Weebles wobble

February 21, 2012 — 7 Comments

And it’s true, they really don’t fall down.  I keep trying to make them tip over and I haven’t been able to do it.

I didn’t have Weebles when I was a kid.  Plenty of Fisher-Price Little People, but no Weebles.  So I’ve compensated for my childhood deprivation by amassing a collection of them now.

I encourage everyone not to fear Weebles.  Because they’re fun . . . unless they start moving and wobbling around on their own.  Then they’re probably haunted and may be cause for concern.

7 responses to Weebles wobble


    I have searched high and low, but I can’t find our Weebles. I found their blimp, and I found their submarine, but I can’t find the Weebles. I know they were in the kid’s old toy box (a mere 25 or 30 years ago), but now they are gone. I think someone must have taken them. Why would they abandon ship if they hadn’t been forced to leave, possibly under gunpoint… say, your sniper kitten wasn’t in my neighbourhood by any chance!?



    The FIscher Price Little People. God, how we abused them! Laying them on the tracks of our train sets, and in front of the slot cars… Poor things. They could take quite a lot of abuse, but they always fell down. Makes me wish we had Weebles back then. They’d have mocked us. We’d have probably set them on fire…



    I loved little people. I enjoy legos and more grown up toys now. I was suffering from a little Weeble withdrawal, so I thought I’d journey to your older posts.



    I think when Weebles appeared in my part of the world (insert stock footage of dry snow driven across a barren tundra by howling winds) I was just old enough to feel that I dared not express the desire for such a “baby” toy. Regret attends. On the other hand, the Little People, who in their classic wind-pipe-closing format are a favourite with my son on visits to the grandparents house; my wife (slightly younger and a Weebles veteran) always remarks how much she wished she’d had the Castle and the Town in her childhood. One begins to think we’re made as much of what we didn’t have as kids as of what we had.



      You’re in Canada? (I’m assuming so from the tundra reference… ) So many nice bloggy folks in Canada. Not to mention one of my favorite bands, the awesome Rush. And my Parker 51 is a 1946 model that was assembled in Toronto. But I digress.

      I had plenty of Fisher Price Little People but no Weebles as a kid. Tell your wife I feel her pain, and I’m here for her.



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