A tribute to my Kitty Emeritus

November 10, 2012

This is a reblog of one of my favorite posts, about my most beloved pet. November was always a big month for us; her birthday was November 4th, and I adopted her on November 8th. She’s been gone for almost three years now. I wanted to repost this last week but better late than never. Happy birthday/anniversary, my little one.

Fear No Weebles

I’ve been wanting to write about Kitty Emeritus for a while now. Kitty Emeritus is one of the many names for our dearly departed cat who died more than two years ago at the ripe old age of 19.

Her real name is Pickles. I almost never called her that; I had 2,051,942 nicknames for her. But it didn’t matter which name I used because she ignored all of them.

Pickles and I met on November 8, 1996, at about 6:00pm. That’s the night I went to the ASPCA to adopt a cat. I was in a room lined with wall-to-wall cages of cats and it felt like it would be impossible to choose just one. Finally, after looking at each cat, I decided on a very sweet male tabby. I was about to tell the ASPCA volunteer that I wanted to adopt him when I had this very strong urge…

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    As a cat lover I know exactly what you mean and how you feel. I had a female who also loved men. It was hysterical. We are so lucky to have them in our lives. Great post! For what it’s worth you made me cry, too.



    I love this post, Weebs. Loved it the first time. She lives on with you!



    Dear Madame Weebles, you did it again! You made me cry for the second time with this beautiful and very touching post.



    Our furry friends never really leave us. Does she ever visit you in your dreams? My beloved old farts do every now and then, even though the last one died nearly ten years ago. Sometimes it’s nothing more than a sense of furriness and a quick purr, but I always wake up smiling. 🙂



      No, they never do leave us, Diane. Pickles does visit me in dreams, usually about once a month or so, give or take. It always feels so normal to see her in the dream, and then I wake up and she’s not there, but I remember, and it makes me happy.



    Our Rosie been gone 4 years now and just saying her name makes me cry. Sorry to hear about your sweet departed friend.



    My cat died 4 years ago, and I still really miss her. I had her for 18 years, and I felt like we were kindred spirits. I’m having a drink in our kitties’ honors.



    I’m sure there’s a cat heaven, and from the sounds of it she’ll be ruling the roost. Xx



    Anyone can pick out a dog or cat to adopt, but in this instance, it sounds like Pickles picked YOU. She must have sensed a kindred spirit and known she would be well loved. Sweet, sweet post!



    This post pushes to the frontal lobes, memories I have hidden away. Your miss was fortunate to have you as her companion.



    Posts like this one make it hard to be a curmudgeon. I still miss all of our Siamese cats and, for that matter, my dog when I was growing up.



    Aren’t we lucky to have loved someone so much that it hurts… I currently have three ‘Pickles’ locked safe in my heart. Lovely post Madame XO



    I love all animals! Sorry your “sweet face” is gone, but, like dogs, all cats go to heaven, too! HF



    That was was wonderful tribute for your kitty, Weebs. It’s hard to describe the joy an animal can bring. I can tell she was a dear, little friend. I had a kitty for 15 years, and I still miss him.



    i think i told you before, but my current pup is Mr. Pickles. and i call him “pooh”, “picklepoo”, “p-dawgie”, “shitstain”, “browndog” and virtually everything BUT pickles. except when he’s in trouble… loved this tribute…


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