A fun little encounter

July 7, 2012 — 77 Comments

Yesterday afternoon I was waiting for the bus.  Nothing exciting there.  But then I saw a man wearing in a black minidress, black go-go boots, and a huge blonde wig, walking up the street.  He carried a gold lamé purse.  The whole look was truly fabulous.

He stopped at the ATM in front of the bus stop.  While he was at the machine, a woman got on line behind him.  I’m not sure if something transpired between them because I wasn’t really paying attention.  But all of a sudden the guy was ranting at this chick.  He gave her a bunch of attitude and wagged his finger at her, and concluded his tirade with, “I’m just glad I’m gay!”  And he blew past her in a huff.

I have no idea why he went off on her—maybe she said or did something to set him off (she did kind of look like she could be a bitch), or maybe he just decided he didn’t like her for reasons known only to him.  Everyone around me looked at him like he was contagious and gave him a wide berth.

I didn’t get a crazy vibe from him—raging drama queen, maybe, but not crazy.  I found him interesting.  For starters, he looked fantastic in that dress, with shaplier legs than I’ve seen on most women.  That’s not fair.  Secondly, I wondered why he was wearing knee-high boots in 95-degree weather.  Maybe he really was out of his mind.  But the boots went well with the dress and he really worked it.  He looked like Rupaul but with darker skin and less makeup.

As he passed me we made eye contact and I smiled at him.  His whole face smiled back and he said, “You’re beautiful, honey.”  I said, “Thank you, so are you!”  That seemed to make him very happy.

But I couldn’t help myself, I had to know:  “I hope you don’t mind my asking but aren’t those boots really hot on a day like today?”  He laughed.  “Oh no, they’re actually a lot more comfortable than you’d think!”

As he sashayed away he looked at me over his shoulder and yelled, “You have a beautiful weekend, honey!”  I thanked him and wished him a beautiful weekend as well.

He made my day a little brighter.

77 responses to A fun little encounter


    Love it! But it just doesn’t seem fair when a guy looks better in my dress than I do. And yes, that has happened to me. A couple of times, actually. Long story…


    It takes less effort to be pleasant than rude (even when you can’t imagine how it feels to walk in that other person’s boots) and the pay off is far far greater for both parties. What I mean with the stuff in the ( ) is that sometimes we can be pleasant because we understand how a person feels and we have compassion. I have nothing in my life that leads me to know how that man feels or how he got to where he was in life. It seems beyond my ability to truely grasp it. I can’t walk a mile in his shoes. But, I know he is human and deserves to be accepted no matter where he is on his path in life and no matter how he chooses to deal with the road he has been put on. Just so long as he isn’t hurting anyone, who am I to judge. Good on ya Ms. Weebles!


      Right on, Wanda B. This man probably gets a lot of flak for not dressing “appropriately,” just like a lot of people get flak for doing nothing other than being different.


    Perhaps the woman said something unpleasant to him…but you showed him geninue kindness and talked to him. Sometimes people just want to know that others see them…i think we all want to be seen appreciated and acknowledged geninuely and you did just that. Very nice of you :).


      I wish I knew what happened, Boomie, whether she said something to him. If she did, then she deserved what she got back. He seemed like a decent guy, and he made me smile. It was a nice little exchange that we had.


    I was reading this hoping you’d find out about the boots. I still say knee-high boots in 95F weather is nuts, but sounds like he made them work. :D


    Ditto on what Wanda said, Ms. Wee + brow furrows are much less attractive than dimple wrinkles ;-) Nikki


    This makes me so happy! I’d do the same kind of thing. And as for the boots…I imagine they would be uncomfortable–it’s all for the love of fashion.


    I’m so glad you asked about the boots – I was dying to hear about that! I don’t ever wear socks, much less boots, and am always flumoxed by boots when there’s no snow on the ground. Great story! :)


    I’m sorry … I like to think of myself as liberal-minded, but this I cannot condone.

    Knee-high black boots… fine. But with a gold-lame purse? I mean REALLY!!


    you must have a banging smile M Weebles… way to go on the positive vibe extender :)


    Why is it so hard for people to do the simple things? Like simply smile and say hello? Or keep our mouths shut if nothing good will come out? Good for you and your attitude!


      I have to admit, JM, there have been plenty of times when I’ve given attitude to people myself, but there’s always been a reason for it (at least, in my opinion, anyway…)

    whiteladyinthehood July 7, 2012 at 10:52 am

    It sounds like YOU made HIS day a little brighter, too! (I like that you said his whole face smiled back)


    Hee heee!! Love it! I love it when things like this happen.


    Not only did he make your day brighter, he gave you fodder for an entire blog post! Those are some of the best encounters, aren’t they? :)


    Funny how even the smallest of human interaction can bring happiness, isn’t it?


    A gripping life July 7, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    It’s so obvious to me, that your inner beauty combined with your gorgeous physical features, is a magnet for those who come in close proximity of you, Weebs. Of course he would make that comment! It’s practically involuntary, it’s reflexive. You cast a spell. He had to say something because he was over taken by your charm.


    Should have asked him for his number. Even if just to be girlfriends together and share fashion tips.


    Love this! Do you follow “Humans of New York”? There’s a blog, but most of the action is on the facebook page. Every single day, one of his photos makes me smile so hard it hurts – and that’s what your story did for me today…


      We really need to meet up for those cocktails soon, daisyfae…

      I’m ashamed to say I had not heard of Humans of New York until I read your comment. But now I have it bookmarked and will be spending much time there. Thanks!!


        glad to turn you onto it! he doesn’t keep the blog up to date. the action is on his facebook page. but it is glorious! i’m planning another NYC trip in the fall. and let’s see if we can find a way to scam our way onto the ‘HONY” feed while i’m there!


    What a lovely story! You know, I think it’s a lot more difficult to tell a story that’s essentially positive and still be funny, than it would be to just write a story about the ‘funny cross-dresser.’ It’s also a nice reminder that weirdos (and here I use the term affectionately, and not as a pejorative) make life fun. Also, it’s been documented (and this isn’t BS science, but rigorously tested) that such positive interactions can have a tremendous effect on YOUR physical health and mental well-being.

    I had an experience a few weeks ago, while not superficially similar, left me with a feeling not unlike the one I have after reading your post. I was strolling through town, when an older lady (about seventy maybe) rode past on a fixed-gear bike. She was dressed simply, but nicely–you could tell she cared about her appearance but didn’t make a production out of it. The topper was this big, bright pink ribbon she had in her hair. She flashed me a million-dollar smile as she rode by, and I thought, “Damn, it’s good to be alive.”


      I know what you mean about the “weirdo” thing–that’s how everyone else probably perceives them. But for all we know they could be the nicest, most interesting people on earth.

      I love the story about the lady with the giant bow, riding her bike. It would have made my day too.


        I once knew a cockney flowergirl I’d describe as loverly. Unfortunately, she fell in with a couple of disreputable academics, and soon she was too good for me.


    Just goes to show how you, by your words and actions (and positive vibe/energy) can drawn out the same in another person. I’m pretty certain he meant that beautiful comment in all sorts of ways. Lovely post, MW.


      Aww, thanks, Brigitte, I like to think so! :)


      That’s a really good point, Brigitte. It’s easy to forget that in any interaction, we have control of the emotional thermostat.

      Okay, I’m starting to talk like Dr. Phil and I’ve said ‘lovely’ like 10 times in the last two days. Maybe it’s the pink background.


        And I should amend that to read “we have SOME control over the emotional thermostat.” I mean, sometimes, jerks are gonna be jerks.


        Sorry, Smak, I’ve gotta change this background color. I meant for it to be more mauve-ish but it does seem to look pink on a lot of monitors.

        And despite your frequent use of the word “lovely,” your man cred is still good here.


        nuthin’ wrong with lovely, bro. Loverly is another way to describe it, only it’s not a word. I like “emotional thermostat,” it’s quite loverly.


    You just made my day a Whole Lot Brighter by Just Being Real! Thank You Honey :)


    I don’t know anything about black dresses, boots or cross-dressing, but rude should not be tolerated regardless of your choice in wigs or particular orientation. This was an entertaining little write on your part. Thanks so much.



    Since I am notsofancy I do enjoy a well dressed man/woman. Not only would I have asked about his/her boots but I probably would have invited him to dinner. lol MY BFF is a cross dresser and it is amazing the difference in personalities when he is a her. Much more confident and if that is what it takes I am all for it!

    Love that you were the hero in this story, bravo!


      Exactly, Nancy—doesn’t matter to me what a person is wearing. What difference does it make to anyone except the person wearing the clothes? Once Mr. Weebles and I were in Vegas playing blackjack and there was a cross-dresser sitting next to us at our table. He was very cool, and an entirely normal person. I kind of wanted to give him some eye makeup pointers but otherwise I really didn’t care one way or the other how he looked. :)


    I found that just delightful!


    this is inspiring. a little kindness and courtesy goes a long way!! I’m sure you made his day a lot more brighter. :)


    What a lovely little story – way to go Madame Weebles you are my inspiration to take the time and say something nice to a random person.


    I love a well-put-together outfit. The gold lame purse may have been over the top tho for day wear.


    “I’m so glad I’m gay” is the best on the fly insult ever! I’m going to have to modify that and start using it!

    And you do have the most beautiful curly red hair! :)


      I laughed out loud when I heard him say that, Lovely. We’ll have to come up with a variation on that to use! And thanks for the lovely compliment about my hair (even though it’s colored…)


    Love the conversation, your attitude and your blog!


    Oh and by the way I love your gravatar…a cute kittle with a heart aiming an assault rifle out a high story window :) lol that says a lot about you.


    Dear Madame,
    I gotta say, you ARE probably beautiful in real life, but I’d bet you anything..the fashionable guy was referring to your inner beauty.
    He could see your non judgemental heart.
    God. Wouldn’t our world be better if we all stopped worrying about who should be wearing girl clothes, and just stopped to go..”Man dude..them are some awesome boots!!!”
    Which is exactly what you did.
    I love that.



      You are so sweet, Lisa, thank you! I think he did appreciate that I didn’t seem to care what he was wearing or how he was talking to that woman. I really didn’t—we happened to make eye contact so I smiled at him. And you’re right, there are so many more important things to discuss, like awesome boots! :D


    What a great meeting!


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