Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip: Part II

Madame Weebles —  August 4, 2012 — 76 Comments

Man, that was a wild scene with that boob post, wasn’t it??  Maybe I should blog more often about special lady parts and special gentleman parts—you folks seem to enjoy that sort of thing.

The twins and I are still worn out from all the festivities, so today I’m sharing another video of our favorite Martians.  My favorite is still this one, but this is a close second.  I hope you enjoy.  Have a good weekend, everyone!

76 responses to Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip: Part II


    You always know how to Lift our spirits, Weebles.


    I thing the younger kids would have the same reaction when encountering a rotary phone.


    Dear Madame,
    #1 The boobs post? I shared it on fB. I loved it THAT much.
    #2 I have been assuming for some strange reason, that you are from ENGLAND. Now that I know otherwise, I won’t imagine your words with a British accent. Sorry. I’m not sure what made me think that.
    #3 Chicken. Chicken.
    #4 Have a fantastical weekend, lady. You make me smile. :)
    Love, Lis


      1) Thanks Lis! I was wondering where all the traffic from FB was coming from. Mystery solved.

      2) It tickles me that you thought I was English. Nope, I’m just a loudmouth Noo Yawker. But you can still imagine my words with an English accent, they sound better that way.

      3) Cow. Cow. I walk around the house quoting this video quite frequently. I probably need to find better hobbies.

      4) You too, lady! Have a great one!


    In regard to the comment above–you know, I’ve always thought of you as an NorthEaster, but when I DO think of British women, I do think of busty ones. Just an aside. I could talk about breastesus all day.

    And regarding the aliens–well, it’s nice to know that if we’re ever invaded, we’ve got a decent chance of outwitting our attackers.


    Have a good weekend, Weebs, you and your tuckered-out girls. Yip, yip hurrah. For racks and backs. ;). Boobs and peace out.


    Large breasts. Little Martian Muppets. You know how to please Weebles.


    Titties and Sesame Street — that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! I love these guys — the martians, that is! Well boobies are cool too. Thanks Madame… And a great weekend to you!


    I was thinking the same point someone mentioned above about the kids of today encountering a rotary phone. Then I realised my boy has a fisher price rotary phone that we got him (more because it was a toy we both had as a child), so maybe in his case that would be different.


      I had the Fisher Price Rotary Phone too, Elliott! But then, it didn’t seem unusual at the time since that’s all there was. Even the touch-tone phone was a newfangled thing way back then. Your son will be quite the phone historian compared to his Fisher Price phone-lacking counterparts.


    Hey, sex sells!

    But Martians are a close second :)



    Big boobs…HAH! she said, crying into her nearly A cups. But then she laughed until she cried over the phone thingie. And went to youtube for a nice big lunch of Martians finding stuff. Thank you…for the phone and the Martians, NOT the big boobs! I’m jealous…yip,yip,yip,yip,yip…….


    Ah, fun on a Saturday afternoon! :)


    As any 8-year old boy knows, reading about boobs is always awesome. You can’t go wrong writing about them.


    Sesame Street. One of my enduring obsessions.

    You have taste.


    Thanks, MW. Love those Martians.


    That’s true, Robin. Want to come over and help me TP his blog while he’s away?


    I had completely forgotten about Sesame Street Martians! What fun!


    So that’s where our old telephone went! I miss phones that actually ring. Thanks for the muppets. They never fail to make me smile. (I’m pretty sure the blue one is Jim Henson.)


    I was told you also posted something from the muppets, so here I am.

    Boob post? I’ll have to check it out, then


    Genius! The boobs were great as well.


    When in doubt? Whip your muppets out!


    “Seven Ways to Get Me On My Back” got more hits than anything I’ve posted in a long time. Too bad it was a total hook….Happy Weekend!

    whiteladyinthehood August 5, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Another classic! Made me laugh! I remember the rotary phones…and talking my mom into buying a super long cord for it so I could drag it into my room and talk in privacy about guys! lol. Great post!


      We had an extra long phone cord for that too, Chica B! I miss phones that have a real bell. I dislike the electronic beeping of newfangled phones. Give me a ringer like the one the Martians encountered here.


    Ahh parts and more parts…
    Like the song goes:
    It’s just porn Mum, you’re running away
    You wouldn’t believe what the kids see today
    It’s just porn Mum and it won’t go away
    Wherever you turn, you’ll find porn every day
    It’s just porn Mum
    Just porn Mum, just…


    slightly offtopic but still Muppets related…


      That’s pretty freaking clever. Sort of like Whose Line Is it Anyway. That’s one of the things I miss a lot about in the UK—we don’t have clever shows like ISIHAC here. They did a US version of Whose Line Is It Anyway but it wasn’t nearly as good. I miss Have I Got News for You too.


        There a few “one song to the tune of another” vids on youtube, a good way to spend an hour laughing. I love ISIHAC, and Just a Minute too. We do have the US version of WLIIA over here, but yeah, sorry, the original was better!
        can you watch HIGFNY on the BBC website? i know some stuff is only accessible from the UK, but this is only essentially a speech show so you might be allowed?


    I’m gon’ go watch 300 more old Sesame Street videos now. Yip!


    Gotta love the grins serving as Monday Morning Entertainment for me. :)


    I gotta hand it to you, Weebles. Your posts do cover a wide range of topics, don’t they?


    Jeez, when will I learn not to read your blog when I have a full bladder? You always make me laugh. Sigh. Cleanup on Aisle My Dining Room.


      You’re so good for my ego, Kathy. If you and I weren’t both already married, I’d propose to you myself.


        Aww. And I would say yes, after blushing prettily and pretending to be surprised that you asked. I would also try to make sure that I was wearing clean underwear when you asked, rather than the pair that I laughed so hard I peed in.


    When I was a kid, I didn’t like the telephone. This is where I got the fear from. Now it’s just funny. Thank you for the nostalgia trip!


      Hi LKD! Was it this Sesame Street sketch that made you not like the telephone? Some kids thought the martians were scary. I thought they were funny. I actually find them funnier now than I did even when I was a kid. :D


    I’ve heard so many references to this skit but never seen it! Thank you!

    I think the Muppets is one of those things that unites people. Nobody dislikes them, anywhere in the world. They defy cynicism. Imagine being part of the Jim Henson Company – there’s a moment where someone says ‘How about we get some sheets of felt and make them say ‘yip’ a lot and learn about objects and their uses?’ and someone else says ‘That’s brilliant! Can they have goggly eyes and pipe-cleaner feelers?’ and Jim Henson strokes his beard and says, ‘This will be a wonderful thing for children the world over. Proceed.’ or words to that effect.


      Right??? Hell, I bet even Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein et al couldn’t have watched these little fellas without smiling even a teensy bit. Okay, maybe they could have, but I bet they would have come close to smiling. Jim Henson was a genius. No other word for it. He was the voice of the blue Martian, by the way.


        Oh Jim…

        The martians transcend cultural divides, and they’re accessible to everyone, so I wouldn’t be TOO surprised if Saddam didn’t chuckle.

        The Manah-Manah sketch too is just a few sounds and some puppets, and yet it’s a timeless classic. To this day I can’t hear the word ‘phenomenon’ without involuntarily going ‘do doooo dodo do’.


          The Manah-Manah bit is indeed a classic. I don’t know anyone who can say the word “phenomenon” without thinking of it.

          I was in a meeting once where we were talking about a clinical trial of a cancer drug. Not funny stuff. But someone said the word “phenomenon” at one point and of course about 3/4 of the people in the room started up: “Doo doooooo de doodoo.”


    Those are just teenage girls born after 1990


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