Happy 4th of July from Dr. Seuss and Abraham Lincoln

July 4, 2012 — 68 Comments

This was inspired by Mooselicker, who mentioned both Dr. Seuss and Abraham Lincoln in a comment on my last post.  It gave me the idea to rework the Gettysburg Address as a Dr. Seuss poem.  I like to think Lincoln would have appreciated it.  And the message is just as relevant today as it was in 1863.


‘Twas eighty and seven years past, so they say
That our founders created the US of A

With all of us equal!  The Wuggles!  The Fuzzins!
And even our naughty Confederate cousins!

Now there’s a war and it’s bad and it’s sad
But a time will soon come when we’ll all be quite glad

That our nation still stands and our country’s still here
And we’ll all drink a toast with a mug of Sneetch beer

These bravest of soldiers did not die for naught
We need a do-over to do what we ought

So let’s have no more of this Civil War folly
And remember our government’s purpose, by golly

Of people!  By people!  For people!  Yes!
But right now this country’s one heckuva mess

I want for this country a sort of rebirth
So all these nice freedoms don’t perish from Earth.

68 responses to Happy 4th of July from Dr. Seuss and Abraham Lincoln


    I am the Lorax and I speak for the fans
    You’re clever and funny as shit.

    And to think I saw it on Fear No Weebles.


    Loud applause and wolf whistles! Dr. Seuss would be proud as would honest Abe. Thanks! – Cathy


    Madame Weebles, Abe and Suess have spoken to the peoples from on high. So Happy Fourth full of mirth and rockets in the sky! Now its time to celebrate and grab some apple pie.


    Twelve Sneetch beers already, they make me feel fine
    And help me write verses that perfectly rhyme

    Happy fourth… to all south of the border!


    Thank you Mme. Weebles — this was Zeustabulous! Enjoy the day!


    This is great! Happy 4th.


    This poem, it rocks in its couplet-y verse
    The rhymes are just right – not to long or to terse.

    Nope, I got nuthin. You’ve said it all perfectly above.
    Happy Independence Day, Madame.


    Ha! I would very much like for you to set about Seuss-ifying the bible. Would you mind terribly?


    I wish he has used your version instead of his. It’s really good AND would be easier for middle school kids to memorize. ;-)


    It would be hard to add to your beautiful verse,
    and to try such a thing would be unduly perverse.
    However, nerd that I am thrilled to see
    your evident knowledge of our history,
    and if I could find anything to rhyme with ‘Constitution’
    I’d say it was clever of you to start with the ratification of the Constitution.


      I’m a history nerd too, Smak. History major in college, history grad school, the whole works. All that schooling, but all it proves is that everything I needed to know I learned from Dr. Seuss.


    You are a wonder Madame Weebles!!


    You did the Dr. mighty proud with this. I’m such a patriotic fool that any expression of love for our country really moves me, this was no exception. Well done, Madame, well done.

    Also… nice shout out for our irreverent and rambling friend, Mooselicker.


      Aww, thanks, Grippy. Abe did most of the heavy lifting in his original speech—if you’ve never read it, click on the link in my post, it’s a beauty. To me it’s one of the most beautiful speeches ever written. And Mooselicker earned this shoutout—if it hadn’t been for him I never would have thought of this. :)


    Suesser I never was but this whimsy is pretty cool. America history teacher was I 33 years on the fly.


    Very inspired verse M. Weebles! Now I’m going to pound some Sneetch beer.


    Your unremitting bitterness is but one of your many fine features!


    Great job! Dr. Seuss & Abe Lincoln: always relevant! Hope you had a great day! ;0


    Oh, the thinks you do think, Madame! ;-)


    A tip of my red and white striped hat to you, Madame! :)


    We see them come.
    We see them go.

    Some are fast.
    And some are slow.

    Some are high.
    And some are low.

    But none of them are as good as Madame Weebles, who is bloody brilliant.

    Hope you had a great 4th :D



    Incredible – I stand in awe and shock and wonder and awe. And wonder.
    Glad to see a nod to us naughty Confederate cousins. Yes ma’am!
    Shouldn’t there be something in there about Red Fish, Blue Fish? Ah well, maybe another holiday….


      Thankee ma’am, I’m much obliged. I would have put One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish in there except that old Abe didn’t make a long enough speech to throw in some additional Seuss references. Next time, though!


    I have officially read your version more than I have the original. Great job! I could never put together something like this. I feel like a proud parent right now.


    That is amazing! I wish I could do that. Alas, I’ve always been crap at poetry. Which is why I write about travel.


    Such a talent. I’m so glad I visted your blog. Dr. Seuss would be proud, I’m sure.


    Outstanding! Was any alcohol involved during the writing? ;)

    whiteladyinthehood July 6, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Wow! Loved it!


    i did a stage announcement Seuss-style before our local theatre performed Seussical. nothing even close to this, my dear.

    now, about me having your babies? we need to get on that… (and not just because my eggs are dessicating as i sit here and type this).


    M. Weebles is funny–and say! Can she write!
    That’s why we all visit and follow her site.

    Now thanks to her brilliance we read, the first time,
    American history done in Seuss rhyme.

    You’re fantastic.

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