I haven’t checked the Almanac yet today…

Madame Weebles —  September 25, 2012 — 112 Comments

. . . but I’m fairly certain that Hell has, in fact, frozen over.

I was informed today that There’s something about Mr. Weebles is going to be Freshly Pressed.

It’s too bad they didn’t choose Hey, nice rack or one of my Fuck You posts, but I guess WordPress has higher standards than I do.

112 responses to I haven’t checked the Almanac yet today…


    that’s super awesome! i knew it was comin’ for ya… xoxo, sm


    Well a big fancy congratulations wrapped up in a bright red bow to you! And that piece is absolutely wonderful. I hope you were already very pleased with it, even without the Freshly Pressedness.


    Well deserved!!! Congratulations.


    Congrats to all the Worldwide Weebles Network.


    Wow! Congrats! That really is a wonderful post.


    Way to go Weebs, you deserve it!!!


    We just never get what we want, do we? Nevertheless, that’s terrific news. Congratulations.


    Congrats! Woo hoo! It is an awesome post worth reposting and certainly deserving of being FP’d. Well done! :>


    Wow, fantastic! Though I really think the Fuck you pantyhose post should be Freshly Pressed!

    mysocalledDutchlife September 25, 2012 at 3:32 am

    I read you before you were famous. Just sayin’ ;-)



    It’s about time! Congrats. :)


    Huge congrats to you! I’m not surprised….


    Not surprising because that was a great post! Congratulations on a well-deserved distinction.


    Weebs, congrats, you so deserve it. I think it’s pretty cool you and I got Freshly Pressed on the same day. I got it too, chicky. Nice to know I’m in good company. ;).


    yippee! you have been pressed! far better than being squezzed or smooshed!


    Congrats! I went back and read it, and it’s an amazing post. Good for you and Mr. Weebles.


    Congratulations! Prepare for the onslaught . . . ;)


    Freshly pressed is quite an accomplishment. I can’t remember the blogger but he wrote a post on the horrors of his being freshly pressed. I took him several hours each day to make the obligatory reply to thousands of comments over several months. He had to give up his on blogging pretty much to keep the pace of replies. So I hope it does not ever happen to me. I don’t want the burden of getting any more awards either. The blog then becomes a job losing its flavor of fun. Would be very interested in your post pressed experience.


    Congratulations, Weebs. Very exciting! And so far, no news about the big freeze, yet! :-)


    Woo! That’s great! WordPress is giving you an anniversary present. What year is “freshly pressed”?

    Congrats, Madame! You’re gonna be a star!


    WHOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO – You’re amazing!!!


    So freshly pressed is a good thing. I get that. But, what is it? Do you go on a page of “recommended reading”? If that is the case, it wont happen to me. My blog is a bit to specific in obscure topic to rate that. Yup. Thats the little green monster talking! But, I gotta admit it. You deserve it!


    Brill! :) Be prepared for 500+ comments, and if they FP you on a weekend, over 1000… ;)


    I am not surprised in the least – super congrats


    How wonderful! Congrats! But, know that I am really jealous and I hate you ;).


    Nice job! Packing my shit now, a neighbor with cookies AND who’s been FP’d. See you soon! :)


    That’s awesome. Congratulations MW!


    WP can’t have higher standards than you do: You have Mr. Weebles! Congratulations! xoxoM


    Yeah, I think they missed the boat on “Nice Rack,” but who am I to say? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    Weebs, you deserve all the accolades available. You’re a gifted and passionate writer – glad they finally recognized that. : )


    Impressive! Well deserved! Whoo hoo!


    Great news! And richly deserved…hurray…

    Fish Out of Water September 25, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Go Weebs!


    Nice Rack is next! Congrats. <3


    That sounds great – well done.

    I just read said post. Mr Weebles sounds like a top guy and a good catch. That “you know” thing is odd isn’t it? It was the same with meeting my wife, everything for want of a better way of putting it was just “easy”. And that included some times where she was in the US and I was in the UK.




    It was an awesome post and totally deserving of the honor. But you’re right—they could choose some more, too! :) Congratulations and enjoy the ride!

    whiteladyinthehood September 25, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    It was such a well written post! I love posts that come straight from the writer’s heart! It is very deserving! You will be unstoppable, now! Congratulations! I’m a big fan!


    He already threatened me three times.


    Awesome! Your Weebles will have taken over the world before you know it :)



    If I were the people at Freshly Pressed, I would have chosen BOTH articles. I congratulate you.


    I have been waiting for you to be Freshly Pressed!!!!!
    It’s Webble’s world….we just live in it.
    Whoo hoo!-Julie
    p.s. To think I knew you when….:)


    Is this your first Freshly Pressed? Congrats on it whether it is or not! If I were you I would go back and edit the post and say a lot of really derogatory things about anyone I could. But that’s me and why you’re the one getting FP’ed (that sounds dirty) and I’m not.

    Well deserved!


    Congratulations, Madame!!!
    I’d hate you if it wasn’t for the fact I’m so fond of you.


    Yay, congratulations Madame!


    Congrats to you and Mr. Weebles and the Sniper Kitten on being Freshly Pressed!


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