These folks are hot…DEAD hot

May 23, 2013 — 186 Comments

Submitted for your approval is a new batch of Hot Dead Goodness. Today we have three Hot Dead Guys and three Hot Dead Chicks—a little something for everyone.


Aldous Huxley

We begin with Aldous Huxley…über-intellect, philosopher, and author. Best known for his anti-Utopian novel Brave New World. Also well known for his prodigious and copious drug use. Less well known for his 1940 screenplay for Pride and Prejudice, starring Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson. Should be known best for his brooding good looks, penetrating gaze, and general hotness.

Sir Walter Raleigh

Sir Walter Raleigh

Next up we have Sir Walter Raleigh (or Ralegh, as it was originally spelled). Well known for his dalliance with Queen Elizabeth I (“Virgin Queen” my ass). Also known for his ill-fated expedition to settle Roanoke Colony in North Carolina (what kind of dipstick sends people to set up shop on the North Carolina coast during hurricane season, anyway???). Should be best known as Hot Elizabethan Studmuffin.

Our third Hot Dead Guy was chosen with Leo in mind, because I know of his fondness for hot prisoners and ex-cons.

John O'Reilly

John Boyle O’Reilly

John Boyle O’Reilly was a Fenian who was imprisoned in 1866 for his role in an Irish plot to rebel against British troops. This didn’t exactly endear him to the British, and for his troubles he got a prison sentence and subsequent transportation to Australia as a political criminal. O’Reilly escaped from prison in 1869 and made his way to the United States, where he continued to advocate for Irish independence. Now tell me you wouldn’t have enjoyed solitary confinement with this fine felon.

And now, the ladies…


Alice Roosevelt

First, Alice Roosevelt…she was the oldest child of Teddy Roosevelt, and man, was she a piece of work. She had a throw pillow that was embroidered with “If you can’t say something nice, then sit next to me.” I mean, look at this haughty broad. You just know she’d rip you to shreds. Her forked tongue often got her in trouble and she was embroiled in multiple scandals throughout her life, but she didn’t care. Alice lived without restrictions. And she was hot.

Next, may I present Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood legend and science geek. During World War II, she devised a method of preventing radio-guided torpedoes from being jammed by the enemy: a device that would constantly change the radio frequency so that enemy equipment couldn’t get a fix on it.

Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr

She received a patent for her “frequency hopping” system. It was never used by the United States Navy, but many modern communications devices use a system very similar to it today. Hottie Hedy had beauty AND brains.

Jennie Jerome

Jennie Jerome

Last but by no means least, we have Jennie Jerome. Who??? Well, Brooklyn-born Jennie was from a well-to-do family, and being a fine specimen of female pulchritude, she had a variety of suitors. In 1874, she met Lord Randolph Churchill—the man who would soon become her husband. They soon had a son, Winston. You may have heard of him. (By the way, smart money says that Winston was conceived BEFORE the wedding of his parents…) Jennie was notorious for her sexual appetites as well as for her impossibly tiny waist (thanks to some seriously impressive corsetry). Her second and third husbands were both 20 years her junior, and she was once described as having “more of the panther than of the woman in her look.” Who knew Winston’s mom was such a live wire?  And so hot??

186 responses to These folks are hot…DEAD hot


    That’s what I’m talking about!
    You gotta love an ex-con, especially if he wasn’t charged with murder, you know you can trust him. Sleep and wake up next to him with all your valuables still there and your body in one piece, sore but in one piece.
    However, I must say that Mrs. Roosevelt caught my attention (I know she’s a woman), she sounds so cunning, and there’s nothing hotter than a resourceful woman (yeah, an ex-con).


      Something tells me you have some experience with hot ex-cons, my friend. Now I want to know more. Especially about the soreness in the morning… Alice Roosevelt was a hottie, she probably would have been pretty good in the sack, not that this interests you or me, particularly.


    I never knew the scientific bit about Ms Lamarr… I *did* know Jennie Churchill was hot though :)


      Hedy’s contribution to the world of science isn’t so well known, but it’s intriguing, no? I knew Jennie Churchill was American but I didn’t know she was that hot. You learn something new every day!


    You got me with Hedy Lamarr. Terrible name. Beautiful face. I’m all about the face. And what a mind! If it weren’t for Hedy’s frequency hopping system, we wouldn’t have cell phones. For real! Is that necessarily a good thing? I wonder how she was in bed? See how I looped it back around to my most base instinct? That’s my talent.


      If it makes you feel any better, Hedy Lamarr wasn’t her real name. Her real name was Hedwig Kiesler. That’s way hotter, right? She was probably pretty good in the sack. I think Aldous would have been too. See, my mind goes there too.


    Who knew history was soooo good looking? Alice…wow.


    Hedley, not Hedy.

    You may remember him from such quotes as, “I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists.”


    By the way, it sucks you thought of this hot dead people concept long before me. I hate that.


      If it’s any consolation, I didn’t think of it first either. There are several blogs out there with names like Fuckyeahdeadhotties. Google them, you’ll see. I don’t mind reinventing the wheel, though.


    I have to agree…Huxley’s hot.


    I love hot dead people. I said something about Clark Gable being hot once and my brother was like, he’d dead, and I was like, I’d have a better chance with George Clooney cause he’s breathing? Very good list.


    Gotta love those hot dead Irish guys — I personally want O’Reilly. And those brilliant Hot women — I’m ready to go out drinking with them. Oh, you mean I have to be dead first? Damn.


      Mr. O’Reilly is very hot indeed. I too am a fan of the Irish, dead or alive. No reason we can’t have a good drunken seance with these chicks, is there? That could be fun.


    Great collection of deadies, Madame. Hedy does it for me everyone time. Well, you know what I mean. Her invention is what makes a gazillion cell phones all work right next to each other. Not thats always a great thing when you have to listen to some people who don’t actually need a cell phone to communicate long distances. Oh yeah, and she’s smoking :)



    Alice: “I’d have a better chance with George Clooney cause he’s breathing?” Now that is funny!


    Huxley looks exactly like Aidan Quinn.


    I think I just cremated my jeans.


    I would have been such a whore amongst all this hotness. A hot dead whore


    Hedy Lamarr? For the last 30+ years thought it was Hedley Lamarr. Thanks “Blazing Saddles”! :)


    Thanks for the Hot Dead 6! Equal time for the guys and gals! Who knew that Jenny Churchill was such a hot mama? I knew Hedy Lamarr was hot. Alice Roosevelt also had a reputation. The men also had their reputations. But I didn’t know about Jenny. Thanks for the info.


      I didn’t know how hot Winston’s mom was, so that was a nice surprise. In the past I’ve given more attention to the Hot Dead Guys because that’s my thing, so I wanted to give the Hot Dead Ladies some love here. (That sounds wrong, doesn’t it.)


    I prefer the chicks on your
    pages any day Madame Weebles :)
    This is such a great insight :)

    Have fun today but don’t be too naughty, or else? ;) lol

    Andro xxxx


    I’m calling it right now — in the afterlife I get to be Alice’s best friend. We would turn the snark volume up to 11. And, the stories that woman will tell…


    Huxley has interesting family history. Glad you worked in the hot ladies! Besides, I didn’t know much about them!!!


    Alice and Aldous would have made a good couple


    Aldous Huxley can brave my new world any day.


    Buster Keaton – very hot dead guy….


    Awesome post, Weebs. I love your history bits! What a great portrait of Alice R. That gal’s got attitude. And I had never seen a photo of Aldous Huxley. Uber handsome!


      Thanks Cathy! Until recently I had only seen photos of Huxley as an older gentleman–handsome, but not as striking as he was in his younger days. As for Alice, she had enough attitude for twelve people!


    I smell a business venture here. It’s gonna be great!


    Dr. Playboy/girl (PHD)

    A magazine with nothing but naked professors, philosophers and doctors accompanied by a Quote 500 style interview.

    I think it will give a greater exposure to the valuable people of our time and it will definitely make the world take them more serious.

    So, are you in?


    love this! funny, original, some very interesting history i didn’t know about and huxley does look like aidan quinn hmmm. very fun piece. :)


    Maybe one day I can make this list!!!


    A fine, fine sampling of The Hot Dead, Weebles — especially the women.

    I’ve always had a bit of a Hot Dead Lady thing for Alice, I must admit. Alluring and a little dangerous. (Cue Roxette single.)

    I mean, geeze, even TR couldn’t control her — and that guy once gave a presidential speech with a bullet lodged in his chest!


      She was a loose cannon all right. And seriously, as badass as TR was, even HE couldn’t control her. And this was a guy who delivered a speech with a bullet lodged in his chest, braved Spanish bullets in Cuba, and hunted big game in the territories…yet his daughter was more than he could handle!!


    I think Hedy is my favorite here. She’s HOT. Side note, I think you would make an amazing, challenging history teacher because you’re sarcastic and funny and you gots all them knowledges.


    That’s true, there are plenty of hot dead fictional characters. And as we’ve discussed, the characters are often a lot hotter than the people who play them. Between the fictional hotties and the real dead hotties, it’s so overwhelming. So much death, so much hotness.


    Can you imagine some of the conversations Alice and Teddy must have had? I would LOVE to have been a fly on that wall!


      Oh lordy, those must have been epic conversations/arguments/sparring matches. Alice and TR weren’t especially close, but they seem to have been a LOT alike—rebellious, dramatic, badass. No wonder they clashed.


    Well Sir Winston’s mummy certainly has my vote! Sounds like she would have been a fun person to hang with. Before the cougars, we had a panther!


    Weebs, such an interesting group of people. If history were presented this way, in terms of hotness, people would really dig it. You can learn as much about history by the people who aren’t talked about, the people surrounding the key figures. Alice Roosevelt sounds like my kind of woman, someone to have a nice chat with.


      It’s a shame that history isn’t taught this way, Bumbly. History is a lot more interesting than most people realize: hot guys and chicks, gossip, scandal, all kinds of juicy stuff. Alice would have been fun to drink with. I would have enjoyed raking people over the coals with her.


    Hedy Lamarr – wowzer!


    I have so missed the Hot Deads! I, of course, am going with O’Reilly.


    I would hang out with Alice Roosevelt in a heartbeat. She sounds cool.

    writerwendyreid May 23, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    The stories behind the pics were really cool Weebly, although we differ when it comes to our idea of “hot”, especially when it comes to men. The women were sorta hot though and I could picture myself hanging out with Alice Roosevelt and Jennie Jerome. :-)


    I can tell you without violating security or any hot dead chicks that we still use freq hopping today. And it works! And I am talking about military radios, by the way. Not … oh never mind.


    History can be so damn sexy.


    I have a soft spot in my heart for Heddy Lamarr. she once said when asked what it takes to be glamorous. “Anyone can be glamorous, you just have to stand around and look stupid.” A very telling statement from a really brainy beauty.


    Who needs school when we’ve got Professor Weebles at our door making history here so fab?!


    Nowhere near enough attention is paid to hot dead people!
    O’Reilly made the cut because didn’t have the narrow-set eyes so many prisoners had, likely because of his lack of both the criminal and politician genes.
    Alice Roosevelt was quite the babe. Don’t know if there’s any truth to the rumor that she had a tattoo on her caboose which read “Daddy was a Rough Rider”.


    If ghosts are real…I wanna have a conversation with that ex-convict and the torpedo girl. In my bed.


    Since I’m a firm believer that beauty and brains are NOT mutually exclusive, thank you for including Hedy Lamarr! She was totally amazing, and more people should know her brains matched her looks. What better combination could anyone want????


    There are so many people I’d like to see join this list…

    *Doubles down on dead pool*


    The Hedy Lamarr fact is really impressive. I once tried to convert VHS tapes to DVDs and had a helluva time.


    I’ve always been a big Huxley enthusiast, so that’s a given. But hello Miss Roosevelt (Enter obnoxious thing here). Great additions.


      She really was obnoxious. She also said all the things we WISH we could say, so I give her big props for that. And she gave attitude to people who were rude or racist, so she gets HUGE props for that too.


        Ha, interesting. I will definitely be talking historical figures with you in the future. I’m having a big Van Gogh phase at the moment, reading his letters. Poor sad man.


    Hedy Lamarr is one of my heroes.

    I can’t fault Sir Walter Raleigh’s for dressing according to the fashion of his time, but I can’t look at that picture without thinking that he’s just come back from the vet’s office and they’re afraid he’ll chew on his sutures. Sorry, hot dead Elizabethan guys.


    I always had a bit of a crush on Aldous… but Hedy Lamarr sounds awesome! Go pretty geek girls!


      I had no idea what a hottie Aldous was until I saw this photo. His writing is hot, but who knew he was so hot himself? As for the pretty geek girls, Amen, Pixie Girl. Amen.


    The Dead rule!
    Thank you.


    Sir Raleigh rockin the ‘grandma kitchen table cloth’ look so hard.


    Yep, it’s a good list, but no list is complete without Chi-Chi… she made me wanna Bam-Boo-m!


    It was a steamy blog day yesterday, My Lady. Seems that many folks are still sort of hot and bothered…


    Alice Roosevelt’s headstrong nature led her father to famously quip:
    “I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both.”


    Oh, Madam! I’m laughing helplessly. Not at your hot dead folks, who are, by all accounts, totally hot (except poor old Walter – I just can’t get past his frilly collar). It’s just this: Last night I was watching a Rush special and thinking of you while I watched Geddy Lee’s magic fingers. This morning I come to your blog, and what do I see in your tag cloud? “Fuck you Geddy Lee”. Coincidence? I think not. You wish, Madam, you wish! ;-)


      Hi Diane! Ohhhhh, those magic fingers. They’re mesmerizing. Don’t even get me started. Those are actually two separate tags, “Fuck you” and “Geddy Lee,” but the sentiment of the two together certainly wouldn’t be inappropriate…


    If it weren’t for the vow of celibacy, I’d be off to dig up Hedy Lamarr straight away. She’s one hot chick and it’s the killer combo of looking that fantastic and being such a brainy geek. Pity she’s dead, really, because that rather puts a crimp on being able to take her on a date!


    Weebles, you have searched far and wide for hot dead people and you have found the motherload. I salute you. And Heddy….well…amazing.


    So happy to sir Sir Walter here. A dreamboat for sure! And Heddy. Just Wow! Alice scares me.


    I’ll take the Irish felon and the three ladies, please! We have business to attend to…. see you in another life!


    Got another hot dead chick for a future edition for you, Mme Weebles.

    She’s another brainy and attractive broad.


    Roosevelt and Huxley for me – can’t beat a combo of beauty and brains, that’s for sure!


    How in the hella hotness did I miss this?! And Speaker is dead on with the Aidan Quinn resemblance, creepy! (and hot as hell)


    What a shame O’Reilly escaped Australia and headed for the States (and what a feat in those days!) – we love hotties in Australia. Alice was such a live-wire, but I think Hedy is my pick of the group (yeah – I love brains)…


    I like your kind of history. And herstory. Who knew Hedy was so smart? I didn’t. Or that Winston’s mom was so… panther-like? Her son turned out to be more like a lion than a panther, don’t you think? Anyway, you are inspiring me about my next blog. I was going to write in the voice of my female character, but really, I think I have to stick with the hottie who’s on her trail.


    This crop is indeed seriously hot! Who knew Winston Churchill’s mother was such a looker?


    Ahhhh it’s been too long for the dead hot goodness! And this is a good batch too. I’ve long been a fan of Hedy Lamarr. Thanks!


    John Boyle O’Reilly is very definitely hot and dead. :)


    Both of Winston Churchill’s parents were notorious cheats. It’s worth noting that Winston Churchill’s marriage to his beloved Clementine appears to have been completely faithful.


    Sweet husband says good queen Bess had several children on the sly, it was just not talked about. So glad you’re back with the dead hotties! xoxoM


      I bet Sweet Husband is right, Margarita. I sincerely doubt that she kept the Royal Lady Parts off limits for her entire life, and statistically it’s probably safe to say that she had at least one kid. Who knows how many heirs to the throne are out there now??


    How in the hell have I not read this before?!


    Alice Roosevelt’s my fave. Don’t you think Huxley looks like YB Yeats?

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