And now I’ve gotten all verklempt . . . thank you, everyone

Madame Weebles —  June 2, 2012 — 24 Comments

Your comments on yesterday’s post are phenomenal. The messages of encouragement and the stories about loved ones who have been battered by the healthcare system have truly inspired me. My eyes got all leaky on more than one occasion while reading them. I kept having to tell my co-workers that I was just having allergies because they were wondering why I was all teary-eyed.

So thank you. Thank you all. Truly and sincerely. I’m not sure I can adequately explain how shivery, powerful and profound an experience this has been.

Also, I received Universal Whack #3 this morning: I usually read the New York Times every day but this week I’ve mostly been just perusing the front page. I didn’t see this article until today. It’s about the struggles faced by patients when talking to their doctors and making themselves heard. The article in itself is compelling, but the 368 comments that follow are even more so.

So okay, I get it now. Time to become a crusader.

24 responses to And now I’ve gotten all verklempt . . . thank you, everyone


    The call, I would say, is loud and clear and you will be incredible at it!!!!


    Ain’t it grand when the universe shouts that loud!


    Keep us posted. I’m jealous — the universe never talks to me — maybe I’m just not listening… Oh well! Thanks for sharing this…


      Oh, I know the Universe talks to you too. I can hear it now, actually. “Sandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……” We’ll have to ask it to speak up a little and not be so shy.


    Or, perhaps, more accurately: time to REMEMBER you ARE a crusader! :)


    Dear Mdme. Weebs: You are so great and I dig your being a crusader. I’m all shvitzing about it and you deserve every one of those wonderful comments, you do. Universe speaks: Madame answers. love, love, love it. :).


    That was an interesting article. I think I am fortunate that my GP tells me that I am the expert about ME, and his job is to listen to me and then help me find answers to what might be causing an ache or pain. I have run into other medical professionals who were not so interested in this kind of partnership.


    I ‘test drove’ a few GP’s before I chose this one. I don’t want to leave the health of my family in the hands of just anyone.


    I get to pick out your cape.


    You know when you are being called. It really does hit you up side the head and then it’s sort of like “well I don’t have a choice, I must do this.”

    Love it all!!


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