Madame Weebles —  November 14, 2012 — 35 Comments

The turnout for the Where’s Weebs challenge has been very low so far.  I am ensaddened by this.

I understand that it’s entirely possible that you’re overwhelmed by the extreme beauty of my photo.  It’s like looking at the sun, I know.  So dazzling.  Or, it’s entirely possible that you are so sickened by my photo that you haven’t stopped vomiting since yesterday.

But suck it up.  It’s for a good cause.  Wear dark sunglasses or chug Pepto if you must.  And no donation amount is too great or too small.

Also, if you’ve already donated to Movember, even if not for this challenge, I’ll let you play.  Because I’m a good sport that way.  And because I think it’s wonderful that you donated.

Go here now.  I’ll keep nagging if I have to.  You don’t want that, trust me.

35 responses to Seriously??


    I’m not hatin’, really. I am expecting to get laid off, which isn’t as good as getting laid by a long shot. Sigh … I will contribute if I don’t.


    I might be able to donate tomorrow. Today, no go.


    You’re a peach, Barbara. As long as you have the Movember badge up, that’s plenty of help! I suppose I could shave my mustache and let you know what happens. And yes, I will do a grand reveal—such as it is—on December 1st, for everyone. Brace yourself.


    I feel a bit better now :). There really needs to be a ‘sympathise’ button as an alternative to the ‘like’ button sometimes!


    Okay, I’m going over to play, even though I’m the worst at games…(is that whiny enough? too much?) xoM


    Nag away Weebly…if that’s what it takes. xo


    I think that people are too intimidated to find out who the real you is. It would be like staring God in the face. On one hand you kinda want to, but you’re pretty sure you’ll blow up into smithereens if you do.


    I’m waiting for my wage packet….and for some inspiration! I have a funny feeling I may know which one it is…but I may be wrong and I really want that weeble ;)


    Trying to think of sun-related lyrics…
    sadly I’m not very happy with what I’ve come-up with so far, though…
    *calculating… calculating*


    All the money we got from selling Tiny Geek’s blood went to horse porn and Red Bull, but I can offer a reblog and some social media spreading arounding.


    :( Sorry Weebs, its been an enflat-out enweek. I’ll envote and endonate in an enminute. Beside, I want to enknow which one’s enyou.



    My Excuse?, I am involved in the Xstrata Movember challenge (3,000 + men growing a mo), Threw my $$ at my 3 brother in laws, raised $5000 and shaved a blokes head who had his hair down to his waist and many blokes took portions (of the hairdresser washed) of hair and sticky taped them to their face as a moustache to raise another $600 from bars and pubs with the before and after picture (the after picture he was crying… it took him 15 years to get it that long, but he agreed on the $5,000 in 5 days to cut it…

    I’ve been busy on the Aussie front!!


    I’m enhappied by your use of ensaddened.

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