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First, a happy and hearty WELCOME AND FELICITATIONS to all of you who found me through my post on Freshly Pressed!  Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting, and following. I’m sorry I haven’t replied to all comments yet, but I will. I make it a point to respond to every single comment on every single post. Which sometimes takes a while, but it’s a good problem to have.

Second, a new post will be coming soon.  I don’t like to publish anything new until I’ve replied to all comment on my previous post(s), hence the delay.  I won’t tell you what the new post will be about, but I’ll say this much: it will be Hot and Dead.

Third, please pardon the wonky appearance of my blog. I seem to have fucked up my headers and wallpaper. It was a well-intentioned but ultimately ill-fated effort to clean up some unattached and duplicate files in my media library. Order will be restored as soon as possible.

So I’ll see you soon. By the way, you look hot today.

Our week-long body-image extravaganza on The Outlier Collective concludes with Helen of Mother Made, who muses over the the banality of cellulite and our power to see ourselves however the fuck we want.

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The one and only La La is with us on The Outlier Collective today, talking about those body-image demons you meet in childhood, and how even after you get rid of them, those bastards sometimes come back to visit.

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The Goddess Weighs In on The Outlier Collective to say, among other things, that fat chicks really want to meet guys who aren’t embarrassed to be seen with them in public, for crying out loud.

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The Outlier Collective is proud today to feature a post by the uber-talented Jen of Sips of Jen and Tonic. Jen muses about how “healthy” equates to “thin” in today’s very deep and profound times.

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Today’s post on The Outlier Collective is a special treat. So many of us already know how to hate our bodies, but now BigLizzy from Big Body Beautiful is going to tell us how we can love them.

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is the name of today’s post on The Outlier Collective…a riveting, funny, and inspirational piece from Allison of The Body Pacifist about what it’s like to feel constantly judged by what you eat.

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Today is the first of a 7-day series on body image and body acceptance at The Outlier CollectiveGoldfish starts us off with a deeply moving and honest post about her struggles with her looks, and all of the huge hurdles she has overcome.  I admire her candidness as well as her tenacity.

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Funny stuff

Madame Weebles —  June 19, 2013

Another interview!  But this time it’s not just me, it’s five fabulous bloggers, including my Sister From Another Mister, that luscious vixen, Darla from She’s a Maineiac. Michelle, the WordPress Daily Post Hostess With the Mostest, interviews us about how we got to be so fucking funny, and what sort of exercise and nutrition regimen we use to stay that way.


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Madame Weebles:

I recently had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed by Mike Allegra, Children’s Author Extraordinaire. Come on over and join us. And if you’re not already following Mike’s blog, you should be. Seriously. Follow him.

Originally posted on heylookawriterfellow:



Welcome to my new interview show, Waffles with Writers! Every month I will chat with a working writer over a nice, waffle-centric meal.

Today’s brunch guest is Madame Weebles, who is best known for having recently taken the blogging world by storm with her sometimes profound, sometimes profane, and always compulsively readable posts. Decades before she named herself after a 1970s choking hazard, however, Weebles’ writing credentials were firmly in place; her career includes long tenures as both a professional historian and medical editor. These days, in addition to her regular posts, Weebles works as a reiki master and geeks out over the life stories of Hot Dead Guys.


Mike: Welcome, Madame! You’re just in time. The Belgian waffles are just out of the iron and piping hot. What toppings would you prefer?

Madame: Ice cream and chocolate syrup, please. And maybe some strawberries. And bananas. And whipped…

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