Weeble Storm Warning

Madame Weebles —  October 28, 2012 — 144 Comments

We interrupt our regular blogging to bring you this special bulletin:

Frankenstorm/Storm of the Century/Stormageddon will be hitting the NYC area tomorrow night and into Tuesday.  Until it hits, I’m going to be spending a lot of time shopping for tiny little life vests for all my Weebles.  Because Weebles wobble but they sink like a stone.

There’s a nearly 100% chance that I’ll be without power for at least 24 hours after the storm hits, and I’m already going into Internet withdrawal just thinking about it.

To everyone living in the path of this little weather phenomenon, stay safe!

144 responses to Weeble Storm Warning


    stay safe, lil weebs, let us know how you’re doing and check on my parents, would ya? lol. xoxo, sm


    You stay safe, young lady — though I have no doubt you will be prepared.


    Good luck, and if your power goes, I hope it returns quickly. We get very used to our modern comforts. :)


    You’re totally prepared. I am not. You will not get hit with storm. I will.


    Be safe. I’ll be the guy floating past on a case of beer.
    And then sinking after I drink it.


    To all of you in the path of Suckfest Sandy stay safe and stay well. Weebles, my brother lives in NYC – I’ll ask him to have a lookout for any drowning Weebles.


    Be safe, stay dry, and don’t fall asleep with the candles lit!


    no power? have a camping stove on hand so you can still brew up a cuppa


    Maryland shares your dread! Our Eastern Shore is already hit with heavy rain today, and we’re up tonight and into Tuesday. And I also dread the thought of no power! Stay safe, and I hope we’re both pleasantly surprised with our power staying on!


      Mr. Weebles’s family is from just outside Baltimore, and they’re getting rain and wind right now too. Is that where you are, on the Eastern Shore? It’s so pretty there! I hope you guys all stay safe and keep your electricity as well!


    Best wishes for a safe storm for everyone. I miss the East Coast but it is nice that Oregon has fairly boring weather.
    Let’s be careful out there!


    Hey Weebs, I’ll most likely be going through the same, be safe and take care of you and yours. xxoo


    I’ll think of you whilst I hunker down by candlelight.


    From Florida: Buy water, fill the bathtub with water to flush the toilet with and bath (not in said tub), eat perishable food now in case you lose power, make sure important papers are all together in something water proof, and make sure you have non-perishable food, batteries, and toilet paper. Good luck.


    Stay safe, will be thinking about all in NYC… x


    I thought you lived in England. Since I live on the Left Coast, I’m not too worried, but I’ll look for you on the Weather Channel… I hope you survive your lack of internet… you might have to read a book… you do have candles, don’t you?


      It’s the tea thing that threw you, wasn’t it. Nope, I’m just an American who enjoys drinking tea (and coffee). We’ve got candles, flashlights and batteries galore. And snacks. That’s probably the most important thing.


    Good luck — I’ll be in the same boat with you. I will be in serious internet deprivation mode for days and days.

    But there will be things to laugh at. My neighbor who is outside right now with a leaf blower, for example. BEFORE THE STORM HAS STARTED. See? You don’t have to have the internet to make fun of stupid people.


      Forgive me, Elyse, I can’t remember where you live–where are you again? I hope you stay safe as well! But seriously, what’s with the idiot with the leaf blower?


        I’m in Northern VA — where they can’t handle an inch of snow.

        Leaf-blower man? He is our compulsive neighbor who needs to have machinery going all day weekends and for several hours each evening. He makes us crazy. Because he is crazy. And he really was out for about 4 hours this afternoon.


    Stay safe. Keeping you in my prayers.


    I picked up some staples at my market, Fairway, in preparation, including vitally needed caramel apples. Shutting down the entire New York City subway system does signal the seriousness of the situation.


    Kitty litter, kitty food, dog food, toilet paper, Swiss Rolls, Doritos, batteries, full tub of water…check, check, check, check, check, check, check, check. I think we’re ready! xoxoM

    A gripping life October 28, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    I’ll be thinking of you and your Weeblets – sending waterproof wishes your way!!! Stay safe and dry!!
    Grippy xox


      Thanks Grippy! The cats are blissfully unaware of anything strange going on, except that they’re wondering why all the furniture from the balcony is suddenly in the house. So now they have more stuff to climb on!

    whiteladyinthehood October 28, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    Yes, Stay safe!


    Take care and to all you others affected. I’ll think twice before moaning about London’s continuing drizzle in the future!

    Nigel Blackwell October 28, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Plastic bags might be a good idea, too. I’d hate to see their paint wear off!

    Hope it all goes well, or at least as well as the storm of the century can go, weeble-wise :)



      You are wise, Nigel. Plastic bags would probably be helpful to keep their paint from getting all icky. In a weird way I’m kind of looking forward to seeing exactly what this storm of the century will actually look like. You know, whether it lives up to the hype or not.


    I hope Sandy behaves like Irene.
    Stay safe!


    Stay safe. Keep us posted from the eye of the storm!


    Please stay safe.Ziploc bags make great life vests. Hey from Alabama yeah I was without my power for 7 days back in 4/27/11,so i get ya on that one.


    my son is headed for Jersey – he’s part of the pre-placed power repair squadron that will (hopefully) keeping you connected to the interwebz through the darkness of night… when we are faced with bad storms, i skip the grocery and hardware store, and head straight for the liquor shop down the street before all the good shit is gone…. be safe!


    My thoughts are with you Madame! Stay safe


    Good luck, and stay safe. Sending good thoughts to all you East Coast folks.


    Tie each Weeble to a helium-filled party balloon and let them ride out the storm in, say, Iowa.


    Oh, Madame! Please be safe. I will be sending you good, positive thoughts. Cuddle up with Mr. Weebles.


    Best of luck blogging sister. My little neck of the woods is also in the path of Sandy. Thankfully I have that 1-pound bag of Craisins.


    Stay safe, Madame Weebles. I will be sending you good wishes from the West Coast. May the weather forecasters turn out to have been horribly, hysterically wrong. And may you find good things to do without internet :)


    Sending a big bubble of protection your way, Weebs. Stay safe.

    free penny press October 28, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    Go away Sandy… keep all the Weebles safe and we await word from Hurricane NYC Headquarters!!


    Weeble, wobble, but don’t fall down! Check in when you can. :D


    Oh my, you too? We are bracing for the storm up here in Vermont. Stay afloat…

    the howler and me October 28, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    I bought water and vegetables and cheese…. does that count as preparing?


    Good luck and stay safe… Make sure ya got plenty of clean water…


    Be careful out there! It’s a good thing that Weebles don’t fall down.

    writerwendyreid October 28, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    Stay safe weebly. Love you! :-) xo


    Fear not Weebly and Weeblettes. Do the stuff you need to do to stay safe even if that means going inland for a few days. It’s OK to have a disaster warning but I don’t want to hear no tragedies. Will be thinking of all of you in this tyrannical mother nature dummy spit. Fear no Weavils Jen xxxxxooooo


    Also, listen to Christopher De Ross, he knows how to prepare for Zombie apocalypse and seem to have really good advice.


    The guards just turned us away at the border because I choked on the word Magnificent. I couldn’t help it, it was a sudden coughing fit.


    In Miami if you are unscathed by the damage you can be without power 3 to 10 days. Beside inconvenience you can’t use ATM, get gas, and store cash register’s don’t work. You never realize how important ice cubes are and AC is until you are without them as post storm temps go back to 97 or so.


    Stay safe to all of you on the East coast. We here in Indiana are predicted to get snow on Wed. from the outflow of Sandy. You will need to have a lot of things to keep warm for those 3-10 + days without power. During Katrina, we were without power for over 2 months. I traveled back and forth during that time as I stayed further west in Louisiana near Lafayette, LA. I got hit by Rita the following month, so I was without power there for 2 wks. I stayed there and went to NOLA at least once or twice a week. Fema helped me move to Indiana, so long as I don’t go back into the flood zone area of LA. I know Sandy is not Katrina or Rita, but wind and water together are very dangerous and not to be taken lightly. Please stay safe and ration your snacks and water…You may need to make them last. I hope it is not as bad as they say it will be, but take it seriously…Sandy is over 300 miles wide. Sleep when you get the chance…That wind is very noisy and all kinds of things will hit your house, roof, trees, windows everything is a target as flying objects become more like missiles Stay Safe Please! .


    I can’t imagine what it must be like during a hurricane. The worse we get over here is gale force winds with a touch of flash-flooding, but I bet that comes nowhere near! You be safe now Madame Weebles! Make sure you’re all hunkered down!


    How do weeble life vests stay on, if you don’t mind my asking? Those little fellows have no neck, arms or waists. Perhaps you should invest in a weeble ark?


    Positive thoughts coming your way from Colorado. Stay safe, MW.


    Good luck! And check on Sandee if you can.

    workspousestory October 29, 2012 at 5:25 am

    Thinking of you Madame! Stay safe!


    I really hope this storm turns out to be less destructive than expected. Take care!


    Weebles, you stay safe. And that man of yours. And all those Weebles. May everyone wobble, and then stay poised and upright.


    Be safe, warm and dry. Will be thinking of you and yours. Hoping the power isn’t out for long, if at all (fingers crossed!).


    Sending you floaty thoughts for the Weebs, and mentally sending you sandbags and vodka! Stay safe…and pray mostly that you don’t lose your internet. First and foremost. : ) (no,I value human life and all…jes tryin to be funny…)


    Stay strong! You can get through the withdrawals. Also, please don’t drown.


    Hey Madame, drive west for about 25 hours and we can have tea in Texas! Seriously, hoping to hear you’re safe and well when it blows over! OR just ring the bell, we’ll leave a light on for ya! :)


    Hang in there Weebles!!!! xoxo-Julie


    I hope you’ve stored up plenty of schnapps.


    Stay safe! I’m glad everyone seems to be taking this storm so seriously, but just the same I hope it turns out to be a bunch of nothing. Better safe than sorry, though. Katrina doesn’t have to be such a useless tragedy if we actually learned something from it.


    ……. come back soon!


    Sending up prayers that you – and everyone in your area – make it through this safely!


    I’m late catching up, but hoping you were able to make all your precautions and that you are hunkered down and safe. Thinking about all of you in the path.


    Thinking about you and the Mister, Madame Weebles. Please, please, please stay safe!


    How did you fare? All okay with you up there?


    Madame?! Madame?!
    Please wobble your weebles if all is well!
    I step away from my desk for 5 minutes and the next thing I know you are in a friggin’ super-storm!!! I sincerely hope you are doing okay!!!


    Hope you’re okay!

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