —  August 31, 2012 — 85 Comments

I need to take a break from the blog for a while.  Not permanently, but probably for a few weeks/months.  I know this seems like it came out of nowhere, and it kind of did.

Yesterday I learned that the mother of a very good friend of mine has stage IV lung cancer.  It brought back terrible memories of this same time last year, when Mr. Weebles was going through his cancer treatment.  It was awful on every level you can imagine.  And the worst thing was, we went through it alone.  Our families don’t live nearby, and although friends were supportive and caring, it was just the two of us.  And when Mr. Weebles was really sick from the chemo, it was just me.  I’m not saying this to elicit pity; it’s just the way it was.

That’s what I was thinking about today—about when I was taking care of Mr. Weebles. He needed me and everything else went on the back burner, including my own needs.  That’s what you do when a loved one needs you.  And I would do it again without even thinking about it.

He’s perfectly fine now, thank goodness, and life is very different one year later.  Except for one thing: I’m still putting myself on the back burner.  I’ve been focusing on everyone and everything in my life except myself.

After I was laid off, I thought, great, now I’ll have the chance to do all the things I didn’t have time or energy for before.  That job sucked the soul out of me and I was running on fumes.  I hated it and I hated what it had done to me.  The afternoon I packed my stuff and left the office for the last time, I vowed that I would take care of myself from then on.

Except it hasn’t happened.  I’m still doing everything except that.  When I hear about people who are having a rough time, I often think, “Hey, maybe I can send some reiki to them” or something similar.  I don’t generally hesitate to help people.  Except myself.  Me, I don’t help.  I don’t know why, I just don’t.

I started this blog because I wanted to get back into the practice of writing again—in preparation for writing about this guy.  I’m writing again, but I haven’t touched the draft of my historical piece even once since I started this blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing Fear No Weebles, and I love reading your blogs.  I’ve met so many truly wonderful people.  But the blogging, along with so many other things, is taking my focus away from what I really need to do for myself both professionally and personally.

A lot of things have been stirred up for me today, for whatever reason.  And so I’ve decided to take some time to do what I should have been doing all along:  looking after myself.

I’ll miss all of you, and I’ll pop in on your blogs from time to time to comment and say hi, but it will be a while before I’m on the blogs regularly again.  I need to get my mojo back first.

In the meantime, I leave you with this parting video:

85 responses to Taking a blogging break


    Well I don’t like this at all. But I’m happy that you are making a bold move in the direction of taking care of yourself. I’m sorry about your friend’s mom. My mom died of lung cancer almost 4 years ago. Hope to see you every now and again. You will be missed!!! xoxoxo


    Aw, I’ll miss you, but I understand. Take care.


    Dear Weebles–You will be missed but I totally understand and it definitely sounds like a good decision for you. It’s funny…I’ve been wondering how your work with RoCo was coming along. Blogging is exhilarating and beautiful–for that reason it can also be quite exhausting. Sending many blessings to you and your loved ones. Love-Julie


    Sucks, but I understand. When I write, I will keep you in my thoughts.


    Oh my gosh, this made me cry! Good luck to you sweet girl. Good for you for taking a stand and taking care of yourself. We will miss your blog, your funny and insightful comments, and your hysterical outlook on life. I’d like to beg you to please don’t go, but that would be selfish of me. Go with all of our blessings . . .


    You go take care of your wonderful self, Weebles. Rest, reiki, surround yourself with good kryptonite. Then go tackle *that guy*…you’re an outstanding writer, and he’s waiting for you. All the best.

    writerwendyreid August 31, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    Just as I was getting to know you! But I understand. I lost my mother 7 years ago to cancer and it’s a terrible thing to have to go through. I also understand about focusing on a goal. My book is coming along SO slow because everything else gets in the way. I may be also taking a break slowly. I would love to hear from you once in awhile wendyreid1964@gmail.com. Prends soin de TOI, mon amie. xo


    Take care of yourself. Blogging can wait. I hope this break helps restore some peace in your life as you help your friend through this hard time. I would be more than willing to send you some Reiki if you need it.


    Weebs, I support you 100%. Making that decision is super healthy. Use that time to recharge your batteries, regroup, renew, refresh, go take care of yourself.
    You are loved and adored.
    I was actually thinking of quitting for a while myself. In fact I might follow your lead. : )
    Thanks for making me laugh and always being so kind. : )
    Your forever blogging friend,
    Grippy (The name that you can take full credit for!)


    Blogging takes up a lot of damn energy and it’s a vicious cycle, the more time you have the more you blog — whew! A clean break might just be the answer. I get the feeling you’ll pick up momentum with your book project and it’ll be a blockbuster. Probably a rare combination of an historical non-fiction book that is really entertaining.

    Oh I see JHI above also mentions that blogging can be exhausting. I know you put a lot of energy into your writing, because it is excellent — something worthy of studying! And you’ve connected with a lot of people because of your warmth — even though you say you’re cranky. You are a lovable curmudgeon then.

    Sending you hugs and blessings. Keep us posted from time to time (shit I might be right behind you). Take care MW!


    Weebs, take care of you. And I’m not just saying this, I agree with Lisa above. Been thinking the same thing myself. Go get your mojo back, be well and hope to see you back again when you’re ready. You are such a kind soul and you’ve made me laugh just when I needed it. Your friend always, Brigitte.


    okay, i was off the computer for the day…then this came in over my phone and i had to pick up the computer again and comment. just had to. here’s the thing — you will be missed, greatly. you have real friends on here and i hope you know that i am one. your writing is great, but the bottomline is blogging CAN take up a great deal of time. i think sometimes people think i’m being aloof when i don’t answer all my comments or visit their blogs. i’m not. i’m taking care of me. it’s hard to do that and post and read and comment…and then once your blog gets a readership, like yours has, it can get out of control. but, regardless, you’ve done something here. be proud of that. and take care of yourself. that’s the most important. that you take care of you and the mr. weebs. much love, sweet mo

      Mysocalleddutchlife August 31, 2012 at 7:36 pm

      Well, I totally understand and I’ll miss you. I’ll also be waiting for when you come back. You take care of yourself! xx

    Fish Out of Water August 31, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    Oh Weebs! It’s so bittersweet. I’m so happy that you’ve decided to do for yourself, yet so sad that you will be gone. I firmly believe one must go with their gut, so go you shall. I’m genuinely going to miss your presence and am now crying like a baby. As a wise man once told me, you’re good people. Best of luck to you and Mr. Weebs. Can’t wait until you’re back.


    Major, Major Sympathies dear Madam…. but PLEASE don’t go away. Only my humble opinion but I think that doing the odd post or two might be hugely good for your well-being. Sanity is for wimps but sometimes you need a little something concrete and familiar to balance out the horrors of the rest of reality. Cheers to you whatever you decide :)


    I am so sorry about your friend’s mom. I will miss you much but I completely understand…I wish you would still post once a while.

    Stay well and strong. All the best!!!



    I will miss you, but so support your decision. Yes, it’s time to take care of you and I’m glad you have recognized this. Thank you for your friendship, kindness, amazing sense of humor and wonderful writing. And I look forward to the day when you decide to resume your amazing blogging career. And that healing is yours if and when you’re ready. Just say the word.




    Oh Weebs, you will be missed. You don’t even have to explain the amount of time and energy that goes into blogging. Most of the time, 90% of my remaining time and energy after caring for my infant goes into it. It’s a lot. We’ll all be here when you return. Be well.

    free penny press August 31, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    I’m new to your blog and have really enjoyed cyber-meeting you. I completely understand and I say you MUST take care of your first and always. If/when you decide to return to blogging, your friends(fans) will be here. Best of luck on all you wish for and most importantly, smile :-)


    Hi Madame Weebles

    I think a lot of people have trouble accepting praise or putting themselves first. You deserve to do that. Heck, everyone deserves that. I’ll miss you, your humor and your wisdom. Even if you never come back to blogging, I’ve enjoyed your every post and comment. And just case you do come back I’ve just set up an email rule to go “ding” when a Weebles post comes out, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

    Do what you said, look after yourself.

    Cheers :)


    I admire you for recognizing the need for a break and the courage to take it. Sometimes we worry it’s selfish to say we need to do something for ourselves, but it’s not selfish at all. It’s healthy and necessary. I wish you luck. We’ll keep the blogosphere warm for you. :)


    Thanks for the Martians, they will tide us over :)
    No worries Ms W, we’ll all still be here.
    Wondering if you will be giving her treatments. Will try to send some energy your way as well to provide any boosts you or she might need.


    I am sorry that you found this out and it brought back bad feelings. I am glad to you’re going to put yourself first. I think, too often, caregivers to get lost in the mix. You’re for sure one. It is a big step to allow yourself time, but it will be worth it.

    I want to tell you that, even though I am just getting to know you, your blog has made me laugh and you have shared so much.

    I am sending great energy your way and wish you the best until I see you next time.



    I understand perfectly, and I’ll miss you very much.


    Dear Madame,
    I completely get you. You are a wonderful writer and supportive person to those of us other bloggers, and so you will be missed….BUT. Life is too short to miss out on what fills your cup.
    Enjoy, and we’ll be waiting for you.
    Love, Lis


    We will all miss you! But you are doing the right thing. You have to take care of you. And blogging should never cause us to forsake our novel/memoir/short stories/whatever writing. And when you come back, there’s nothing wrong with blogging on a less-frequent schedule.

    Rest assured, we’ll all be here when you come back. :)


    good luck with everything – you’ll be ever so missed ♥


    Wow, I’ll miss your posts! But since I only started following you recently I’ll catch up on your old posts. I’m glad you are putting yourself first. So go take care of you! You have our blessing! (not that you need it, but there it is). We’ll be here when you get back!


    Oh, you will be so very much missed! I don’t know reiki, but I will send you good, warm, loving vibes. You’re a smart, kind, funny person, and it’s high time you started taking care of yourself! When you come back to the blogosphere, we’ll all be waiting with open arms. <3


    Weebs, you’re a class act. I will miss you but like my fellow Weeblettes I understand and support your decision. Blogging takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. If you’re trying to write a book while blogging, maintaining your site will definitely undercut your researching and writing time. Last year, I nearly killed myself working fulltime at The Grind while writing a feature length screenplay as well as Lame Adventures. There is simply only so much writing a person can do in a given day along with the other priorities of living life. It sounds like right now you have much higher priorities than blogging. Should you eventually resume writing FNW, and at the risk of sounding selfish, I hope that you will, I urge you to blog less. Just write one or two posts a week. Find a balance so you can escape burnout and have time for yourself. You might also consider keeping a diary of ideas for future posts you might write. Whether or not you return to blogging, I’ve enjoyed visiting your site immensely and I wish you well. FNW has been one of the brighter lights on WordPress.

    Let’s continue to keep in touch off-line.



    I’ll miss you, but I’m glad you’ve decided to do what you need – smart lady! I’m sending good thoughts your way.


    Best of luck to you. I hope you find everything you need. It’s been great having you in my virtual life; I look forward to having you back when you’re ready.

    Change My Body...Change My Life August 31, 2012 at 9:34 pm



    Huh. I’m going to miss you, Madame, but you need to take care of and do for yourself for a change. You’re right. And you deserve it. Be well, and I will await your return.


    All my best and do please put you on the front burner. Come see me for a laugh now and then.
    Hugs Madame from Monsieur Lanier.


    I honestly have no idea how people with REALLY active blogs manage to write almost daily AND live their lives. Good for you for taking some time for yourself. And I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

    That said I’ll miss reading your blog and seeing you around. If you ever want a real-life friend to meet for coffee, let me know. I’m only a train-ride away.


    Will miss you, dear one. Your blog is a smile in word form.


    be well… and yes, you will be missed


    Bright and shiny star, we do not want you to burn out. Take the time you need. We’ll be here when once again you emerge with your voice, humor and passion renewed. (BTW my insomnia was at its worst as I began peri-menopause in my mid-forties. It got better, eventually.) Sending you peaceful, sleepy energy, kind heart. ;-) Nikki


    I will miss your wit, my dear. Take care of yourself and I hope to see you again soon <3


    This made me cry because it moved me on so many levels.  Your blog itself made me cry and the response from your fellow bloggers made me cry and burst  with pride that you  are so loved by them, as well you should be.  You are an exquisite woman with so many gifts to share.   However, it also made me very happy to hear that you are seriously going to take care of you.   I only wish that I could have been there for you last year and for you now.   We’re only a phone call away or a few hours by plane.   Love you more than you can possibly imagine.   Mom      



    I totally get this, you have no idea! Whilst we haven’t been blog connected for very long, I just wanted to let you know I will miss your posts, but know how essential what you’re doing is. Take care and savour and enjoy the journey – Judy


    Wow, it’s like a who’s who of bloggers above me. I feel so awkward.
    *shuffles feet*
    I’m not good at goodbyes, even temporary ones…so I’ll say that I’m sorry you were turned into a cat. It shouldn’t happen to anyone. And enjoy your “me time”. Everyone needs “me time”. So go out there…chase mice…bat at that fluffy thing on the end of a spring…eat cat food straight from the can dammit! Meow at the moon every night!

    I look forward to the time when you will rub your body against my ankles again.


    Oh my dear Madame W., I will miss you… Please take care of yourself, be strong and I’m wishing you all the best.


    Like everyone else here, I’ll miss you bunches. But I want you to do what’s best for you, and that gets you where you want to be in life. So go forth, live life fully. Or live long and prosper. Or something that involves being happy and fulfilled.

    ((Hugs)) for you and Mr. Weebles. And good thought, vibes, and prayers to your friend’s mom.


    You will be missed. Remember, Weeble’s wobble, but they don’t fall down.


    We’ll miss you but we’ll hang on until you return. Take good care of yourself. I hope you do everything you want to and need to. Good luck.


    Not looking after yourself can be deadly. This is the best decision you could have made. Revitablize and come back when you’re ready. – hugs-

    going to andromeda September 1, 2012 at 7:02 am

    So sorry to hear about your friend’s mother. I will miss you. Thank you for being so kind over the last few months. Reading your blog has been a welcome break from reality – your humour never ceases to amaze me. Go take care of yourself now – you’re important too. x


    When you come back you’ll be better than ever!


    Let me add my small voice to the chorus who are all understanding about the need for you to take a break but disappointed that we won’t be getting Fear No Weebles updates (for a while). Return when the battery light says “fully charged.” Feel free to comment and heckle me anytime.


    Real life comes first. It’s good you told everyone though. Best of luck to you and everyone you will be helping out. Hopefully it’s not too long before you come back to the welcomed distraction known as WordPress.


    I too like blogging but it can be draining to come up with something new especially when you have writters block! It’s hard to be witty when you are feeling meh. I have had days where my commitment to blog regularly has felt more like a chore than a hobby. Go and recharge and come back a better stronger weeble.


    I applaud you taking the time to do for yourself what you need. I wish you the best and you and your blog will be missed. I look forward to your return!


    I so fully understand – we will most definitely miss you–but take care of yourself and your creativity. (hugs)


    Weebs, I echo everyone else’s comments here. A wise decision from a talented, kind and funny lady. You take care of you and I’ll be over here sitting in your cheering section waiting for whatever comes next.


    I only recently started following your blog, but my heart goes out to you. The reason I started blogging was to help me process my grief over the loss of my most cherished friend to cancer last year and promote my writing about the strength of women – how we support each other through hardship. I took last year “off” from all other commitments to care for my friend. I am so thankful I had that time to share with her. All the best to you.


    It’s a pity for the blogosphere, but you have to take as much time for yourself as needed! You are very right about this decision. You are the most important person in your own life, right? Take care, Mme Weebles. We’ll all wait patiently (not true at all, but don’t feel forced) for your return as a person who has taken time for herself.


    Do what you need to do, take time for you and your friends. All the best to you, we shall warmly greet you when you return.


    a weebs has to do what a weebs has to do….life’s too short not to


    I had no idea about Mr. Weebles. I’m so happy to hear he’s doing better.

    Looking out and taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a sombre thing, MW. I, for one, am happy for you. The sadness of not reading you for a bit is my own, but I am happy that you are looking out for you. Don’t confuse self-love with selfishness, you never have to feel guilty about self-love.

    Finish your book. :)


    Good luck, MW. I wish you well and hope to see you back here sooner rather than later. =/


    Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you really do take care of yourself Madame.


    if we could just write our posts, sit and bask in the amazing and delicious commentary, and get back to our own stuff, blogging wouldn’t take nearly as much brain space as it does… but i know you’ve got the same damn politeness bug that i do – and every blog comment demands a response (even if the commenter doesn’t expect one). also a reverse blog read/comment cycle. i’ve just come back from a month off – not because i wanted to blog again, but because i had to. not sure i’ll keep it up, and will definitely adjust my habits regarding other blog reading/commenting.

    good luck working through your demons sister. i’ve still got your contact info, and will let you know if i get to town. would love to share a stiff drink with you… take care…

    whiteladyinthehood September 2, 2012 at 10:38 am

    I’m terribly sorry about your friend’s mother – I’m sure that is a hard thing to go through…life is just never easy sometimes.
    I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and enjoyed reading your posts – I read through the comments and you have obviously made some wonderful connections. You will be missed, but definitely take care of yourself and do what is right for you!
    Always a fan,
    Chica B. :)


    I’ll miss you because, in the short space of time since I found your blog, you’ve become one of my favourite bloggers. That said – I understand completely. You go and do whatever it is you need to be yourself, feel alive, be there for your friends and family. Hugs and I’ll see you if and when you return.


    Oh no, I found you not that long ago and now you’re going :( but for a perfectly valid reason and so I cannot be sad… hope it works out well for you, lots of hugs and kisses! xx


    I’m so sorry about your friend. And so glad you are looking out for yourself. I am here to help in whatever way I can. xoxoxo


    Oh, Weebles, will miss you sorely but so understand.Life comes first. Have loved it here and perhaps will see you back some time. Your sense of humour and dry way of looking at life have been such a treat.


    You will be missed. Your triumphant return to blogging will be a thing of awesomeness. Until then, dowhatchagottado.


    Best wishes and see ya when you’re good and ready….


    Ohhhhhh (whiney) but I only just met you. Yes being selfish aren’t I. You need to do it girlfriend. I’ll miss your kooky humor but good on you for refocusing. Blogging can be a bit of a trap….so I have found. A great way to waste a lot of time whilst pretending to be busy. Good luck with the writing Madame Weebles!


    Sometimes we need to go “offline” “step back” “take a breath” and all those other pauses that refresh. It is hard work trying to keep a blog full of pop and pep and zest and zing.
    Enjoy your me space – you deserve the time.


    There is a time and a place for everything, but I will really miss reading your blogs…I hope you will come back soon. As they say, when all else fails, “Heal thyself!!!!” Best wishes…and I’ll be staying tuned in the meantime…


    Bad for me, but good for you Madame! This blog stuff can get ri-damn-iculous at times. It can be nearly impossible to get little (if anything done) when you are constantly worrying about what to post here or there or if you forgot to do this bloggy thing or that bloggy thing. Which is especially troublesome if you’ve got other pursuable pursuits in need of pursuing! Anyway, you deserve the break, Madame… but when you return please let me know right away (I’d hate to miss a single weeble-ie minute)!


    Go and take good care of yourself Madame! I totally understand where you are coming from, I feel like I put myself last an awful lot and am working on it as well. You will be greatly missed, but a Weeble’s gotta do what a Weeble’s gotta do.


    Glad to hear that you will be spending your time on you.
    Looking forward to your triumphant return, or to at least hear tell of your successes in the real world.


    We’ll miss you too, Weebles! Come back to visit, and when you’re ready, come back to stay.

    I think the notion of taking time for yourself is great. Regarding your long-delayed project, however, I can only offer advice from my own life. Sometimes when I care too much about something, the anxiety can prevent the idea from reaching fruition, from achieving the alchemy that puts ‘pen to paper.’ It’s only when I let it go that it comes to me. Everybody’s different, and responds to different stimuli, but that’s what often works for me.

    See you soon, hopefully!


    aaaaaaaw I’m gonna miss you.

    But of course you come first. Great that you are taking time for yourself. Hope you find many laughs, lots of ice cream, hugs and cotton candy in your journey. Oh, and good Colombian coffee, of course!



    such selfless act of sacrafice and kindness goes beyond what can be said in words. You are a perfect example of what being a human is all about :)….like I said before, ain’t nothing wrong with your 1.0version :)

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