I don’t like to brag…

Madame Weebles —  November 15, 2012 — 55 Comments

…but I’m going to do it anyway.

And this also gives me an opportunity to promote two great bloggers whom I read regularly.

First, there’s Mike (aka heylookawriterfellow), a children’s author who recently came out with a great book called Sarah Gives Thanks: How Thanksgiving Became a National HolidayI’m fortunate enough to have an autographed copy of this gem.   If you have school-age kids who like history (or even if they don’t), get them this book.

Mike has a worthy goal: the boycotting of children’s books by celebrity “authors”—actors, athletes, musicians, etc., who fancy themselves as “authors” and put out books just because they can.  These folks get a decidedly unfair advantage—their fame guarantees them a publisher, PR, and books sales.  It isn’t fair to authors who have poured their heart and soul into their work.  Read his cogent and convincing argument here.

Mike recently held a contest to create an new acronym for his cause, because he didn’t like the sound of BCCBA (Boycott Celebrity Children’s Book Association).   And lo and behold, my entry—HACKS (Humans Against Celebrity Kid Stories)—was the winner!  But let me tell you, I was up against some tough competition—click here to read the other excellent entries.

So that’s Brag #1.  Now for Brag #2.

Another author, legionwriter, just completed a fiction series called “Unlike Our Waking Lives.”  It’s a surreal, creepy tale that I highly recommend.  Click here to read the first part and proceed from there.  By Part 3, I speculated on where I thought the story was going next.  But it was so eerie and cryptic, it could have gone anywhere, really.

Turns out, though, that my guess was right!  Yay me!   And Yay to Legion for a great read.  If you haven’t already, please visit his blog.  He’s a beautiful, evocative writer.

This concludes today’s brag.  Thank you for humoring me.  Now go visit their blogs.

55 responses to I don’t like to brag…


    I agree with you on the whole celeb writers bullshit. Kinda reminds me when the Chicago Sun times hired twatwaffle Jenny McCarthy as a columnist. Even the EIC wasn’t too keen on the idea — his name wasn’t on the press release.


    Congrats on all your wins! I like HACKS, that has a nice ring to it. Legionwriter is a wonderful writer. I read all almost all the parts to his story. Thanks for the reminder….


    I’m glad you like to brag…..I am now following both of the blogs you mentioned. Thanks!!


    I knew it! I told Mike I thought your acronym was great — and you did it so quickly. I was jealous! I almost bust a major artery coming up with my lame ass acronym. Yay! Congratulations Mme. W!


    Promotion of others is not bragging. Well done Weebs.


    I’m also disappointed to see the amount of rubbish being published by celebs using their famous names to get published, and no doubt I’ve been called all sorts of names because I won’t buy any of that crap. I believe reading is the most important thing for our children, but if I don’t waste my time reading badly written pulp or Harlequin romances, why should our kids?


      Well said, Rosie! Extremely well said. I absolutely agree that reading is the most important thing for kids. My mother always encouraged me to read—it’s one of the best and smartest things she did, and I’ll always be grateful for it. But nowadays kids have so much crap shoved at them, poor things can’t discern good books from bad.


    Oh, brag away. And congrats. You’ve earned some good fortune what with the misery you’ve recently suffered. Hopefully next time that good fortune will come in the form of a winning Powerball jackpot?…


    Off to check them out.
    (That’s not a vote for your judgement being sound. Just that it’s bent in the same way mine is.)


    You should brag. You’re all kinds of awesome.

    Congrats on your well-earned win and many thanks for the good PR!

    Long Live HACKS!


    You are on fire with this winning streak. Quick, head to Vegas.


    Mike’s book is going on my book order list for the library. I love the Sarah Hale story.


      Yay! It warms my heart that you’re an educator, speaker7. If it spawns a generation of kids to grow up to be as twisted and funny as you, I won’t worry so much about our future.


    Promoting others is not bragging. ;) And as others have noted, after the headaches and heartaches of Sandy, some good news is to be appreciated!


    HACKS! I love it! xoxoM

    whiteladyinthehood November 15, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Thanks for bragging – both great blogs. Congratulations on HACK – I would have voted for that one, too!


    “HACKS” – pure brilliance!! Mike is an awesome dude.
    And hey, thanks for being awesome yourself!


    I bookmarked the story for later reading. HACKS is perfect – it hadn’t occurred to me that celebrities were cashing in on the children’s book market.


      It’s been going on for a while, Poet McGonagall, but it seems that the number of celebrity children’s books has really gone through the roof in recent years. Especially with the increase in reality show participants who now are “famous.” Meh.


    I agree. To me, it all hit rock bottom when Snookie’s ‘book’ was released as a friend of mine was shopping her own book out to publishers.

    Then of course, Snoop Dogg releasing a book of poetry with pages that can be used as rolling paper.


    Heylookawriterfellow gave me a complaint suggestion on 24-hour news channels and mentioned celebrity children’s books. I believe that any book written by Tori Spelling is a celebrity child’s book.


    Congrats Weebly. I love the little wins. :-) xo


    I just fell deeper in love with you. Congrats!


    I don’t know, Madame…
    I mean… you are kind of a celebrity yourself, you know… :)


    Yay you indeed! I think this is the record for how long a post has remained in my inbox, but I got to it, by God!


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