Winging it

Madame Weebles —  May 13, 2013 — 141 Comments

I started this blog in February 2012. I didn’t have any real vision for this thing, I just wanted to start writing again. As time went on I tried out a few different approaches but none of them took. So I decided to wing it. It’s worked out pretty well. I tend to wing it with most things in life, come to think of it, so why not here?

See, I don’t have a “hook” or a consistent theme like a lot of other bloggers have. I don’t have kids. I haven’t experienced many serious life challenges or traumas (and I know I’m very lucky). I’m not an artist or poet or fiction writer. So it’s just me winging it and writing about whatever. I’m not complaining, mind you; Fear No Weebles has become an eclectic, eccentric mix of Fuck You posts, Hot Dead People, ranting, activism, history, satire, paranormal stuff, and other random shit. I dig it.

As you can see, I also gave the blog a makeover. I wanted a darker, haunted house-ish sort of vibe. I considered a brighter, happier vibe with a cute theme but then I remembered that I’m not Mary Fucking Sunshine.


This is what I think of Little Miss Sunshine.

So here we are. As usual, my thanks to this guy for his help in getting my blog sorted out, and as always, my heartfelt thanks to all of you for visiting time and time again.

Coming Soon:  A Hot Dead Extravaganza!

141 responses to Winging it


    Looks fabulous. Very “Not Mary Fucking Sunshine-y”. Well done.


    I like the Weeble graveyard. Nice touch. And you are a master of fucking winging it.


    A great look for NMFS.


    Madame Weebles, I for one love that you are NOT Little Mary Sunshine. I love that you wing it. And I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. (The dark and spooky is a nice touch.)


    Love the new ‘you’…awesome.


    Keep on winging it and writing it – Weebs. (I dig it)


    I second everything he just said, and if I could, I’d third it.


          Nee, echter ik vind Nederlands leuk!


            Haha, that’s sooooo Google translate!

            Wat vind je leuk aan Nederlands?

            Het schelden? – Dat is het leukste, namelijk ;)


              Ha! I didn’t use Google but obviously I don’t speak it as well as I understand it! I’ll answer the rest in English now… NYC was founded by the Dutch, and there are still many Dutch influences now, including the language–local names, places, etc. Also, I’m researching a 19th-century American of Dutch descent, and he spoke Dutch and English, so I want to learn more of the language. I like German too but I find Dutch more interesting. But I don’t know enough Dutch to insult anyone. :(


              So cool that you know that!

              I used to talk about these things to Americans visiting my country, but usually I got a response like: “Seriously? You expect me to believe that one of the tiniest countries in the world created the greatest city in the world?”

              So, APPLAUSE FOR YOU! *clap clap clap*

              If you need help learning Dutch, you know where to find me!

              Lesson #1: The Basics of Dutch Insults
              Compile a list of diseases in Dutch – preferably historical ones – and put “lijer” (pernounced “liar”) after each word. Ending a word with “lijer” literally implies that that person is suffering from that disease, but in Dutch it is meant as a wish.

              Terrible, yes. Effective, no. To get down to REAL insults, switch to side B of this tape.


    But I’m betting you have a Mary Poppins weeble hidden sompelace…


    Love the new look. Love who you are.


    Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies here! (I’m paraphrasing a Tshirt.) I’m liking the new vibe!


    Can’t wait for the Hot Dead Extravaganza!
    I love the new look.
    You know I’m a fan of yours.


    love your new theme and as always looking forward to more of your zany, off the cuff, passionate posts


    Well I dig this new look! Trust a clown’s help to darken things up. Wait, that didn’t sound right…


    Love the new look Weebs! The Addams Family has nothin’ on you! You go, Morticia!


    Looks great! I’m also a blog-winger, if we can call it that, but lately my winging has been a little slow. You do very well though. I love reading your blog.


    I like the new look!


    Love the darkness … although I really liked the bloody axe-wielding Weeble too :)


    The new look is great Madame! I do have kids, and I have had a serious life challenge (which I don’t write about), and I do write fiction, but still I too wing it and write about completely random things on my blog – I’m just not organised enough to do anything other than wing!

    Your method has certainly served you well as you are an extremely popular and well-loved blogger. Keep doing what you do :)



    You…………………… have……………………… wings……….????

    *slowly backs out of room*

    *runs away down the hall*


    I’m in the same camp as you with blogging. I don’t have kids. I’m lucky to have lead/be leading a considerably trauma-free life. I don’t have a shtick. I’m no artist. …So I guess what I’m saying is, I’m lucky anyone reads my blog at all.

    I haven’t been reading for that long, but by all appearances, you’re winging it right!


      That’s exactly how I’ve been saying it to myself, Katie: “I don’t have a shtick.” I feel somewhat envious of people who get big audiences with their posts about their kids, their triumphs over big life problems, etc, even though i know that’s criminally shallow of me. Your blog is great, by the way. Do not sell yourself short.


        You’re not alone! I think many of the same thoughts. It can feel weird sometimes being a blogging wildcard, but all we can is what works for us.

        Thanks, by the way!


    Dearest Madame,
    You are clearly a whole fucking symphony – no one-note prima dona, you, my friend!


    Blog looks good. I have always appreciated that you aren’t sticking to one theme. It keeps life interesting and fun…and sarcastic and funny as fuck. :)


    Love the new look. Very Ariel Castro.


    Your motivation is creepily the same as mine.


    You’re awesome [period]
    I’m so out of it these days, my “blogging” should be considered micro-blogging…maybe it is.


    Great new look! (and the updated sunshine logo is screaming for a T-shirt)


    Your theme is your humor. You could write about tree sap, and we’d find it funny. Love the darker look, by the way.


    I didn’t know they made spooky Weebles. I wanted Weebles so bad as a kid, but I never got them.Don’t feel bad for me though–I had an awesome collection of Shogun Rangers.


    themes get tired anyway. I love the cadence and randomness of what you write. And I dig the new look! You have a strong voice and I would argue to say that you are infact, an artist. You are a writer, silly! Keep up the good work. (:


    Really like the new look… fun stuff every time Madam. I certainly Fear No Weebles. Like you, I don’t have a set theme, as I am (definitely) a wing girl in all aspects of my life! It generally works. Some days are more challenging than others, but wing it is the way!


    I like the new spookier side of you! lol


    I for one think you are funny.

    writerwendyreid May 13, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Love the new look Weebly. And Mary fucking Sunshine is way overrated. xo


    I feel much more comfortable here than in the fluffy puppy spaces of the inter webs.
    Excellent work, love the new homepage!


    I knew there was an explanation for how you can spontaneously appear in my dreams! Madame, winging it – I’m hooked!


    Some of the very best stuff is not easily ‘defined’ or ‘categorized’ or, whatever.
    Just sayin’.


      True, Sig. Even your work isn’t so easily categorized, even though technically it falls into one “genre”—it’s all kinds of cool color alchemy, image voodoo and other visual hocus-pocus.


    Whether you’re going dark or feeling light, I’ll always come back, Weebs.


    I like the new look, although I do have to increase the zoom on Firefox so I can read the text without having my nose bump into the screen. And I can’t wait for the hot dead extravaganza—’cause I know it’ll be another awesome post.

    Just don’t go changing that gravatar anytime soon, please!


    I love your theme and I love you, sunshiny or not (I’ve got enough sun for both of us. You share your Cheetos and umbrella with me, I’ll share my cookies and sunshine with you.)


    Weebs, Superb! I love the new look! And, I love the fact that you wing it. It’s kind of what I do, even I think I have a plan. Brava!!


    Love the makeover! I think you’re one of those people who doesn’t need a solid vision because you’ve got such a magnetic personality. People would show up no matter what you wrote about, or what your blog looked like. Luckily for us, content and aesthetic IS there.


    Nice makeover. Much more fuckable.

    Your blog theme is you which might be one of the most original themes a person could ever come up with.


    Yes, I feel the same about the gravatar – this blog wouldn’t be the same without that deadly innocence of the gravatar…


    I like the look, sleek with just a touch of scary – nice.


    While I can’t pretend Wanderland doesn’t have a “hook”, I still write about random things – Amish people, wild turkeys, tattoos, and vacuum cleaners being the most recent topics. There is much to be said for “winging it”, and your talent at it is all the proof needed. You keep doing you, that’s all – and, that’s all anyone who reads here and truly ‘gets’ you will need. :)

    The new look only serves to cement the ‘separated at birth’ theory you posited in a comment response to me… I find the darkness of it immensely appealing (almost soothing). There’s a touch of paranormal to it – and you know we share that fascination. This year I’ve been trying to be more ‘Mary Fucking Sunshine’ in my own life, but the darker side of me feels far more natural. I think there ought to be an alternate version of Namaste, like, “The darkness within me recognizes and honors the darkness within you”. “Noctem”-something… ‘Noctemte’, maybe? Hmmmmm.


      That’s it, you and I need to have some sort of bonding ceremony. Dark is more natural to me too. I’ve always preferred the nighttime to daytime, even when I was a kid and it was a little scary. And being darker and crankier feels much more like “Me” than being upbeat and cheery. Noctemte, Sister.


        Name the time and place! While we’re on it, perhaps you could give me a reiki attunement, as well – yet another topic we have in common! Reiki literally changed my life. No joke, fascinating story besides.

        Night owl here, as well. Also called a “hermit” growing up, for spending all my time indoors, either reading voraciously or playing heavy metal/punk music at top volume. Went through a vampire fascination/goth-ish phase in my late teens-into-early-twenties before it became vogue and cliche`(SPARKLY VAMPIRES!). Still have back issues of Carpe Noctem, and a copy of The Book of Nod. Even more stories there. Noctemte indeed, Sister!


    I like your new look!

    The Unbearable Banishment May 14, 2013 at 6:55 am

    I’ll say it worked out! In spades, and rather quickly at that.

    You wanted darker than a pic of a bloody Weeble being hatcheted to death? I’m in the right place.


      You know what’s sad? I hadn’t even thought of that, that a bloody Weeble being axed to death was already pretty dark. I guess my threshold for dark is already pretty high.


    Love the new look. Dark is good.

    I also am blogging in the way of winging it. When I remember to post that is…


      I know that problem well, Lou—it’s hard to fit it into the schedule sometimes when there’s so much else going on, isn’t it.


        Plus when you’re trying to keep up with reading everyone else. I finally got my inbox cleared earlier, but now I’m getting new notifications of posts through and replies to comments! I don’t have a class tomorrow, however, which means I could perhaps actually spend some time working on one of my posts-in-progress.


    I wished I had been here since the inception of your blog, but for now I’m here. I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely. I like the haunted house look. You should find a background of the Hanted Mantion wall paper and put that up. I love that wallpaper.


      And apparently, I was so excited to repond that I lost all of my spelling abilities…The Haunted Mansion…..


        I do that a lot too, Claudia–and then I wish I could go back and click “Edit”. I did find the Haunted Mansion wallpaper, and it was actually the first thing I tried out! But I was worried it would look a little too cartoony up here. So I went for “generic, creaky haunted house” instead.


    Love the new look! Exactly the right creep factor.


    Reminds me of Casper The Friendly Ghost.


    Your new theme scared me into peeing myself a little. Please, just don’t add any clown pictures. ;)


    we’re all out here farting around – regardless of theme, focus or whatnot. i started out with an idea to exorcise my familial demons – and just play with the discipline of writing in between ‘real’ posts. turned out? the playing turned into what i really enjoyed, and eventually what i needed to be doing. wing it, sister. we’ll keep reading! i would enjoy some corset shots of you one of these days, should you ever be taking requests…


    I just wanted to say I really like the new look, and I think you are the hook. You don’t need a theme or gimmick when your blog rocks. If you wing it they will come…and dig it…heh…that kinda rhymed…


    I think I will steal this line: “I’m not Mary Fucking Sunshine.”
    And I never knew your name was Mary :)


    Welcome back, darling. OF COURSE I’m digging the spooky vibe….:-)

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