I’ve heard dead people: Part IV

December 30, 2013 — 186 Comments

If you were with us last year, you may have read about my experiences with dead people here, here, and here.

This wacky stuff started about 5 years ago, for reasons unknown. It escalated after I became a reiki master. And it seems that I now have a bunch of abilities with things that are sort of…you know, odd. Unexplainable. Paranormal. Yeah, I don’t understand it either. But those of you who have firsthand experience with me on this know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I wanted to learn more about it, as in, am I losing my mind or is it a real thing? So I took a class on psychic mediumship. I know, it sounds nuts. Unfollow me if you must.

It was a small group, just two other students aside from myself, plus the teacher. We took turns trying to sense any non-corporeal people who might be present. And to quote Velma from Scooby Doo, “Jinkies!”

The first time I tried to “read” one of the students, I “got” the presence of a man and described him, and the student said it sounded like her uncle. I said I had the sense that he was a fisherman or a dock worker or someone who worked on or near water, and I had a strong feeling he died at work. Apparently her uncle was a fisherman, and he did, in fact, die on a fishing boat. So far so good. But later I worried that my brain was fucking with me because I was getting conflicting info. I said, “I’m thinking that he died of a heart attack, but then I’m also getting that he died because of an accident, they can’t both be right so I must be imagining all this.” She told me my read was correct; her uncle had a heart attack on the boat, which caused him to have an accident that ultimately killed him. What a shitty way to go. (But I was secretly glad that my impressions were correct. That makes me a bad person, doesn’t it.)

And then here’s what happened when I read for the other student:

Me: Okay, I’ve got a man, it looks like he’s bald, with a round face and sort of protruding ears. I’m getting the sense people might have thought he was a bit strange or off-kilter. Does that ring a bell at all?
Other Student: Yes. (She was laughing.)
Me: It sounds like an F name, maybe Frederick or Frank.
Other Student: His name was Frank.

At this point I’m thinking, “Seriously?? Wow. Holy fuck.”

Me: Was he your grandfather?
OS: Yes.
Me: On your mother’s side, yes?
OS: Yes.
Me: Do you have something of his, like a box, or something that’s kept in a very specific box? I keep getting the impression of a special box.
OS: He made my grandmother a carved wooden box, which my grandmother left to my mother, and she gave it to me.


Me: I just heard “Te amo” in my head. Did he speak Spanish?
OS: Yeah, he was from Puerto Rico.

Whoa, this shit just got real. Also, hearing a foreign language in your brain out of nowhere is kind of unsettling.

Me: Okay, now I’m hearing “little flower.” Does that mean anything to you?
OS: Oh my God! He used to call me “Florecita.”

Grandpa Frank was speaking to me in English again, but “Florecita,” as you might have guessed, means “little flower” en español. By this time, the poor woman was a sobbing mess and I was casually freaking out.

And thus I concluded my first readings as a medium. Go figure.

186 responses to I’ve heard dead people: Part IV


    Wow! That’s amazing!


    Wow. I wouldn’t know whether to be delighted or to freak out!


    Cool!! As someone who totally believes in this stuff, I think it’s wonderful that you’ve come to realize your skill. If you like to read nonfiction, I can recommend PSI Spies. It’s all about the psychic programs they started in Russia and the United States during the Cold War, and how they realized that it’s actually common to have the ability to “remote view”, which is slightly different from your story, but along the same lines. We don’t really know what we are actually capable of yet, I think.

    I am a certified reconnective healer and had some pretty freaky experiences after that, though none so accurate as yours! Neat. :)


      Hi evolution, and welcome! I haven’t read PSI Spies but I read another book about the remote viewing program, I can’t remember the name. It’s bizarre stuff. It seems to me that once you get more in touch with the energy out there, like you have as a healer, you start noticing more stuff that’s, you know, odd. I’m so glad you stopped by!


    Jinkies! You are amazing, girlfriend. I wonder if they offer this type of class up here. I’ll have to check into it.


    I don’t really believe in this kind of things, but I won’t throw away the option – because I believe you (which is actually a silly thing to do because this is the Internet) and if you say this really happened, I kind of believe it.

    But, well, congrats somehow…?


      I wouldn’t have believed any of this stuff if I hadn’t experienced it personally, NBI. And as Mr. Weebles will tell you, I’m the first one who’s yelling, “OH PLEASE” at the television when we watch those shows about the paranormal. So I’m not sure what to make of all this stuff either, actually.


    That’s some crazy shit. But way cool.


    Moe: How much do you charge to haunt a house?
    Larry: How many rooms?!
    Moe: [slap.]

    Like, NBI, I don’t really believe this stuff ‘neither. But then I read something like this and I don’t think it’s made-up or loco. Way to take a stand, Mark.


      I believe in this stuff when I can think of no other explanation. And like I said to NBI, I’m the first one to roll my eyes at the people who have that knee-jerk “IT MUST BE PARANORMAL” response to things. If this stuff hadn’t happened to me, I probably wouldn’t believe it either.


    Weebs, you’re fucking amazing.

    By any chance, are your special powers able to ‘see’ if I’m going to have sex in 2014..?


      I have consulted with various spirit guides, crystal balls, and tea leaves, and they all agree: You will have copious amounts of teeth-shattering, mind-blowing sex in 2014. So start taking your vitamins and remember to hydrate.


    I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with this ability if I had it. Also, having to avoid saying, ‘fuck’ during the readings would grate on an open nerve ending.


    wowee! bring some of your dead people with you to my party–but make sure they are partiers and not haunters. I think it is so cool that you see dead people! I will never unfollow you my friend!

    Aiming for Simplicity December 30, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Thanks for sharing, I love hearing real life stories for those are a little more sensitive to things.


    Reblogged this on Deonna Kelli Sayed and commented:
    Folks, this stuff sometimes happens.


    You never cease to amaze me.


    That is seriously cool. I personally would be content if I noticed these details about live folks.


    So interesting, Weebs. As you know, I get vibratory readings about people’s health and emotional well-being and occasionally something along the lines of mediumship. I think I hear from my mother from time-to-time, but your accuracy is simply amazing!


      I’m extremely impressed with your vibratory readings, Cathy, as I’ve experienced your accuracy firsthand! I was pretty surprised by the accuracy of my readings during this class–I did have a few misses, and I can’t assume I’d be able to do accurate readings all the time, but it was a really amazing experience!


    Your talents never end. I always say a ghost could sit on my head and I still wouldn’t notice, but I don’t deny other people the experience. Boo!


    Don’t stop now! Can you do houses, too? Because there’s totally something going on in ours.


    So what you’re trying to say is your medium course was

    *puts on sunglasses*

    Well done.


    That’s so cool! I’m glad it’s you and not me, though – I think my hardwired little brain would explode if I started getting that kind of connection. I like your phrase “casually freaking out” – sounds appropriate to me.



    Holy shit.



    This sounds like a business opportunity Madame Weebles, you could hit the talk-show circuit!


    That’s pretty incredible! I’m impressed. Spontaneously, I once paid a palm reader sitting in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, and she told me one of the reasons I went to her was because I have the same intuitions and talents regarding the occult world. At the time I believed her because I’d always sensed I had these strong intuitions that often came true, but I’ve never worked on honing this skill or paid it much attention. I love that you did! By the way, she also told me in front of my date that he wasn’t the guy for me and was right, and told me a number of other things that so far have been true. I made a list immediately after the session, have kept it, and refer to it often. It’s a wonder for sure!


      So cool! Have you ever thought about working on your abilities? I once went to a tarot card readers who was able to predict a lot of stuff that proved to be eerily accurate. It’s crazy, isn’t it?


        It is pretty crazy! I haven’t thought about it, but lately I’ve been reflecting (go figure — the holidays will do that to ya!) about stepping outside of my box, so this might be something I finally look into.


    That is so utterly insane. I think that mediums get a bad name from all of the hacks that are out there trying to read your palm and stuff – but I really believe that some people just have that ability. I honestly don’t know how anyone could think differently just citing your examples above. Do you have to be in the same room as people? Touching them or something? Because I’d like to know what my 3rd grade math teacher REALLY thought of the prank I pulled on her. I wonder if her pants have dried out yet.

    Seriously – I believe in most all things paranormal so am behind you 100%. Hopefully you’ll post more of your experiences for all of us to read.


      As Mr. Weebles can attest, I’m more than ready to call shenanigans on all sorts of stuff—especially the paranormal investigation shows on television where they’re ready to call every dust orb, every noise, etc, a ghost. On the other hand, with the stuff that happened to me, I know it happened and I can’t explain it in any way other than “This is some seriously weird paranormal shit.”

      Also, your 3rd grade teacher forgives you. But she thought your handwriting sucked.


        Uh oh. You just blew your cover. It is commonly known by any of my friends that I have the absolute most anal, mechanical perfect handwriting known to man. Guess you’re gonna have to go on the same pile as the Ghost Adventures crew now.


    Wow – truth is stranger than fiction


    Be careful what you wish for.


      That’s very true, Lucy. Although I didn’t actually wish for this, it just seems to have happened anyway so I figured I may as well learn more about it and understand it. Also, thank you for visiting!


    Holy shit! These are amazing specifics. Were there any wrong turns that you didn’t include, or was everything spot on? I’m hoping you can try again for me sometime. Though I wonder, is it harder for someone you know? Hmm….


      Hello there!! There were some misses, definitely—there were some things I got flat out wrong, and also a few things I couldn’t pick up one way or the other. I think one of the problems, in terms of when you and I tried that time, was that we were aiming to get a specific person. It doesn’t necessarily work like that, apparently. You may not hear from the person you’re hoping to hear from. But let’s definitely try again!


    Your toolbox is getting quite large, be careful of your back.


    First of all, that wasn’t me because I’m not a grandfather.

    2) I can’t wait until you deliver the finger to the paranormal character who does something the provokes the response.


    That is amazing! (I do so love your I see dead people stories.)

    But — and forgive me for saying so — there is a small part of me that also thinks you might have been played. A class so small could’ve easily been made up of a few scammers whose job was to yes you to death (so to speak).

    After your readings were you encouraged to pay for something? More classes or seminars?


      No forgiveness needed, as no offense taken! I was wondering about all of it myself, because I thought, “There’s no way I’m getting all this stuff. They must be blowing smoke up my ass.” But then the chick with the grandfather showed me a photo of him that she had in her wallet–it was the guy I saw in my mind. And then she pulled a small wooden box out of her backpack—she brought it with her because she wanted to ask the instructor to “read” the box for impressions. That was the box from her grandfather—with the initials “FCM” carved in it!

      And no requests for additional fees or classes or anything. No sell of any kind!


    I’m with Carrie — I wouldn’t recognize a spiritual presence if it walked up and said . . . well, you know. But I find it endlessly fascinating when other people can. If you ever decide to hang out a shingle, I have some questions for a few people I know in the great beyond.


    Well ain’t that some shit. I think I would over-think it and be unable to connect properly. Do you like being able to do that?


      I was overthinking it as well until the teacher said NOT to overthink it, to go with whatever your first impressions are. That made it a little easier. But I’m sure I’ll still overthink it. I guess I like being able to connect like this, although I’m still not entirely convinced that I did it, you know? It’s all so surreal.


    Shit the bed, that’s some freaky shit. Can you read thoughts as well? Like, my thoughts? From over here in England? I hope not. Because that would get really I LOVE YOU MADAME WEEBLES AND I WANT TO LIVE WITH YOU IN A TREEHOUSE AND DANCE IN THE FIELDS oh shit I hope I didn’t think that too loudly.

    Fish Out of Water December 30, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Holy cripes Weebs! That is so cool. This is where I break in to tell you that Husband loves, loves, loves Long Island Medium. The only problem with that is when he tries to retell a story about it he invariably calls her the Long Island Madame, which makes us chuckle. Seriously, though, you could be Madame Medium.


      And this is where I confess that I have never actually watched Long Island Medium, Fish. I might watch a show called the Long Island Madame, though, just because. By the way, your hair looks awesome today.


    This does not surprise me one goddamned bit, given that MY SON SAW YOU when you reiki’ed him. You are freaky, in all the best ways, my dear.


    Awesome! :) I love hearing stories like this. They have that reassuring “click” of something being put perfectly into place. The universe aligned with intuition = click. :)


    I believe. Why not? There is energy everywhere. And you are a sensitive flower!


    I can assure you that the last time I checked, I was not Adam. I never really had much intuition before—or maybe I just didn’t listen to it. I was never especially sensitive, I never just “knew” things. I don’t really get how/why it started happening to me, it just did. Whatevs. So I get what you’re saying, Rae. You betcha. I’ve done intuitive readings before, mostly when I get intuitive impressions via the reiki healings I do, but also without reiki. This whole spirit reading thing is a whole new ball of wax, though. Mr. Weebles is already wondering when I’m going to parlay this stuff into cold hard cash. I’ll have to hang out a shingle as “Madame Weebles, Psychic Medium” or something.


    This is totally awesome, Madame Weebles. I sometimes feel like dead relatives are around me, too. I used to think I was going crazy, but jak told me my impressions were correct. Go figure!


    This is so cool! I love this kind of thing. I’m an atheist that believes in the paranormal, is that weird?


      Nope, because I’m basically the same way. I used to be Catholic but at this point I don’t think I really believe in a god, a supreme being, of any kind. But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe there’s weird stuff out there…


    I’ve got goose bumps. I don’t know if it’s because of this clear evidence of psychic powers at work in the world, or if it’s the Velma from Scooby Doo quote.


    Hey, the less of the creepy stuff okay? :) lol

    Happy New Year 2014 my Sweet Friend :) ;)

    Andro xxxx


    You seem quite pleased with your gift. May it serve you well. Say hello to Jerry Reed and Mama Cass for me, would you?


      I guess I’m more amazed by it rather than pleased, although if it can do some good for people then I suppose it’s something to be pleased about too. I will send Jerry and Mama Cass your regards, Corvidae. And Happy New Year!


    Aaaamaaaazing. Whoever said you should go commercial is right. pssst need an agent?


    Fan-tas-tic! Now you can get a job monitoring tagged people for G4S!! NARF!


    Coming from someone who see’s dead people all the time, but never hears them…I’m a believer!!


    Ay Dios Mio, Weebles! That’s my uncle Frank from Puerto Rico! He used to bring me florecitas (which are cookies) from Puerto Rico. I am thrilled that you are hearing Spanish in your brain, that’s a good thing! LOL. I am from Puerto Rico, I do say Te Amo and there really are cookies named Florecitas – but that’s about it. I don’t really have an uncle named Frank – but AY Dios Mio, I can’t believe you read both people to a T! This is BIG. I’ve never had a blogger friend who is a medium. Can you read other bloggers?


    HRH Madame Weebles,
    You have just officially freaked me out. I may have crapped myself just a little.


    Wow, Madame. I’m amazed, but not surprised. What would you say about me? Are you sensing anything as I type this?? I’ve never had any such power myself…only senses of things, of thinking about something that will happen and many moons later it happens. A deja vu, only I really thought about it happening. Whenever this happens, the incident or whatever I think about doesn’t make sense and seems random. But you…you have a gift!


    From the looks of the comments, you’ll pick up more followers than lose them. Which is a good thing. I’m not too good at ‘reading’ people, but I’m great at reading places, like houses, hotels, any kind of buildings really. They sort of speak to me. I also see ghosts and hear them. I’ve talked about my own special ghost on my blog before. So yeah I believe there are some people who can do these things. I’ve seen too much not to believe. I seem to attract ghosts or spirits or whatever. So it’s great you can read people so well.


    As I type this, I am at least 80% sure that it is dark outside. I sense….a warm blanket upon me. Could that misty aura be a spirit materializing? No. It is a dog fart. Let me look into my crystal ball….I feel….that I will be sleeping soon. I am, however, 100% in awe of your psychic abilities.


      I have that same sensation sometimes—a warm blanket falling upon me, a strange vibration, a misty aura….and then I realize it’s just one of the cats sprawled out on me, purring. (Cat farts, by the way, can be as lethal as dog farts.) Also, you look fantastic today.


    It’s hard to admit this kind of stuff happens, isn’t it? I think you’re brave. I think there are people who are born with this sensitivity and most of them don’t know what’s happening or are afraid to talk about it. I have dreams, I guess you could call them. They are of men who died in wars or fights or met violent ends. All throughout history. The oldest was a chinese guy. A mongol? I don’t know. He didn’t either. The most recent was in Vietnam. They are out there still, no one ever found them, or buried them. No one missed them, no one really knew them. So they come and show me where they are and how they died. It’s terribly sad sometimes. And scary, quite often. I’m a peaceful person and I think they just want someone to ‘see’ them. See what happened to them. Feel sad for them. Say goodbye. Mourn them. And I do. It doesn’t happen often but it sure rattles me when it does.
    I study this too. Because of some things that have happened to me. But I don’t talk about it to anyone. I can’t stand that look I get when I try. I’m a coward.


      You’re not a coward at all, Laura Lynn, you’re just sensible. I’m quite fascinated by what you’ve written here, it sounds like you’ve tapped into something, that’s for sure. If you ever want to talk with someone who won’t think you’re nuts, just holler.


    Cool that you can do that…and that you are comfortable with being the medium. My step mother used to go to a psychic…she never told us what she said…but she believed. I don’t think I’d enjoy being a medium…but I have enjoyed running into people and places that I knew from an earlier lifetime.


      Okay, Mrs. P, you can’t just drop a line like “I have enjoyed running into people and places that I knew from an earlier lifetime” and not say any more about it. Spill, sister.


        Ha…Ha…Ha. Okay, I’ll share one…

        As concisely as possible to describe…In my twenties I went to do some full time studies away from home for about a month. I was happily married and had a child. Upon arrival I met a man twenty years my senior and instantly knew that we had been quite passionate at some earlier time. We had had a very deep, soul mate, connection. It actually freaked me out, the emotion was that strong. Even when we weren’t together, I could feel his physical touch on my hand, a half mile away.

        There was nothing about this guy that was “my type”. I didn’t say anything to anyone about what I felt and wondered was this just in my head. The more I tried to avoid him, the more his presence was in my space. Finally one morning we had an opportunity to be alone for a few minutes and in that time he had made a comment that indicated he had felt what I felt as well. He also was happily married. I admit that we did allow each other to kiss once and then I told him that whatever we had was in the past. He was happily married and so was I…basically …good to see you…like. REALLY good to see you!…be safe and well…be happy…but lets do the right thing. We both agreed. I finished my studies and returned home and lived out my life and he did the same.

        About two years later, he walked into a room that I was in and for a split second, my heart was in my throat. I looked across the room, saw in his face…we were still okay “in our new lives” and relaxed. He spent the day giving a talk to my students on the subject of integrity, which I found pretty apropos. The interaction that day was very professional, almost formal and we have not interacted again, since that time.

        It certainly was my Twilight Zone moment.


    Sounds medium well done, to me. (sorry couldn’t help it)
    Sometimes this runs in families…anyone not fessing up?


      You and Mr. Weebles made the same joke—great minds obviously think alike. On my mother’s side of the family, the women seem to have some ability to know stuff without knowing why/how they know, and my grandmother had an odd ability to find 4-leaf-clovers in a whole field of clover. It’s an interesting skill, one that I didn’t inherit, though!


    Wow, I think I would have an intense case of the shivers if we ever got to meet outside the blogosphere, Weebs! I’ve never had anything that intense happen, but the few experiences I’ve had leave me firmly open-minded to what might be out there. What an awesome experience!


    Jinkies, indeed! Wowzers! i have no unfinished business with the dead… at least for the moment. i’m not entirely sure i’d want to know if there are any dead folks who have unfinished business with me!


    Spooky! Happy New Year Madame Weebles!


    (I just realized that your post has been open and read on my computer but I have still not commented). I think what you do is still amazing, no matter how many dead ‘uns you see or talk to. Even the living know of your ability.


    I can only say, HOLY SHEET! Go Madame Weebles!


    Where do you live again?… I am in Cali. lol What a cool experience. Yay! You go girl!


      Whassup Dani!! I am in exile from my beloved Manhattan, across the Hudson river in New Jersey. Maybe that’s why I’m becoming so sensitive: the grief and loss of my home have attuned me to the spirit world.


    “But I was secretly glad that my impressions were correct. That makes me a bad person, doesn’t it.”

    Only if you had contrived to travel back in time to startle him into heart attack and then threw a bunch of fishing gear at his ankles, to MAKE your impressions correct. Then you’d be a bad person… and probably a minor diety.

    Levity aside, that is some sweet psychicin’ indeed. Envy roils in my bosom.


      As of today, I do not possess any power over time and space. Maybe one day, though. I’m still kind of astounded at the psychicin’. The good news is that maybe I can put out a shingle and make some serious coin as a zany medium.

      Apropos of nothing, how’s the weather up there in your neck of the woods? I know you aren’t in Winnipeg (or even in Manitoba) but I find it fascinating that it was actually warmer on Mars. I hope you folks in SK are staying warm.


        It was very slightly warmer than Winnipeg. I commented in a recent entry of my own work that we have he enormous advantage of expecting this kind of crap out of the first two months of the year, and so just put on the appropriate garb we keep on hand for it. I heard on the radio this morning that northern Texas had -40 windchills over night, the same as we did, and nearly drove off the road in a spasm of empathy.


    Oh yeah?? What am I thinking now?


    I’ve just nominated you for The Sunshine Blog Award!!
    If there’s anyone deserving of it, it’s you.

    The Sunshine Award Rules:
    Post a picture of the Sunshine Award
    Post 11 random facts about yourself
    Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
    Nominate 11 bloggers.
    Write 11 questions for them to answer
    Let the nominated blogger(s) know you have nominated them


      Hi Cimmy! Thank you so much! I really, really suck with the awards rules and I’m afraid I will probably forget to do it, but it means a great deal to me that you thought of me for this. I hope you and jak are both well!


    There’s no point even commenting. I’m just going to think in your general direction.

    writerwendyreid January 6, 2014 at 2:19 am

    Read MY mind Weebly. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. ;-)


    Wow! This could essentially get you an in on the Montel Williams show,at the very least. What a cool talent to have, even though it would definately freak your freak out at first! Do you think you could say its one of your talents like “Im good at running, playing the piano, singing, and hearing the dead peoples voices that are surrounding all of you”?


    Well. stone the crows, I just don’t know what to say. When i started reading I just completely (am i allowed write “naturally’ ?) assumed this was all a case of low humour and high-jinxs. Not even with the spirit world, but with your loyal readers. Because i always think of you as a delightful skeptic and iconoclast. Especially with this sort of stuff. Especially here, because of the uncanny (I thought) “suspicious” even hilarious level of accuracy. “Frank” (bang on) and heart attack AND boating accident, really M Weebles?” I thought Really?”
    I read on, waiting for the punchline. But wait, no, (it emerged) it’s all for real.
    My crows are well and truly stoned. I don’t know anything anymore. I retire.
    Happy New Year M Weebles. Truly, life is full of surprises. Happy New Year.


    Sorry I’m so late to this. I was busy being half dead over the holidays.

    I love your abilities, and as someone who has been on the receiving end of them, I can say that YOU HAVE A GIFT. I am so happy that you’re taking this next step, and developing your mad skillz. Now you’ll always be able to know when I’m thinking you’re a sexy bitch.


    This is so very cool, Weebles! No need to freak out at all. If you’ve got the gift, you’ve got it. Don’t second guess it. Don’t worry about it. Use it to your evil, er, um, regular ol’ good person advantage. ;-)


    My cousin is a medium but she would never, ever say she is a medium because she’s LDS. Two of my sisters passed on 6 years ago and she communicates with them regularly. She saw them at their funeral. She’s told me things that they want to say to me.
    I have never thought this was weird. I have never seen things (yet) but I can always sense the energy of a place. I know things about people before they tell me. I can tell whether a person lives their life in a generally “good” way or a “bad” way. My great-uncle came and visited me the night he died. I didn’t “see” him but I “saw” him in my mind, and I knew he was saying goodbye. I still remember his smile. Sure enough, he died the next day. The night before my Grandpa died, I knew absolutely that he would pass that night and said goodbye twice. Phone call came at 6am the next morning. When my twin sister died, I knew with complete clarity that she was gone and in “heaven” (whatever heaven is, I don’t know exactly to be honest, but she was there). This was 2-3 hours before that was actually confirmed.
    So my cousin doesn’t really freak me out… it kind of runs in the family. My grandma is extremely intuitive as well. I’m working on being more open to my own gifts. :) I have a friend who I’ve just started doing energy work with and she offered to open me up to being more in tune. I’m kind of excited. :)


    Freaky in a cool way. But do be careful doing this sort of thing. There can be some nasty stuff out there when you look at these things and I don’t want you or anyone around you to get hurt by something taking advantage.

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