Mundane haiku

Madame Weebles —  June 16, 2012 — 40 Comments

I feel the need to express myself through poetry today. They always say that whether you’re writing prose or poetry, you should use your own experiences as your guide. So here goes.

I ran out of milk
I had to run to the store
Need milk for coffee

I bought six items
Or maybe it was seven
I don’t remember

Then I came back home
I brewed a pot of coffee
And added some milk

40 responses to Mundane haiku


    Did not know you were also a master of haiku. I think we should begin a haiku contest. I’ve got some really bad ones stored away….. Love yours. :).


    OH I’m in!
    Bravo Madame! You could win something made of foil.


    Your Haiku makes me want to weep. It’s beautiful.


    I’m calling you as my witness in case she tries to plagiarize.


    Inspired by your
    wry infused mundane haiku
    I choose tea instead.


    This is lovely! If I had known of your plight we could have planned a barter — I went to the store after work to buy coffee but I had plenty of milk.


    broccoli for lunch
    you can pull my finger now
    avoid gassy nap

    [i’m teh sexy, eh?]


    I usually bring home everything except the milk.


    You’re very brave to open up your soul like this for the rest of us. Stay strong, FNO. Stay strong.


      I realized that I have to challenge myself. I need to do things things that scare me. I need to prove to myself that I can get through them. Thank you, calahan, for your support. It’s people like you who give me strength.


    this was quality reading… comments and all. Haiku contest, cake and coffee? and now foil prizes? Funny stuff here at Madame Weebles :) Is bullshit allowed?


    Last night at blues jam
    Drank icy Kokanee beer
    Hot sexy music

    Only four hours sleep
    Gritty eyes barely open
    Tea and toast breakfast

    Cross-eyed squint at screen
    Hoping for inspiration
    Thanks Madame Weebles!


    I added you
    On my Blog Roll
    Not Poetry


    Lactose intolerant
    Drink Brit Breakfast tea only
    Black no milk ever

    Can’t go much further since
    Writing on borrowed
    PC MacBook died on vac


    Pretty sure I’m out, too.
    Coke me! :)


    Story of my life. I can never get just one thing at the store and I can never drink coffee plain!


    Cell Phone Is Dying
    Angry Birds is way too fun
    Charger is Needed

    One of my cousins posted the first line, on Facebook, about a year ago. I commented with the other two lines and told her what a great Haiku she made.


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