My Movember dilemma

Madame Weebles —  November 9, 2012 — 75 Comments

As you know, I was not able to participate in the Official Kickoff of Bloggers for Movember.  So I have a wee bit of catching up to do.

I’m trying to come up with a special Weebles way to encourage as many people as possible to donate to our Movember team.

Other bloggers have come up with clever and unique contests where each donation counts as an entry, with prizes like one-of-a-kind artwork, special blog writeups, customized banners, etc.  I don’t have any artistic skills, so that’s out for me.  I could offer a blog writeup or a guest post, but I don’t want to be a copycat.

I’ve had only one idea:  if I get X amount in donations (with the value of X to be determined), I will post an actual photo of myself, wearing a mustache.  You may recall that I am notoriously camera shy.  And some of you have expressed curiosity about the woman behind the Weebles, so I would be willing to show my face for a good cause.  However, I’m not nearly arrogant enough to assume that this would be sufficient inducement for people to part with their cold hard cash.

So I’m going to do the only sensible thing here.  I’m going to punt it back to you.  What do YOU think would be a good incentive?  A contest?  Quiz?  Other?  I’ll choose whatever is the best or most popular idea in the comments area.  Within reason, of course, so do try to behave yourselves…

75 responses to My Movember dilemma


    In the words of Ned Flander’s Mother ~
    “I’ve tried nothing, and I’m all out of ideas” (it’s also the motto for students in a university library)


    How about re-enactments of famous movie scenes with Weebles?
    You could do that one where Abraham Lincoln fal- Um…that bit where Dustin Hoffman topples ove- Oh.Hmm…How about where Jack Nicholson collapses in a- Gah.,,
    I GOT IT!!! Do Rocky! He wobbles, but doesn’t fall down!


    The face thing I think is a great idea, we all are curious by nature.
    I, for once, put a pic of myself as a profile picture on facebook and I the amount of comments I got was unbelievable, and that’s people who knows me. In here I think it would be really nice experiment.


    If you wish Madame Weebles, I will donate a piece of Madame Weeble inspired silver jewellery/ trinket handmade by me and hallmarked to be either auctioned off as a side thing for you or put into a raffle… :-) let me know :-) x


      Oooooooooh.. You had me at “silver jewellery/trinket.” Even if this turns out not to be the option I go with, I am intrigued by the fact that you make jewellery (I’m spelling it the UK way for you) and would like to learn more about your wares.


    Still deciding if I will support team America or Canada. Is there a British one? Ah, who cares, our empire is receding I should pick a side. if you need me to do anything, just ask.


    Here’s an idea – post photos of yourself with other people and let readers guess which one is you, kind of like, Where’s Waldo?, only Where’s Weebs? ;)


    oh wait, where’s the money in that? scratch that, reverse, it’s early…


    I plan on posting a photo of me in a mustache for Movember. But then again, I haven’t remained incognito like you. I think that’s a fine incentive. :)


    Go with the Stache pic. For sure.


    I think you should do a flash mob of one, with choreographed dancing and a Rush song. Perfect for a camera shy woman, no?
    Custom Weeble could be good…I don’t know how that wold work. A weeble three panel comic with the face of the winner over the face of the weeble? A weeble doing the thinsg that the winner loves? Like…I dunno, what do people like? Cake? Kittens?
    I’m not helping, am I. Well, you asked, and I’m lousy at execution…so…


      I must admit that the idea of doing an interpretive dance to “Tom Sawyer” as a flash mob of one is pretty darned appealing. I like the custom Weeble thing–I do actually have “blank” Weebles that I could do up like the winning blogger, doing whatever they like. Hmmm……


    Thank you for this, my Clowny friend. I mean, for all people know, and for all you and the Ringmistress know, I could be Quasimodo with lipstick.


    Sara’s brilliant.


    You’re a classy broad, Cathy. I love this idea. Hell, I might even enter this contest myself.


    Everyone is so much more creative them me. Though I think pictures of you with other people and trying to guess which is you is fabulous. Of course, you and the other person both need to be wearing a mustache.


      I’m not creative like that either, Janice. I too like the idea of the guessing game. And you’re right, I suppose if we weren’t all wearing mustaches it might be too easy to guess.


    I’d like to see you too. I don’t reveal myself either (I KNOW, like that picture isn’t really me, shock, right?) I did finally put my real pic up on my real facebook page as opposed to my Alice page which is . . . yeah I’m a coward. But I’m always curious about what othe people look like.

    If I had an idea for raising money, I probably wouldn’t be broke. But I’ll try to think of something.


    Whatever you decide, Weebs, works for me. Face or no face. You could cover your face in mustaches…no, maybe not. I think the “Where’s Weebles?” Waldo idea is fun.


    I didn’t offer to do anything for Movember. I was the asshole who just showed her face in mustaches as if to say, “I know you’ve seen it a million times, but…MY FACE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU.”

    If you do decide to auction something off, I could donate something. I craft. I do…stuff.

    Also, seeing your glorious face would make my life.


      But you have such beautiful eyes and such awesome eye makeup, it’s all worth it, Jen. And you’re the bestest for offering to donate some of your…stuff. Also, be careful what you wish for—seeing my face may be the start of nightmares beyond your wildest dreams.


    How about a pic of you warming a sex toy with a butane lighter?

    I’ll see myself out.


    I love the tea idea. Me, I’d love something with a ghostly connection. A Weebles original ghost story.


    Ooh, I like the Weebles ghost story idea! I was going to suggest some autographed Weebles collectibles for the winner, but a personalize ghost story would be awesome.

    writerwendyreid November 9, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    I already donated once.
    I’d be willing to do it once more for an autographed naked picture of Weebly. ;-) hehehe


    I think putting a face to the Weebs would be great. I wonder why I’m the only one to think about that one blog you wrote a while back. Yeah it was named something like “Hey, nice (something or rather).” Any one else remember that?


    Write a blog in the style of your favourite cartoon character!


    I have to admit I’m kind of pulling for a Weeble-ish portrait, but… you know… I think everything you do is brilliant, so no worries on that front.


    Alcohol always seems to work for me.


    I want to see the Weebs. I vote for your original idea, your face in all it’s mustachioed glory!

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