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My Movember dilemma

Madame Weebles —  November 9, 2012 — 75 Comments

As you know, I was not able to participate in the Official Kickoff of Bloggers for Movember.  So I have a wee bit of catching up to do.

I’m trying to come up with a special Weebles way to encourage as many people as possible to donate to our Movember team.

Other bloggers have come up with clever and unique contests where each donation counts as an entry, with prizes like one-of-a-kind artwork, special blog writeups, customized banners, etc.  I don’t have any artistic skills, so that’s out for me.  I could offer a blog writeup or a guest post, but I don’t want to be a copycat.

I’ve had only one idea:  if I get X amount in donations (with the value of X to be determined), I will post an actual photo of myself, wearing a mustache.  You may recall that I am notoriously camera shy.  And some of you have expressed curiosity about the woman behind the Weebles, so I would be willing to show my face for a good cause.  However, I’m not nearly arrogant enough to assume that this would be sufficient inducement for people to part with their cold hard cash.

So I’m going to do the only sensible thing here.  I’m going to punt it back to you.  What do YOU think would be a good incentive?  A contest?  Quiz?  Other?  I’ll choose whatever is the best or most popular idea in the comments area.  Within reason, of course, so do try to behave yourselves…