Congratulations, Pierce, you’re the Hottest Dead Guy!

May 29, 2012 — 50 Comments

In the end, it was barely a contest. Sorry, Gary.

It seems fitting that Pierce McKennon is our newly crowned Hottest Dead Guy; he was a pilot during World War II and we just celebrated Memorial Day. We’ve reflected on his hotness, but let’s also have a round of applause to honor Captain McKennon for his heroic military service, shall we?

Click here for my original post on Pierce—and for additional information, click here for a nice biographical piece on him.

For all of you ladies and gentlemen who prefer the ladies, we will have a Hot Dead Chick Sweet 16 Tournament very soon, I promise.

And for everyone who voted for Pierce, here are some additional photos for your enjoyment:

50 responses to Congratulations, Pierce, you’re the Hottest Dead Guy!


    I’m okay with this. I think he’s probably a lot more hot when he’s not a one dimensional photo. I’ll say his spirit of adventure adds to the whole package and makes him that much more attractive.


      I know, it’s not easy to tell when all you have is a photo—with Gary there’s the advantage of seeing him in color, in moving images, etc. But I’m betting that in 3D, Pierce was a hot number.


    Well deserved, I think. Rugged, handsome and brave – what a package!


    I knew that Pierce, handsome, dashing flyboy would win it all. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! :).


    Yeah, it wasn’t much of a contest. With those looks and being a flying ace, he would seem like action movie material. Looking forward to the Hot Dead Chick Sweet 16 Tournament now!


    Excellent result! SUCK IT, COOPER.


      I really am glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this. Otherwise it would be all over my monitor.


        That would be messy. If my comment made you ruin your monitor, you might be mad at me and punish me by not having another one of these contests, since I clearly get a little over-excited. So I am also very glad that you weren’t drinking anything. (PS: Nobody is here to film my “Suck it, Gary Cooper” dance, and that’s kind of a sad thing.)


    Those photos. I want to travel back in time and be his aerial victory.


    Yay for Pierce. I expect he had no trouble getting a date. How many people asking you out have a plane. Maybe I should hang around airports more often


    D’oh! I finally understood what this hot dead guy thing was :P


    No surprise there, right? ;-) Great post, especially the Memorial Day shout-out. Good for you, Madame Weebles.


    If I wore a hat I would tip it to Pierce.


    I voted for him. I thought he was a poet. I am embarassed! I know I read the post you wrote about him. My mind is a sieve! I’m glad he won, especially because it’s Memorial Day!


      Rupert Brooke is the poet—you probably got them mixed up because they competed against each other in the semifinals. And in any case, the only important thing is that you know that he’s hot. ;)


    Yay! The aviator won :)


    although feeling a little sad for Gary, i’m in the Pierce camp… swooning over a dead aviator isn’t the strangest thing i’ve done…


    If it was Gregory Peck in the running, you’d have to rewrite above article!


    If we’re going for hot dead World War Two pilots, my two pennies are Sailor Malan and Tom Dalton-Morgan!


    A dashing handsome hero… who did in real life what Gary only did in the movies… good choice.

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