Movember Challenge: Where’s Weebs???

Madame Weebles —  November 13, 2012 — 120 Comments

The idea for this challenge came from the ingenious mind of Honie Briggs.  Thank you, Honie!

Below are photos of ten women.  Nine of them are my beautiful friends.  One of them is me, the camera-averse Madame Weebles.  Your challenge:  Figure out Where’s Weebs?

You’ll notice these are all black & white photos and I’ve cropped out details like hair, etc.  I’ve also stripped each photo of EXIF and all other metadata, in case you were thinking about trying to get some clues that way.  But to give you a sporting chance, here are some hints to help you out:  I’m white, and I sometimes wear glasses.  Sometimes.  So I may or may not be wearing them in my photo.

Each donation you make to the Bloggers to Movember team will buy you a chance to guess which one is me.  Put your cursor over each photo for the hovertext number to use in your guessYou can enter up to three guesses, but you’ll need to make a donation for each guess.  It’s only fair!

If you’re in the United States, click here to donate.  If you’re in Canada, click here to donate.  When you fill out your donation form, please leave a note with your blogger name and include “Where’s Weebs” so I know who you are.

Le Clown set the bar pretty high; he’s already more than halfway to his goal of $1000 in donations.  I, too, would like to get $1000 in donations for our team, but I’m pretty easy (just ask Mr. Weebles).  Any amount I can raise for this worthy cause will be wonderful.

Of all the correct guesses, I’ll choose one winner at random.  If you win, not only will you get eternal bragging rights, but you will also get A WEEBLE OF YOUR VERY OWN, from my vast collection.

Please enter your guesses below.  You have until November 30th.  Let the games begin!

120 responses to Movember Challenge: Where’s Weebs???


    I was hoping to pick you out by mustache-type because I would have pegged you as a Tom-Selleck. I am more of Yosemite Sam. They’re all lovely, but I’m going with #1 because she looks kind of pissed off and reminds me of how you probably looked when you wrote your “Fuck you Rightwingers” post.


      I was going to ask everyone to pose with a mustache but I figured it would be more of a pain for everyone. I’ve already asked them to appear in a photo lineup with me, they’ve already done enough. However, I think I’m more of a Sam Elliott. As for your guess, you could very well be correct. Or not.


    This is maddening! And GENIUS!


    Honestly! Ingenious mind? I will match the winner’s donation. (god I hope you people aren’t rich!) I use my powers for good. (Almost always.)


    Yes! I am so glad you went with the idea to post a picture of yourself!


    I’m going to guess #9 because there is an air of “I don’t give a fuck” about the picture that I think embodies you.


    Donation# R-13829437-17257533

    I pic #9 (although I think #1 is a close contender). Aren’t you supposed to grow a mustache for this?


      Well, to be honest, I felt that the mustache would give the game away. I had one, but I shaved it off to make my photo look more like the others. As for your guesses, you may have something there. One of them could be me.


    I’d donate but 22 months of unemployment has told me to shut me yapper.


    But wait..can I have until November 31st?


    Auwe! I’ve already shot the wad on a donation! xoxoM


      You know what, I’ve decided that if people have already donated, they should be allowed to play. So give it a go, Margarita—which one is me??


        Okay, so I carefully examined the evidence, errrr, photographs. There are 3 wearing glasses, and Madame makes a point of telling us she sometimes wears glasses; hmmmm, why would she narrow the choice to 3 after giving us a field of 10? Or, maybe…I suck at this, so I’m going the time-honored “eenie-meenie” route and wind up with: Photograph #3! Okay then! xoxoM


    I’m torn between number 1 and number 3. Number 3 appears to have curly hair…


    You are going to make a million goddamned dollars, lady.


    i donated to Team USA on one of the first days, but I don’t know my donation number. I think the glasses comment was to throw us off–you said you sometimes wear glasses–that doesn’t mean always. So I’m going with number 10.


    You’re the hot chick, obviously.

    Donated a while ago. I’ll just wait for the big reveal.


    Great idea Weebly! Come on people…donate and make a guess! It’s a great cause. :-)


    Well CRAP – I donated last week before all the FUN started…


    I donated to Team USA a while ago. I think you’re the “what the hell is going on over there,” number 9.


    …Santa Claus is not real…
    …Amtrak’s ‘motorcoach’ is a short bus…
    …Madame Weebles is…

    I have reached the age where one faces reality- BRING IT ON!


    What a great idea, and all of those women are beautiful!


    Ha! I’ll be throwing my guess once I process my donation.


    This is genius and I believe all those womens are hot, hot, hot. I can’t wait to find out!


    That’s very true, Delicious. Sunglasses are definitely a good prop for a woman who hates showing her photo to people.


    I’ve narrowed it down based on that I hate my photo taken too so I never look at the camera and smile. I donated to friends in the UK, sorry America and Canada.


      You’ve been a diehard supporter since Day One, Joe, so you can play. Come on, have a go–which one do you think is me?


        Ok, what’s the deal…after a clown interrupted my dreams, you were in my dream last night! (actually another blogger was also in my dream at the weekend too, I’ll write about it all)

        In the dream I had in my mind which number you were, but then you appeared in the dream as one of the others. You may have still been trying to trick me as I was quite sure which one you were.


    I wanted to go with 3 but that’s a red herring I think, the glasses thing that’s just evil I just can’t decide :(


    So, if I donated already for another blogger, I can’t make a quess? Jah? ‘Cause I’m guessing number 9. So I can type, “Number 9. Number 9. Number 9″ and show how old and pathetic I am!


    I say number 9 as well. I donated to the US team already.


    I put in three donations in your name, Weebs, so I get three guesses.
    I really think #2, is you, but you could also be #5 or #9.


    I thought you were French-Canadian. I’m so confused. A French-Canadian clown hiding under the bed is way more terrifying than a French clown. Un pitre Québécois — c’est vraiment horrible.


    Whew! Glad I coughed up!


    Oh, you did it, Madame!! This is great. I’m so excited you did it. All of these women are beautiful. I’ve donated already. I’m not sure I can wait until November 30th to find out….Do we get any more clues?


    donation: R-14236905-17707729
    Number 8

    mysocalledDutchlife November 15, 2012 at 3:17 am

    I’m going for number 7. I’ll find a donation station in Rotterdam and get back to you when the deed is done…


    It’s a bit like ‘Clue’… only… not… really.
    Either way I’m sure Mr. Body is pretty stoked he gets to live-on.


    Great contest, Madame Weebles – it’s incredibly brave of you to have you picture taken! I sent in my regular donation to the Cancer Society at the beginning of the month, and I’ll do my Movember donation from my book sales at the end of the month.

    I just can’t decide whether to vote for 1 or 9. They both have that “If you take my picture, I will dismember you and throw your still-twitching body parts to the four corners of the earth” vibe.

    I’m waiting with bated breath…


    Donation is in!
    I feel confident that you are not 2, 5, or 10. … but 1, 4, 7, 8 are my finalists …. so I’m going with 1, … no 4 … no 7 … no 8 …. crap! …. 4 it is.


    Just got my donation in……I’m thinking #4….


    Blimey, you couldn’t even give us a real clue, like holding a Weeble or something ;)



    I’ve donated and you’re #4…right?


    Ok, Weebs…i’m guessing. I’m going to say #4 for some reason. It’s just instinct (that’s if I’m right!). Something about the way #4 is looking directly into the camera…of course, some of the others are too. I’m going with #4.


    Seeming as two numbers haven’t yet been guessed… I am going to choose #5 …. Why? Because it is one of two that great care has been taken to show LITTLE hair as possible, plus the picture of your hand and partial arm when turned black and white give one of 4 of the same grey shade… Okay I lied about the hand vs grey shade…

    I just chose 5 because no-one else had and I thought the other number (who ever reads this has to work out themselves) was a mind trick…

    (Reason for vote over at


    I’m guessing 9 – because she’s looking mysteriously of to the right. ^.^


    mmmmmmmm number 4?

    (I donated to one of our team members)

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