2nd Addendum: Fuck you, Autosave

Madame Weebles —  December 21, 2012 — 86 Comments

Well, this is embarrassing.

It appears that a huge fucking MEA CULPA is in order.  Thanks to Le Clown, who shared my last post via Twitter, one of the WordPress code wranglers learned of my plight.  He investigated, and it turns out that somehow my photo disappeared somewhere between one of my post saves and the Autosave.

No WordPress shenanigans at all.

I’m very sorry, WordPress peeps—thank you for NOT censoring me after all.  I have now put the “Die, Motherfuckers” photo in its rightful place, here, in all its glory.

So it seems that I’m just a colossal spaz in terms of checking my saves.  Oops.  But FUCK YOU, Autosave.  Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.  Also, bite me.

Also, even though it didn’t play a factor here after all, censorship can fuck itself anyway.  Always and forever.

86 responses to 2nd Addendum: Fuck you, Autosave

    free penny press December 21, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    Guess I missed something but whatever it was musta been good.. it starts with the word “fuck”
    Happy Holidays Ms. Weebles!!!


    Well, THIS is embarrassing. Good to know you at least weren’t being censored. I hate to miss all of those beautiful swear words. They’re fucking fantastic.


    It takes a sstrong woman to admit a mistake like that.

    Fuck ketchup.
    (No particular reason. I’m just not a fan.)


    Doh! I hate when that happens!


    Fuck mistakes. And fuck folks who can’t admit them.


    Big props to Stephane, definitely. I’m sorry I had to make myself look like an ass for us to learn of their integrity, but hey, what the fuck.


    I remember that—that was weird. Fuck you and your mind games, Autosave.


    But you gave me an opportunity to bash people that ‘read’ without reading…thank you for that…


    Are you still milking the word ‘fuck’?


    Ah, Autosave. Torturing brilliant minds everywhere! On that note I share with you autocorrect, a helpful cousin. Although everyone has likely already seen this, I still am laughing about it and have the top 25 autocorrects of 2012 (as compiled by someone).


    Too fucking funny! Now… to go read the original post that started all this.
    Incidentally, I love how your name shows up on Twitter: MadWeebles.


    whew! WordPress is no longer on my naughty list! :-)


    It’s “Drink-thirty”. i’m starting early because of the holiday. Cheers!


    I can’t wait to marry you – it’s great that you did a third addendum.


    Censorship definitely needs to fuck itself.


    I read through the first post and then the two addenda – notice that I got the plural correct? – and can I only say that I never, never, never want to cross you.



    (just joining the party is all)


    Note to self: Never get on Weebs’ bad side.


    No time to read all the replies… so just FUCK EVERYTHING!!!


    If I had known he had this sort of influence, I would have made much bigger demands.


    Ha, yay for wordpress coders!


    So much for the big anti-censorship parade I was going to throw after reading your last post. I enjoyed reading the progression of these throughout my day.


    Madame, I’m begining to worry about you. Three corrections?! Blimey, you really know how to go overboard :) but I’m glad you got it all sorted out (and before I’d read it in the first place).



    Well, first I wanted to tease you a bit and say that you are now qualified to work for a 24-hour cable news channel. But then it dawned on me that no such channel would ever hire you because you quickly admitted your mistake and were sincerely sorry.

    Hm. Have you ever thought about a fuck you to 24-hour news channels? ‘Cause that would kick ass.


      That’s a good subject for a rant, 24-hour news channels. I hate them. I know, I jumped the gun on that Fuck you, censorship rant, but hey, I never said I wasn’t rash or impudent. :D


    I was up skiing all day today, so I’m late commenting here, but I just want you to know that this was funny and poignant and you’re a swell gal. And WP rocks which is one of the many reasons I’m glad to be a part of it. Not to mention (okay I’m mentioning it) I got to meet you!


      Yes, I’ve always appreciated WP and I was very relieved to know that it was not, in fact, a censorship thing. So I stand corrected, chastened, and pleased! And you’re absolutely right, without WP, I wouldn’t have met you or any of the other extraordinary people here. So it’s all good.


    :-D I was in the pub all day yesterday so only catching up on blogs now, so had to read yours backwards which made it all the funnier. I love it when a day starts with coffee a fag and reading lots of Fuck You’s. Thanks for the perfect start to my day!


    What a relief, Weebs! It’s good you spoke out, otherwise it would have been ignored. I think there’s lots of glitchy things in WordPress. Every now and then I experience them. It probably felt good to get all those “fuck yous” out, right? So, there’s that!


      I have to admit, I did feel much better after those rants, Bumble. Evidently several people I know have had WP glitchy things happen to them so I’m glad it’s not just me!


    Agree with every fucking word Weebly. :-) xo


    Ironic how Twitter actually ended being the social media site with the censorship issues…


    I usually write my posts the day before and set them to kick in at midnight the next day. The next morning a go and check my page to re-read what I wrote and check my spelling/grammer. But, sometimes, I have to re-post because pictures or sections of text disappear or the whole page gets scrambled. Computers and internet are lovely things when they work.


    Oh Madame Weebles, you could have caused a war on censorship! I was ready to rant about how they had censored one of your rants!


    Stuff like this happens to me all the time.
    I’ll be in the middle of a somewhat coherent thought for once, then, with no warning things g


    Autosave and autocorrect – in fact, it seems most computer-related things which are supposed to happen “automatically” appear to be designed to mostly mess things up for us. It’s probably some sort of conspiracy or something…


    The title alone rocked!


    I love this fucking post Madame Weebles it has such a gritty edge to it but I know exactly what you mean with those shitty saves, and you are right they sometimes do come back to bite us, or is that just too fucking naughty? ;) lmao

    Hey did someone just swear then? Wow three times in one comment I will have to slap my wrists for that one :) lol

    Have a fun Valentine’s Day Madame Weebles
    and watch out for those Save Gremlins :( xxx


    Autosave has long been the Vikings of the Internet. Thank you for standing up for all of us.

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