Well shit, people

Madame Weebles —  January 10, 2013 — 213 Comments

I’m sitting here crying like a little bitch.  And it’s all Le Clown’s fault.  Look at this post.

That’s right, 45 years ago today, Madame Weebles was unleashed on the world.  I know, you thought I was a lot older.  I get that a lot.

So here I am, reading this EPIC birthday post that Le Clown wrote—he also managed to assemble an All-Star roster of bloggers to participate.   Birthday greetings would have been fantastic enough, but there are videos, fancy poems, photos, artwork…holy fuck, it’s incredible.  I can’t even imagine how much time and effort it took for Eric—or for any of you—to do this, but I am stunned and moved and flabbergasted and tickled pink and purple by all of it.  Good thing I hadn’t put on any makeup yet because otherwise I’d look like this:

Seriously, this is amazing.  You’re amazing.  I feel amazed.

Big hugs, sloppy kisses with tongue, inappropriate groping, “inadvertent” pressing up against you, and a flash of the boobs, to the following people (apologies for not linking to you, otherwise I’d be here all day): Le Clown, Sara, Fish, Darla, Boomie, Brigitte, Speaker7 (and Hugo), Rutabaga, Brother Jon, Adam, Carrie, Robin, Meizac, Honie, Timmer, Calahan, Emily, JM, Curmudgeon, Limmster, Bumble, Bill McMorrow, Ericka, Elyse, Vanessa, Margarita, Michelle, John Erickson, Guap, Leo, Joe Hoover, Misslisted, GingerSnaap, Tania, Jen Tonic, Becca, Marie, Cathy, La La, Vyvacious, Val, Red and Mrs. Red, Wendy, LouAnn, Rich, Tracy, Frank, and Nicole.

Many sleazy warm fuzzies to everyone who left birthday comments on the post as well!

Yeah, I laughed, I cried, I laughed, I went “AWWWWWW!!!!!”, I cried, I laughed, I cried.  I went through a box of tissues.  And they weren’t Puffs with Lotion, so now my nose is all red like Le Clown’s.

I don’t even know what to do with myself.  I’m beyond verklempt.  I’m zerklempt.  Thank you all, so so so so so much.  Even if I get viciously murdered later today, you’ve still made this the best day I could ever hope for.  Really, I’m not kidding.  A million thank yous.

And on a final, bittersweet note, please send your very best juju to my mom, the woman who did most of the hard work 45 years ago.  Mom is starting chemo today, and we all know how much fun that is.

I love you all madly.  Come on over to my place tonight for cake and a group bath!!

213 responses to Well shit, people


    Wait…the caffeine drip hasn’t started yet, did I read that you’re bathing with a birthday cake this evening? Wow. Kinky.


    Julie, Happy Birthday. Best healing wishes to your Mom. My Dad’s back in the hospital so let’s you and I send some crossover thoughts/wishes/loving/prayers to each other now and get these dear, dear ones well. Love ya, J. xxoo


    Oh good, I was just going to jump in the shower but now I can wait until later. Oh and I’m getting waxed today so no worries there. Too much?

    Thanks for all you do. Happy birthday! I hope it’s a wonderful one!!! Mwah xoxo!


    Happy Birthday again, Madame. Good luck to your mom. Also, I hope you don’t get viciously murdered later today.


    You Weebled into all our hearts, Lady. And positive thoughts for your Mom!!!



    Will towels be provided at this group bath?

    Happy Birthday Madame! Make it a good one, you deserve it.


    Happiest of birthdays (until next year), Weebs!
    Nice group hug! (And stop squeezing my ass, Clown.)

    Please stop flashing my boobs to everyone. I’m way to sober for that…right now.

    Best wishes to your mom. The whole ‘sphere is pulling for her!


    Happy Weebly Birthday to you, Madame Weebles. And when does the group bath start?


    Happy birthday! And best wishes to your mom. Chemo sucks so much it’s sometimes hard to remember it’s a good thing. Hope it goes well for her.


    *in car driving to your house for cake and group bath* awe!!! poor mom!!!! dang gina. Sending much much karmic love and reiki to your mom. White light sister!!!!


    Awwwwww. My heart is with you and your mom today. God speed to you both.


    Happy birthday…. Madame Wee-ee-bles…
    In my best Marilyn Monroe. Which neither sounds anything like her, or… makes sense, really… but… you know… happy birthday, anyway!
    *Annnnnnd begin juju transmission…*


    Holding Mom in Love and Light! xoxoM


    Fuck Yeah! Happy Fucking Birthday! The King’s Speech, just for you today Madame, fuck!!!! Plus I wrote you that song, I worked fucking hard on that fucking song. xoxoxo Now how about some fucking cake?


      That Queen medley was stellar, Honie. Fucking stellar. And I fucking love your King’s Speech. Did you enjoy the cake? It was pretty fucking good. I hope Mr. Honie had a great day too!


        Oh, Madame, the cake..the cake!
        Mr. Honie, got such a kick out of the happy birthday wishes. Although he didn’t know what to think of the person who referred to him as “man Honie”
        I hope your day was thrilling beyond compare. btw, how did the group shower go? sorry I couldn’t make it. HA! Much love~~and yeah, the song only took about two minutes to come up with. so, it wasn’t as hard as I said. xoxo


    What a great day. Best acceptance post ever.
    Keeping good thoughts of your mom in mind today as well.
    Lots of thinking and hugs for family Weebles.


    Madam, your contribution to the blogosphere is deeply appreciated by the Empire. I don’t do cake, but I’m definitely down for a group bath. Happy motha fuckin birthday, Weebs!

    And I’m sending warm thoughts for your mother, which is no small task for a serial oppressor such as myself. I sincerely hope for the best for her!


    Happy Fucking B-day, M. Weebs.
    May it be filled with reality tv star suicides, and dick pics.
    Love to your mom.


    Happy birthday Dame Weebs….here’s to many more happy healthy ones. Rock on, glitter and all :).

    Hugs and love


    Love to you mom Weebs you crybaby, bed-wetter! Happy fucking birthday! Since La La brought it up, I’m getting waxed today too. See you soon!


    Happy Birthday Weebs … but no sentimental stuff aloud – after all, you’re only allowed your softie side several times a year and you don’t want to use one up yet. Best wishes to your Mom with her battle.


    Happy Birthday, Madame! I would lend you my sleeve to wipe your eyes – but I think you’re on the opposite coast. Solidarity to Mom – strength and grace – my bet is she’s got that in abundance, to have raised a firecracker like you ;)


      That’s okay, it’s the thought that counts, Vickie, not the actual fabric of the sleeve (although I’m sure it would be a lovely sleeve in an exquisite fabric). And I so appreciate your kind thoughts!


    Thoughts of healing and good outcomes for your mom. Hard to have that on your birthday, or any day, so hoping you both find some moments of sheer fucking goodness. A group bath sounds way too good! Just turned 50 yesterday, and thinking that would be one more way to celebrate! Happy happy!


    The happiest of happy bittersweet birthdays to you Mme. Thinking of you, and your mom, with love. May you kick ass in all you do. And may your mom kick a bunch of cancer cells’ asses with minimal side effect. Holding her in healing light.

    Happy birthday. You make this world a nicer, and way more interesting, place.


    Wow… that was a serious birthday card.

    Best to your mom… it is no fun, but worth doing.



    With tongue??? O_o

    I’m listening…..

    Happy Birthday!!!


    Bestest Birthday Wishes, M.Weebles.
    Sending all the good and healing juju to your Mom.


    Glad this made you happy–my best to your mom–my prayers are with her and you as you guys go through this. (I did not think you looked older–I thought this was your 40th)


    Happy happy birthday to you, Weebles!
    Sending your mom loads of positive vibes.


    Happy birthday, Weebles! And best of luck to Mom. I know that chemo is no fun whatsoever, but clearly she’s decided that it’s preferable to the alternative, and I respect that.

    Post photos of group bath.


      Thanks, buddy! Chemo is no fun but as you say, it’s better than the alternative. Cancer sucks no matter what, and I know you know this only too well, Smak. I would have posted photos of the group bath, but unfortunately the smokin’ hotness of the whole affair torched my camera batteries and then blew all the fuses. I’ll need a backup generator for the next party, obviously.


    Happy birthday Madam, best wishes for you mother.


    Happy Birthday, Weebles! Your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers.


    Happy b-day Weebs. Hope one of your presents is that your mom makes a complete recovery.


    Happy Birthday my dear Madame! Bowie says “Meow!”


    Happy birthday rock star! And best wishes and prayers for your Mom today.


    I pass on a group bath, TYVM.


    Happy Birthday Weebles! Positive vibes to your Mom.


    Happy birthday Madame Weebs!


    Happy Birthday, Weebs! Sorry I couldn’t fully participate in the festivities…best wishes to your Mom!


    Happy Birthday! Don’t feel like you need to respond to this comment. Just wanted to give you my well wishes. And for your mother, too. I hope all goes well for her.


    happy birthday, lady. and sending your momma good vibes too. much love, sm


    Happy birthday, Weebs! Those messy happy cries are the best. Thinking of your mom today <3


    Happy birthday!!!! Hope your mother will not suffer too much adn get better soon – a really big part of my mental support goes to you.


    And a piece of my mental pie as well of course!


    Happy Birthday, you crazy hot, young chick, you!


    Happy Birthday Mme W – and well wishes for your Mom too!


    Belated congratulations – I do hope you stuffed yourself in every way imaginable and loved all of it ;)


    In the Moonmanian of my father (who is coincidentally also enjoying a birthday today AND dealt with cancer), hartelijk gefeliciteerd met Uw verjaardag!


    Happy Birthday. Good luck and much juju to your Mom.


    Happy Birthday, Weebles. It’s good to be a star.
    Thinking of your Mum.


      A star? Wow. That’s high praise indeed from the woman who has the blog I originally envisioned mine to be. It didn’t quite turn out that way. Your blog is one of the best out there, you know. Thanks, Kate.


    Awww Happy Birthday! You brighten the world.


    Cheers to a happy birthday.
    Also, sending out extremely positive vibes!


    Aweee, happy birthday!
    Madame, you HAVE TO email me back. Pretty please.


    Oh, Weebs. I know…here I am again. This makes me want to cry happy tears. And, we’re both thirty, the same age. wink wink. Best to your mom.


    Thinking good thoughts for your mom.
    Happy Birthday again!!

    writerwendyreid January 10, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    Sending good thoughts to your mom. I know just how terrible that fucking illness is. May she kick it’s ass! :-P
    I’m glad that your day was good Weebly and I’m so glad that Eric asked me to participate. I love you! xoxoxo


    I’m crawling out of hibernation just long enough to wish you a happy birthday, Madame W. Hope it was grand (and how could it not be, with all this coming at cha?!)
    Healing wishes to Mother Weebles.


    I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy the day. And I’m sending positive thoughts out for your mother. Chemo’s tough, but if your mom is anything like mine, she’s even tougher and will kick cancer’s behind to the moon.

    whiteladyinthehood January 10, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    Happy Birthday – and so wishing the best for your mom!!!


    Well, how was the mashed-potato birthday cake? A big O ?


    Madame Mama Weebles is truly fortunate to have such a large group hug coming from all over…including rainy Pacific Northwest Oregon. My rain-soaked brollie salute to her!!
    And for you, Missy Madame W….a year of every day celebrations, good and high spirits by the hour, and the reminder of friendship juju coming your way…minute by minute. Happy Birthday from Jots/Raye


    Happy Birthday Madame! Hugo loves you. A little too much. I love you too, but my love is way less creepy.


    sending good ju ju to your mom.. and a big happy b day to you.


    Damn it now my mascara and Cleopatra makeup is running! Happy Birthday sweetie from stinky old Lanier. I hope this next year smells great!


    Little did I know 45 years ago, how my Weeblet would blossom into a world class gutter mouth, and change the world for the better. I am so fuckin’ proud of her!!!!! And thank you all for your good wishes on my chemo.


    Happy birthday, Madame. I hope your mother does okay on the Chemo. Best wishes.


    Praying best for mom’s chemo…my wife does her last session on Monday – as we come out of the storm,we must remember others are just going in…


    well, I am obviously not an All-Star blogger cause I was not asked to do anything for you (even though I would have love to) but I want to wish you a very happy birthday nonetheless. Yes. I know there’s only 30 minutes left of your birthday, but still.

    Not all tears are bad, so let the happy tears flow. Happy Weebles Day!


    Dear Madame Weebles, I am so very late to see you today, and you have likely gone to bed, but I slip in quietly anyway with birthday wishes and hope you had a wonderful, marvelous, and magical day. At 5:30 p.m., I smeared some mashed potatoes on my husband’s head in your honor. I stuck a birthday candle in the potatoes, and blew it out for you with a wish for a stupendous 2013. I’m putting your mother on my prayer list. Went through it with my father, and I am with you in spirit as your mother’s chemo starts. Hugs and kisses to you.


      Oh, Maddie, I’m sorry I’m so late in getting to thank you for your beautiful mashed potato gesture. I had a great day, albeit a potato-less one. Your husband is a good sport for letting you smear mashed potatoes on his head. I’ll have to try that with Mr. Weebles one day. ;) And thank you so much for putting my mom on your prayer list—hugely appreciated! xoxo


    Madame Weebles,
    Same here.
    Happy belated birthday!


    I’m a day late, but the happiest of birthdays to you! You are seriously loved by some awesome people. That post was amazing.


    Vanessa, you had me at “Ear he is” with The Sun headline. You are now my favorite person. And many thanks for the good thoughts.


    You know what? I looked at the photos of the cake (I loved the little Batmans on the cake) and thought, “Oooh, that cake looks GOOD.” Would love to have the recipe! I’d say you already have the hang of the blogging thing, Vyvy. :D Thank you so much!!


    Happy Birthday, Madame Weebles!

    Best wishes and best of luck for your mum…


    Oh shit fuck! I go away for a couple of days, and when I get back to the land of interwebs I discover I have missed your birthday???
    Also, your mom??? You know I will be sending every good vibe I have for her recovery. If she has tingly hands and/or feet… tell her… fresh ginger (about 3cm) unpeeled, grated… cover with hot water… soak hands/feet until water cools.
    It helped my sister immediately!


      I LOVE a comment that starts with “Oh shit fuck!” Thank you so much for the info on the ginger—I had no idea! Ginger is good for so many things, this is great to know. Thanks so much, Janet!! Big hugs to you.


    Happy belated birthday Weebs, I’d have said it earlier, but I’ve been sleeping. It is the hibernation months after all.


    Happy birthday Madame! If only I’d known. Actually I’m not sure what I would have done if I had known but it would certainly have involved singing, dancing, wine, debauchery, and cupcakes. Or possibly just cupcakes, but either way I’d have spent a lot of time saying happy birthday.

    I’m really sorry to hear about your mum. I wish her the very best. Actually, bugger your birthday, I’ll keep the wine and cupcakes on hand for when she has recovered :)



      Hi Nigel!! Thank you!!! When are you going to be back to regular blogging, I miss seeing you and your posts! Looking forward to indulging in wine, cupcakes and debauchery with you.


        I’m getting back to usual (but not normal) on blogging. I’m down to once a week, otherwise there just isn’t time to fit re-runs of Jersey Shore in. I’ll keep wine, cupcakes and an ample supply of debauchery on hand, just in case you’re passing Texas someday :)


    I had to run out before commenting here the day you posted — but I didn’t forget about your mom. I hope all goes well. Take care MW! You’re fortunate to have her in your life. Seems her investment paid off too!


    Be well and know that I am praying and thinking about your mother.


    Best wishes to Mommy Weebles!

    Hope you had a great birthday. You totally deserve it.


    I hope you bought yourself something pretty with that $5, calahan. And thank you!


    Happy Belated Birthday to you. It really sucks because I think I missed the group bath. Maybe next year. I will sending out prayers for your mom.


      No worries, AofA, this was a special birthday celebration group bath, but I typically hold group bath parties monthly. Invites for February will be going out soon, so you and I can splash around together then. And thank you so much for the prayers, greatly appreciated!


    Belated birthday greetings and prayers for your Mum.


    Belated birthday wishes are just as good as ones on the actual day, purplemary. Thank you!!! :D


    Sorry I was late to the party, but I believe in celebrating an Octave of an important occasion (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, St Hilda, birthdays, etc) so it’s still your birthday until the 18th.

    Will pray for your mum too (providing that my brain remembers this – I say I’ll pray and then it forgets which is most annoying). Xx


      I like your style, faith. An Octave it is then! Which means I have 4 more days to celebrate. And thank you very much for the prayers—it’s really the thought that counts, believe me; my brain forgets many many things as well.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Three days ago…) If you came into my restaurant I’d make sure you got a giant pizookie – so, Internet Pizookie for you!


    Happy belated Birthday! Have a year of all good things. All my best vibes to you and your mom from this side The Pond.


    Shit, tardy to the party yet a-gain. Happy 45 and 46, Madame. See, who said I was a slacker? I’m the first to wish you well on your 46th birthday. And many, many whoop-ass cancer images are flying your mom’s way. -Nikki


    Happy belated birthday, Madam! You’ve got the spunk of a teenager…love that about you!


    Belated Happy Birthday! Birthdays are a lot of fun for me, but I get super-bummed as the birthday ends. We should start a birth-week system.


    I missed your birthday!? (Slaps forehead with heel of one hand while committing hari-kari with the other.) Best Belateds from the Bear!


    I’m a bit late for the group bath, so it’s just you and me Madame. Wahey! Hope you had an outstanding birthday and all good wishes to your mum x


    Oh Weebs! Happy Birthday! I so wish I had been here to participate in your love fest. You deserve it so. And I hope that your journey toward 46 is a good one. Happy personal New Year to you.


    Man, I am missing everything these days. It feels good to be on your page. I am glad you enjoyed your birthday bonanza!


    (By missing everything, I mean I missed this post, not your birthday. But you know that)

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