Dayyyummm, I got it going ON

May 11, 2012 — 28 Comments

Before I continue, please remember to cast your votes in the first Hot Dead Guy Sweet 16 Tournament! The results so far have been most intriguing—there are very few landslides, it’s anyone’s game!

And now for today’s tale.

I was on my way to work this morning and all of a sudden I heard, “Daaaaayyyyummmm, girrrrl, you got it goin’ ON! Mmmm!”

So I turned to see where it came from, and also to see the recipient of this compliment.

The commenter was a bedraggled gentleman smoking a cigarette and leaning against the wall of an office building. He looked like he was three sheets to the wind.

The recipient, dear readers, was yours truly. I know this because when I made eye contact with him, he said, “Yeaaahh, girl! Uh-HUH!”

In my younger days I would have found this sort of thing annoying. But now it’s been years since I’ve received a random remark from any people at all, regardless of their sobriety level. So I found it amusing and disturbingly refreshing.

The guy had obviously already been partying hard even though it was 9:30 in the morning, and I’m not sure what sort of funhouse mirror his eyes were filtering things through. Today I’m wearing my glasses, I have no makeup on, my hair is all ratty, and I’m not exactly dressed for success. I can’t begin to imagine how I registered with him. But I’ll take it. I’m not proud.

28 responses to Dayyyummm, I got it going ON


    Shoot, gurl, you DO got it going on. I know exactly what you mean about this. :). BTW, I have cast my votes — looking forward to the results. Have a great day and I’ll just bet you’ll get another one of those comments, glasses, sans glasses and ratty hair or not.



    Sweet! Not a bad way to start a Friday.



    You must absolutely collect all compliments no matter who or where they come from. Stock up now. I’m fast approaching 50 years old and the roadside compliments have all but dried up. Now I’m lucky if I get a trucker to glance my way as I’m sitting at an intersection. Somewhere between them picking their nose and revving their engine is the compliment — I think?



    Right on! I take any compliments offered, too. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.



    If they are drunk at 9.30am that tells me they are a fun person. I’d definitely take that compliment and ask for a swig from his hipflask



    Hysterical. Laughter was so needed!! Thanks.



    As one enters middle age it’s perverse how suddenly those kinds of compliments that one loathed in youth matter. They offset the first time a store clerk refers to you as “ma’am”.



    I’m starting to be called ‘sir’ a lot more now. It used to bug the crap out of me but I don’t mind it so much anymore.



    Laugh out loud funny! Loved it! Thanks for the mid-afternoon guffaw.



    You absolutely have it goin’ on!



    Funny! Take it and run I say! When I was younger I knew perhaps why a guy might be staring, now I think it’s because he wants to rob me!



      I’m sure you’ve had your share of stares from men who were not looking to rob you! Next time it happens, wink at them. If they were going to rob you, maybe it will distract them. If they weren’t going to rob you, they’ll probably wink back. 😉



    He might have been finishing up a long night of drinking. As I often have been when drunk at 930 am.
    And everytime I’ve said that to a woman, I have absolutely meant it.



    I spent an awful lot of money being able to be drunk at that time in the morning. I meant to saying something deep and meaningful, but I’d spent an awful lot of effort being able to be drunk at that time in the morning and “Daaaaayyyyummmm, girrrrl, you got it goin’ ON! Mmmm!” was the best I could muster.

    There again, if I had engaged you in conversation about ironclads I doubt you’d have blogged about it.

    Best of luck with your next random drunk.




    It is nice to not be invisible now and then, isn’t it!
    I had a similar conversation with a man the other morning (“Hey there good looking!” he yelled across the empty parking lot. Alas, in the end, he discovered I was not his friend Darlene…



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