What is “Trebekophobia”?

Madame Weebles —  May 18, 2012 — 31 Comments

According to the information on my dashboard, one of the top searches that brings people to my blog is the phrase “fear of Alex Trebek.” I kid you not.

I can see why Google would pull up my blog based on these keywords, since “Fear” is in the title of the blog and I do have a post about my hatred of Alex Trebek.

But who could possibly be afraid of this guy? He’s an arrogant ass, for sure, but scary? No.

So who are the poor souls out there frantically searching the Internet for ways to combat their fear of this pompous jerk? Is this a common fear? What measures have these people already taken to help themselves? And how does this fear manifest itself? Does the mere mention of his name trigger panic attacks? Do they hyperventilate when they hear the Jeopardy! theme? What happens if they inadvertently see a commercial featuring Trebek shilling for some insurance or reverse mortgage company, does full-body sobbing ensue?

On the other hand, I might have this all wrong. Suppose it’s not that someone has a fear of Alex Trebek. Suppose it’s someone who dislikes him even more than I do and wants to know what fears Trebek himself has, so they can exploit them. Let’s say Trebek is terrified of spiders. If one wanted to torment him, one could send him a box of spiders as a gift. (NOTE: I would not recommend doing this. It’s not nice to treat spiders that way. They deserve much better treatment.)

In any case, there are some odd people out there. God speed, odd people.

31 responses to What is “Trebekophobia”?


    I’ll admit it. Alex intimidates me. He knows all the answers.


    Alex tries to be suave and debonair and I’ll bet some find him that way. But, remember the interview where someone broke into his hotel room or something like that and he told whoever was interviewing him (can’t remember), something like he had to put his underwear on before he could leave the room? It was SOMETHING like that — too much information and people were thinking — I could have gone my whole life without knowing that or getting that mental image. How the heck to you find out how people are finding you through your dashboard? I’m ignorant. Please share your wisdom. :).


      I never heard that story about him, but now I wish I could scrape my own retinas to get that image out of my head.

      On your dashboard, there’s a section on the right side of the screen that says Stats. If anyone has clicked through to your blog via a search engine, that info will be recorded, and it will say “Top Searches” next to “Top Posts.” My top searches are “fear of Alex Trebek” and “weebles.”


    You are so lucky! I get people looking for information on….how to say it nicely……”self-love”, because I wrote once in about walking in on my son loving himself. Now every psycho with a question about “self-love” visits me. BTW, I am not afraid of Alex Trebek. He’s kind of handsome in a 50s Robert Goulet sort of way.


      That must make for some interesting readers! I’d love to hear more about the different searches that bring people to other blogs. You know there must be plenty of great ones.


    My is “boy jumps from tree to avoid snake!” no lie! Comes from my post “Snake Season.” I actually found a snake five feet up a tree, but I know no one who jumped. Once knew a guy who got killed by a tree but have not written about it.

    And who is this boy who jumped from a tree?

    AgrippingLife May 18, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Alex Trebek is nothing without his cards. He tries to act like he knows all the answers. PUH-LEEZE! Oh, and he’s probably really short and stands on a platform. He’s a deceiver, that’s what he is!

    AgrippingLife May 18, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    *Please know, this has nothing to do with the fact that I know none of the answers on Jeopardy.


    Mhmmm mmmhmm mmmmh!! — This is me laughing with a mouth full of coffee! Laughing and clapping! I love love love that you hate Alex Trebek!


    First of all, I loved the video from SNL in your first post about Alex Trebek. Mike Myers was hysterical as French Stewart. And, of course, Will Farrell does a pretty good Trebek. But as your friend and someone who cares about you, the question begs to be asked: Why do you dislike Alex Trebek? I mean, usually the things we really dislike in others are those things we dislike in ourselves. Just sayin…

    And please forgive me if I’m too direct here…:)



      I dislike him because he gives off an extremely pompous vibe and I find him very patronizing toward the contestants. Mr. Weebles once met someone who was a contestant on the show, and he said that Trebek was incredibly arrogant and unpleasant behind the scenes. Why? Why be a rude ass to people for no reason?

      I don’t see any of that trait in myself (others may differ on this statement, of course). So I don’t think it’s that he represents something that I dislike about myself. I dislike him because he’s a dislikable person.


    Well, I misread it to say “fear of trekkers”, so maybe that is the problem!!


      LOL! I’ve never encountered a bunch of trekkers at one go—although being a long-time Star Trek fan myself, I doubt I’d be afraid of them. But “fear of trekkers” would be a pretty funny search term!


    I’ve been thinking of putting up a page with the best search terms I’ve had. My top ones right now are “polygamist family” and “baby shower images clip art devil”.


    No problem. The insider information about Trebeks behavior off camera explains a lot too. I agree, why be rude for no reason? Oh yeah, and Brigette’s comment about the underwear really does give me the creeps! Yikes, Yikes, Yikes! Okay, so I’m on board now.


    Have you ever searched for your blog via some of these more esoteric terms yourself? Since my life is empty I have. I’ve not been able to find my site that way. Therefore, I think WP is yanking us. My top search is Brunhilde for my 10th most read post. WTF is that about? Whenever I think of your close personal friend, Alex Trebek, I also think about Will Ferrell’s excellent parody of him and Darryl Hammond’s great Sean Connery.


      I don’t quite understand WP’s search data either–Mr. Weebles tried using some wacky search terms to find my blog and they didn’t come up in my dashboard. So I have no idea how they compile that info.

      Meanwhile if you click on the link to my original post “I hate Alex Trebek,” you’ll find that SNL skit video embedded in there for your viewing pleasure. I laugh out loud every time I watch it.


    Hmmmmm…..me wonders to myself if I should mention the fear of the number 13? …..nah……..I’m going with fear of Alex for $400 please


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