And then there were two…

May 23, 2012 — 19 Comments

We’re down to the wire here in the Hot Dead Guy Sweet 16 Tournament… I suspect many will be shocked and/or saddened to learn that Rupert Brooke will not be vying for the title of Hottest Dead Guy. And I’m sad about Yeats, but let’s face it, Gary Cooper is a tough guy to beat.

Here’s how the voting went—PollDaddy is acting up again so you may have to click to see the results. The Cooper/McKennon Throwdown will be taking place shortly.

19 responses to And then there were two…


    Pierce will take this one! He’s my favorite, but I like aviation-type men. :).



    WHAT? Yeats is WAAAAAAAAAY hotter than Gary Cooper, at least if you bear in mind that he had a sexy accent and WROTE BEAUTIFUL POETRY. Jesus, what did Cooper do? Make movies? He was probably so covered in makeup that he didn’t even look like himself. I’m going to sulk now.



    Dang! I had the hots for Rupert Brooke. Now I guess it’s my turn to sulk. I’m going to have to Google the finalists to make sure I get every angle needed to make a decision. This has really gotten tense.



    Okay, I’m back. Let me tell you that Pierce McKennon has a Colin Firth quality that I find very attractive — who knew? Though there are limited pictures of him. Gary Cooper is very handsome and manly but I don’t know if he’s “hot”??? hmmm…



      I think Gary Cooper is hot, but there are different flavors of hot. Pierce McKennon is a different flavor of hotness. And, he could fly a plane. That confers automatic hotness.



    i love Gary Cooper. He was SO beautiful in a certain era of his life. He is a forgotten (or often not thought of) silver screen legend. H O T!!!



    My money is on that one guy.
    *pssst… I think you should tell me who wins before you post the results… we can split the gambling winnings*



    So, its the lounge lizard up against the man who got things done. Both ends of the spectrum covered 🙂 I’m sorry to see Brooke out of it, but at least McKennon has the aviation angle going for him.




    I’m stunned Rupert Brooke did not make it. I need a moment.



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