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Madame Weebles —  May 17, 2012 — 32 Comments

My job has been infringing on my blogging time. Frankly, it pisses me off. But I’m grateful to have a regular paycheck so I really shouldn’t complain.

Also, I’m still in mourning. I’m sure I’m more bothered by Mr. Cornelius’s defeat than he is, but that’s not the point.

However, I have some coffee and some chocolate, so I’ll be okay soon.

In the meantime, I want to say a few quick things:

  1. The number of people who write beautiful, funny, amazing stuff on their blogs really does astound me. Kudos to you all.
  2. Thank you all for reading my own blog and making it way more interesting with your comments. You’re a truly entertaining and clever group of people and I feel very fortunate to have you visiting. Although I’m surprised that there aren’t more polyglots here. You mean to tell me there’s not one freak in the bunch who speaks 12 different languages? I was so sure someone would know how to say “more coffee” in Urdu or Swahili or Mandarin or Cherokee or something.
  3. On the other hand, regional English is funnier.

32 responses to Fill in random blog post title here


    Coffee and chocolate? What more could one need?


    kafè aktar jekk jogħġbok. That’s more coffee please in Maltese. I looked it up so it must be true. And you’re welcome, MW — thank you for the entertainment. Nauti suklaiden ja kahvia. That’s Finnish for enjoy your chocolates and coffee. :).

    womanwhowritesstuff May 17, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Really enjoyed the post. New to blogging, will definately read more.


    Mme. Weebles, you need to prioritize. I’m at work right now and I let nothing get in the way of my blogging!! Sorry about Mr. Cornelius.


    You know who speaks a whole LOT of languages? Google Translate. Doesn’t speak any of them WELL, though. But Google Translate assures me in a very confident manner that “Mwy o goffi, os gwelwch yn dda,” is Welsh for “More Coffee, please.”


      I like you, Kathy. Suggesting overriding poll results, checking out Google Translate… You’re all about simplifying things, which is extremely sensible.

      I like that Welsh line. And I’m surprised there aren’t more L’s or Y’s in there.


        Google Translate tells me that when you say “simplifying things” you mean “cheating”. I’m not sure how I feel about this. You’ve given me a lot to think about today.


        That’s weird, Google Translate is a lot harsher than I would have expected.

        With the poll, I didn’t want to play favorites and “cheat.” But it sure would have “simplified things.” Meanwhile, I “simplify things” all the time so you’re in good company.


    I can’t help but blush knowing that you were speaking directly to me when you wrote, “people who write beautiful, funny, amazing stuff…” I’m okay letting the others think it’s about them. Shhh… we’ll keep it a secret. : )

    Oh, and “More coffee” in Pig Latin = “Oremay offeecay” I know, I’m a genius – you’ve already made that clear.


    I am super-fluent in Spanglish.


      Amiga, more coffee, por favor! I love Spanglish. It always makes me laugh when I hear people yattering away in a combo of English and some other language. The ones I hear most often are Spanglish and Chinglish (Chinese & English), but they’re all so much fun to listen to.


    MW, omg, I’ve been freshly-pressed. :).


    mmmmmmmm coffee! I think I just might go make some too so we can have it together.

    I’m fluent in three languages and can get by in French. Want to learn German but I guess that what with being now a Canuck, I should perfect my French first :P


    I am fluent in *black coffee down* – grounds included.


    I’m afraid I was inoculated against polyglotis at an early age. There were strict conditions attached to the inoculation, such as learning the of names of hot beverages. I struggled on and after several years patient hard work I mastered “tea” and “coffee.” I have managed in foreign countries by the traditional British technique for communication with people in other languages. I. SPEAK. SINGLE. WORDS. VERY. LOUD. AND. POINT.


    PS I’m very impressed by your mourning pose, and that you had the foresight to mourn last winter before all the snow melted.


      The American Monoglot is a relative of the British Monoglot, as you know. Still, I wonder if I’d be less likely to get old, overcooked coffee in favor of a nice freshly brewed cup if I can request it in the native language. I figure it’s worth a try. Also, thanks for noticing and appreciating the mourning photo—it wasn’t easy getting that dress or planning the photo shoot before I had something to actually mourn over.


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