Fuck you, Republican wingnuts

September 14, 2012 — 283 Comments

[Disclaimer: This is not aimed at my Republican buddies here, who are intelligent, thoughtful human beings.  This is for the members of the GOP who are hell-bent on fomenting hatred and encouraging discrimination, among other things.  Anyone who is offended by this, however, is exactly the type of person I’m referring to below and should be offended.]

[Note: I’m not generally a politics person.  I will probably never write another political post, so I wanted to make this one count.  I’m coming out swinging.  I might lose some readers, and that’s okay.]

Hey, wingnuts.  You don’t know me but you hate me.

I’m from New York City.  To you guys, that’s just another name for Sodom.  Y’all hate us city slickers because we’re not honest, hard-workin’, church-goin’, “real” Amuricans.  Yet my city, along with 3,000 people, took a big hit for you 11 years ago.  Fuck you.

I believe that a person’s race, religion, or sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  You, on the other hand, cloak yourselves in your “Christian faith” and use it to justify your perverse views on humanity.  And you’re fine with people enjoying freedom—as long as they’re white, Christian, and heterosexual, and as long as they think exactly as you do.  You’re fucking hypocrites.

I care about the earth.  I know global warming is real.  I oppose drilling in the Arctic, fracking, and everything else that messes with our fragile environment.  I support the Kyoto Protocol and I’m ashamed that we are one of the few nations not to ratify it.  You hate that hippie shit.  As long as you make more money, who cares what happens to the planet, right?   You clueless fucking idiots.

I’m a woman.  I’m everything you dislike in a woman, too.  I am child-free by choice.  I didn’t take my husband’s last name.  I have my own career.  I believe all women should be able to live without the government dictating what we can and cannot do with our bodies.  You think we should be smacked around and put back in our place.  A lot of you don’t even seem to believe rape is a real crime.  That’s how much you hate us.  Fuck you, you sick misogynist bastards.

I say women should have equality in the workplace and get equal pay for doing the same work as men.  You hate that idea with a passion.  Let me tell you something, wingnuts.  The first women in my family to work outside the home were my grandmothers.  They were working their asses off when Lilly Ledbetter was still just a gleam in her daddy’s eye.  My grandmothers worked because they had to.  One of my grandmothers was an immigrant from Sicily.  You would have hated her just for that.  The other was a Rosie the Riveter—she worked at Fairchild Camera, manufacturing bomb sights and reconnaissance camera equipment for the war effort. (You’re welcome.)  They had difficult lives and few options.  Today, American women have opportunities that my grandmothers couldn’t even have dreamed about.  And you can’t handle the fact that women are now outclassing you and challenging your authority, can you?  Fuck you, you deserve it.

One of our greatest Republican presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, was a champion of women’s rights.  He also spoke out against racism.  His unorthodox views didn’t endear him to a lot of people, but he was a very forward-thinking guy.  I suspect that if he were alive today, he would have been just as open-minded on the subject of gay rights.  Meanwhile you halfwits are trying to drag us back to much darker times.  You’re a disgrace—not just to the Republican party, but to the whole country.  TR would kick your sorry asses back to the Stone Age.  Fuck you.

You disgust me.  You’re vile, arrogant, and pathetic.   I hate how you’ve given my country and my people such an awful reputation around the world.  Because the Americans I know—immigrant, American-born, gay, transgender, hetero, black, white, Latino, Asian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, whatever—are decent, kind, open-hearted souls.  They’re better Americans and human beings than you will ever be.

You’ve rewritten history to suit your agendas.  You’ve twisted the truth to such an extreme that it’s not even recognizable anymore.  Some people say you’re insane.  I disagree.  You’re not insane, you’re just evil.

The only good thing is that the more you talk, the more you reveal yourselves as hate-filled, ignorant troglodytes.  And the more that happens, the more people will want to stop you.  Because you need to be stopped.  You need to go back to your caves and pick bugs off each other, and leave my country alone.

Fuck you.  Fuck you all.

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    the howler and me September 14, 2012 at 7:45 am

    Madame Weebles – I love you, I love this!!! THANK YOU!!!!!


    *standing ovation*
    I wish I could follow you again.


    Such a relief when I read that my American friends see the Republican GOP the way many of us (by that I mean the people I know, who also think like me) do in Canada.
    Also, you rock, Madame.


    Right on! May I also register my discontent with their insistence that the Constitution avers that Americans are entitled to own automatic shot guns.


    I’m going to enjoy your fuck you rants.


    Wow! I like it! Go girl! Just awesome…brought a tear to my eye. And I’m Canadian. I’m so proud right now…*sigh*


    Great post Madame Weebles. What sickens and saddens me about most republicans is that they hide under the cloak of religion…claiming to be Christians, when the basis of Christianity is LOVE. Hypocrites is what many of them are.


    First of all, I’m sure you felt better after writing it … well, at least after calming down. As a registered Republican in Ohio, I say THANK YOU!

    Fish Out of Water September 14, 2012 at 8:15 am

    Is there a happy dance emoticon? Oh yeah baby, I’m going to love your Fuck You posts! Kudos M. Weebles, for saying everything we’re thinking.


    RIGHT FUCKING ON – from my Sicilian Grandmother to yours!


    To quote Frederick from “Hannah & Her Sisters” after watching fundamentalist preachers on the tee vee, “If Jesus came back and saw what was being done in his name, he’d never stop throwing up.”


    Reblogged this on mccrabass and commented:
    A must-read post by one of my fave bloggers evah, Madame Weebles. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Also, I strongly suggest you read, follow and worship her blog–totally worth it and you’ll get that warm feeling down there when you do.
    Peace and love,


    Hear, Hear! You tell it like it is, Madame Weebles.


    Preach it, Madame! I’ll be sharing the heck out of this!


    Wow, MW. Back with an exclamation point. It’s enlightening to hear a strong, fearless, female voice who knows that rape is rape unless it happens on the first Monday of the month during summer solstice under the Northern Lights and there are unicorns flying around everywhere. Then it doesn’t count.


    I’m an American. I’m a moderate Republican, sometimes a John Stossel libertarian : ). I love this country because it stands for freedom and, up until recently, it stood for tolerance. If you PREACH tolerance than you damn well better LIVE tolerance. Here’s a news flash: The guy wearing a white hood in Mississippi is no different than the white liberal elitist snob who thinks they own the country, who thinks their views and opinions are the only ones that should exist. There is no difference. Both are filled with hate. Both look at people from a very narrow view. Both have contempt for what they don’t understand. Both judge others and bully. Both drink, no, they gulp down the Kool aid. Hate, intolerance, ignorance and fear has permeated every nook and cranny of this great country. Some of the intolerance wears a disguise and parades around as “intelligence” or that which is “highly educated.” It scares me and makes me sad.

    This country has become so deeply divided that I barely recognize it anymore. I, for one, will not contribute to the hate, but rather spend my energy trying to find common ground. On Sept 11, I don’t recall any stories of people saving others but first asking, “What do you believe? Because if you don’t believe what I do than you’re a worthless piece of trash.” Nope, all that mattered was that they were human and they had a pulse. I was born in South Africa, grew up in New York, traveled the world and I’ve lived in several states across OUR country. I’ve always been proud to be an American – proud of what we stood for. Every state I’ve lived in has had beautiful people that love their country and their fellowman. I find that if you put your energy into hating, banging the drums of hate, you’re always going to find hateful people – you’ll find what you’re looking for. But if you put your energy into love and kindness and tolerance, always looking at a person’s soul, their worth, seeing each other through God’s eyes, the world becomes a much more beautiful place to live.

    I’ll never, ever join the ranks of haters. NEVER.


      Yet you threw out that right wing red meat ” white liberal elitist snob who thinks they own the country, who thinks their views and opinions are the only ones that should exist.” Comparing liberals to the Ku Klux Klan is a little over the top isn’t it? Doesn’t sound very tolerant to me, in fact it’s pretty hateful.


        I honestly didn’t know how else to communicate that particular group of people. I’m sorry if the words “elitist snob” offend you. I forgot that since I don’t share your view I’m not allowed to use words like “Fucking idiot” “Fucking misogynist bastards” “fucking hypocrites,” “halfwits,” “vile, arrognat, pathetic,” “Insane,” “Evil,” “Ignorant troglodytes.” I’m so sorry. I thought I was being civil. Next time I’ll tone it down.


          I think RedRoadDiaries was attempting to make the point that being a “liberal” and “white” doesn’t make one an “elitist snob”. There is nothing wrong with being liberal-minded – and I don’t think you were saying that was a problem. It is being closed-minded and intolerant that is a problem. Since real liberals thinkers are the descendants of classical libertarianism – that is why those words share a root :)
          Elitist snobs of any stripe (liberal or conservative or classical idiotic) are just arrogant “Fucking bastards” more interested in hearing their own voices.
          RedRoadDiaries perhaps short-circuited her point with the closing attack line…


            Thanks, I agree with you. I’m dyslexic and sometimes I have a hard time pulling up the right words and articulating my feelings. Yes, elitist snobs can be found across the board and their arrogance is quite offensive and abusive. I’m fiscally conservative, I’d love to shrink the size of the government and let everyone do their own thing – I’d rather have states decide on social issues rather than Washington. I’m a live and let live sort of girl who loves the idea of freedom. I’m also a strong independent thinking woman. I cringe when I see these huge generalizations being made and I hear all the intolerance. Thanks for feeling what I was trying to say. : )


              My pleasure :)
              I am from Canada. And we have our own elitist snobs problem. I am thinking they are just really big bed-bugs because the resurgence in bed bugs seems co-related :P
              But then I could be delusional…


        Grippy was just making a very solid point “There is no difference. Both are filled with hate. Both look at people from a very narrow view. Both have contempt for what they don’t understand. Both judge others and bully”


          Thanks for that, Audra. HATE IS HATE, no matter what part of the country it comes from. I’m not sure why that’s such a difficult concept for people to understand. Hate also begets hate, so I’m not sure what result is being accomplished here.


          I see your point, Audra, and I’ll say to you what I said to Grippy — I cannot help but feel hatred towards those who still regard women as chattel, still think gay people are not entitled to the same rights as everyone else, and present themselves as paragons of Christian virtue. I can’t. Does it make me a bad person? Maybe. But I sleep fine at night.


            I agree with you Weebles.. I just don’t like the large lumping that is going on– on both sides of the street.
            and now I will slowly back away from the conversations and HIDE behind a tree on the playground.


      Grippy, believe it or not, I used to be a Republican. Until the extreme right wing became so powerful and influenced even those who had been career moderates, like John McCain. Did you read my disclaimer?

      Typically, I’m not a hater. But when it comes to the politicians–and their followers–who would legislate discriminatory policies against women, gay people, immigrants, or whoever, and use the Bible or twist medical facts to suit their needs, yeah, I hate them. I can’t sit here and see what has been done to my old political party, and my country, in the name of “God,” and not feel hatred.

      If you can turn the other cheek to these people, kudos to you. I can’t.


    The best part about this is we all get to say Fuck You to them on November 6.


    Madame Weebles, I love you forever! I have been saying the same thing for years, except I live in Bible Belt Texas and it’s baaaaad out here. A fuck you rant was exactly what was needed. I am a died in the wool, yellow dog liberal whiney-ass hippy Democrat. But even some of my conservative friends are wondering “What the hell?” Great post. Go woman!

    Also, check your horoscope on my blog today. You might find it meaningful. Or something.


    I knew that I would enjoy this feisty-with-a-hint-of-red-ass version of you!


    Full disclosure: I am a registered Republican.

    More disclosure: I registered back in the day when the party welcomed folks with moderate and liberal views – back when the party had a firm grasp of foreign policy. That was a long time ago.

    I am deeply, deeply ashamed and embarrassed by what the party has become over the past few years.

    I agree with every single word of your post. Well done, Weebles. This is also probably the last time I will post anything about politics, too.

    I am also glad that you don’t have a beef with actual wingnuts; I like to tighten nuts without a wrench. Kinda nifty, that.


    In all seriousness, El from Running from Hell with El wrote a great piece on politics a few weeks ago. It’s mainly about media distortion, and how it divides, sometimes unnecessarily. There really is a huge difference between being fiscally conservative and being across the board conservative. And so many folks seem to get confused about this. I totally wish I was a Democrat, mainly so that I could pronounce myself a pinko commie, which just sounds so much better than right-wing nut-job. However, I just can’t stand dumping my money down drains and having every last thing legislated. So, even though I’m entirely liberal/libertarian on many social issues, I’m still a registered Republican. (When I lived in Michigan I was actually registered as an independent; it’s easier to be an independent there than here.)

    Also, there are a LOT of medical reasons to advocate birth control over abortion. I actually think abortion should be legal. I’m just appalled when I hear stories about women who have repeat abortions, when for health reasons, it really should be used as an absolute last resort. Infections, future issues with infertility, the psychological trauma (I haven’t seen a recent DSM but it used to be on there as a diagnosis), and increased cancer risk. I really think our educational system is failing people, especially when it comes to fully understanding their sexual health. We definitely need to do more than throw condoms at teenagers and hope it works out.


      I absolutely agree with you, Lovely. As I mentioned in a few comments above, I used to be a Republican myself. I was always more conservative on issues of fiscal policy. Still am, really. But nowadays, as you said, there’s no divide–you’re either all in or you’re all out. There’s no such thing as moderate anymore. And I agree that birth control is ALWAYS a better option than abortion, and people shouldn’t be using abortion as a regular form of birth control. Although I do feel that abortion should always remain a legal option. But if politicians insist on not funding birth control efforts, and keeping people in the dark on sexual edicuation and health, we’ll continue to have these problems.


    Testify sister! Same people that sent me into a tailspin this week and a few weeks ago. Not only is rape not rape if you get pregnant (which I didn’t) but my rape isn’t as important because I am a woman. Apparently, according to my brother, my rape isn’t as valuable because I am a girl. yep he said that to me this week. I told him Fuck Him. I am sorry he had it happen to but it is the same and then he had the ball to tell me google. Apparently goggle thinks so as well as the republican party…according to him. Sorry…you hit a sore spot for this week.


    Can I get a witness! Yeah, Baby!!!

    This reminds me of something I heard recently, “Your actions are speaking so loudly, I can’t hear your words.” I sincerely wish all American voters could hear the actions of their candidates…and not swallow the PR bullshit and swill of venomous talking heads.

    And Matthew Dowd’s comment on ABC’s This Week, “At some point, the Truth SHOULD matter.” Truth and reality have become a most regrettable casualty of this Republican cycle.
    ;-) Madame Weebles, any teasers for who/what we’re fucking next? Are you taking suggestions? You know I have a few…


      It’s so true, Nikki—the truth SHOULD matter. On both sides, not just for the Republicans or the Democrats. But nobody seems to understand that anymore.

      I have to think about who we’ll be fucking next, there are so many choices — suggestions are ALWAYS welcome! This will be a weekly feature, I think: “Fuck You Fridays.”


    The wingnuts have destroyed the party. Barry Goldwater himself would be disgusted.


    LOVE IT! Thank you for being so eloquent, articulate, and powerful in stating the – what should be – obvious!

    surroundedbyimbeciles September 14, 2012 at 10:22 am

    I must admit that I don’t like either party because each promotes it’s own form of big government. Reps want to establish a moral code for everyone. Dems feel the need to babysit the populace. Leave us alone to live the way we want. Life is about personal choices. If we succeed or fail, then it’s our responsibility to accept it and deal with it – not the government’s. I’m not sure what those ideas make me ideologically.Surrounded By Imbeciles (Dashboard)


      I’m not sure what I am ideologically either, SBI. I’m a registered Independent. I don’t really like either party, to be honest. Each one has fatal flaws, but at the moment I find the fatal flaws of the Republicans to be more dangerous. And I agree, either way, it would be nice if the government would just leave the public alone.


    Politics is so tasty, isn’t it?


    You Rock! I am just like Aliceatwonderland, ‘cept I live in south Alabama. (like the belt buckle of the bible belt south) I am not a Hater, But I do get angry. I feel it is OK to rant. That is one of the great things about OUR country.You Dear have started a Shit Soup :) I am on your side so keep on. You started out with fair warning and a big dose of HOT Pepper. Stir the pot honey! OH Thank You for getting that off my chest,Well said. Have a Lovely Day ya’ll…;)


    Oh PS I used to live in Oregon. I was/am a Tree Hugger and we had real medicine that worked! So There, :) Ha, how do you like me now??


    You have not lost this follower. :)


    Good rant, Weebs, but I fear that if enough swing states vote Romney we’ll be grateful we have our friends in Canada as we pack our bags on November 7th and prepare to move up north. This election is going to be a squeaker, and if Romney is the victor, then the wingnuts really will rule and the rest of us will lose big-time.


    Thanks for standing up for the diversity that is this country. There is no longer a place in it for a predominantly white male club.


    What do you think it is to make people thing like the people you mention here? I know a lot have been brainwashed and grew up this way, but I also know there are enough who are free-thinkers and continue to spew this rhetoric out because it benefits them in some way. Is it a money thing?

    Your thoughts…


      I’ve wondered a lot about this. I do think it benefits some people financially to spew this rhetoric–if they’re in politics I think there’s a lot of lobby money in it. Same with talking heads on the news—there’s always going to be a demand for people who stir the pot. But honestly, I really don’t know.


        I wondered this also and just started reading “The Reactionary Mind: Conservati​sm from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin” by Corey Robin. It’s well-written and cites many sources. I can’t understand what I see as the fear of change, the gut reaction to not letting things evolve (socially, economically, etc.) and the book’s been insightful, so far.
        Personally, I am not offended by this post. I’m not a Conservative, not a Republican. Hell, I’m not even a Democrat, anymore. I’m just me.


          I haven’t read that one, I think I’ll check it out. I know plenty of people who aren’t really sure where they stand ideologically anymore, because the pendulum has swung so far from where it used to be. I’m just me too. We all should just have a whole party called “Just Us.”


    Would you come up here and kick the shit out of Harper?


    Weebs, this made me uncomfortable which I think was your purpose. I don’t like people hating period. No matter which side it comes from. There are extreme conservatives and extreme liberals and each have spewed hatred at each other. I don’t think it works coming from either side. I don’t talk politics for this reason; it seems to bring out such hatred and venom anymore and I don’t like being around that.

    And please know that just because you’re from New York, not everyone, including some Republicans hate New Yorkers or think that New York is Sodom or a big pit of evil. I think those opinions come from those people who are misinformed and like to stir things up. Just like I have to deal with certain stereotypes because of where I grew up, I guess everyone does. But those hateful stereotypes usually come from those who are just ignorant and, for whatever reason, aren’t open to change or learning or listening or treating humans with respect.

    We watch news skewed to this side or that; entertainers (nothing more — driven by ratings) that get everyone all worked up. Both sides are people listening for hours for those “gaffes” that they can then turn into sound bytes and keep everyone separated. I think there’s more people that just want to live free and be able to practice and love and believe the way they want than what television depicts. We have that in America. We can believe how we want and love who we want. It may not be exactly how everyone wants, but change takes time.

    I’ve lived in many different places and there is kindness everywhere. Just as there is hate. I think you can draw each to you, depending on what you put out. That may sound naive, but I feel it’s the truth. I don’t like hateful diatribes against anyone. What’s the point? Isn’t that’s what’s wrong now? People not being able to work together?

    As always, you write things that resonate with people, Weebs. I’m sure you’re going to get several points of view. Thought-provoking, friend.


      clap clap clap.. I love you Brigitte…


      I knew this was going to make people uncomfortable, Brigitte. It wasn’t my main goal, but I knew it would happen. Many people are not comfortable with anger. And that’s perfectly okay. I agree that kindness and hate can be found everywhere.

      The purpose of my post was to express my extreme anger at a very specific group of people who have undue influence in the United States. Did you read my disclaimer? This is not aimed at all Republicans, by any means. Hell, I used to be a Republican myself and am now an Independent.

      And this diatribe—because yes, it is a diatribe—is not based on what I’ve heard from media sound bites. It’s based on some very real policies proposed, very real statements, very real events.

      I didn’t actually write this from a place of hate. I wrote this from a place of deep, deep sadness, mingled with extreme anger at what’s happening to the United States, a country I still love. I hate what’s happening, and yes, I hate anyone who seeks to hold others down. I hate those haters. . Personally, I don’t think that makes me a hater per se, or a hypocrite. If people here think it does, well, there’s nothing I can do about that.


    And for the record, I AM for everyone, including all the people you mentioned above, as being treated as equal. I think you can surmise from reading my posts how I believe.


    Here, here, Brigitte! I couldn’t agree more. Our media has become a cesspool of agenda pushing phonies. I’m so very aware that there are multiple sides to every story. I don’t believe any one piece of news, anymore. Everything is slanted. Some people buy into it, though, hook line and sinker. It’s very distressing. I’m thankful that I have the good sense to stand back and see the circus for what it is. I’m glad I’m a discerning consumer. I agree with you, hateful diatribes just create more hate. I’m glad not to be a part of it. It’s not constructive and it hurts my spirit. : (


      (see big B slammed it)


        I don’t feel that my angry rant makes me a hater, nor do I think that it will create hate. But of course you can interpret me and my post however you like.


          There’s a difference between saying ‘fuck you’ out of hatred and saying it out of a defense of what you feel is an attack on your rights and value as a person. Puffing up your chest and drawing a line in the sand of public policy warrants you saying ‘fuck you’ to the other side. Actively hating someone is different and I don’t see this as stemming from hatred. Anger and hatred aren’t always the same thing. Many people equate the two, though.


            WORD, calahan. ANd I agree, there’s a difference between anger and hatred, and especially in what you do with the anger or hatred. Expressing either one isn’t necessarily bad; it’s the actions that stem from it that cause all the problems.


    As I read this post, I felt the emotional energy that you put into it. And I suspect that you wrote it, sat with it and edited before you put it up. It actually brought up deep emotion with me and I found myself choking back tears – because I so agree on so many levels. To me it speaks of things that are so illogical and self-righteous within the GOP, so foreign – that I simply can’t understand them. I don’t understand how the word “Liberal” became a swear word. I don’t understand how “Compromise” became failure. And I don’t understand how, when the President gave his State of the Union address that a congressman felt justified to shout “Liar.”

    Some people here use the word hate. Rather, what I sense is deep anger about things that threaten constitutional rights. Anger is always about boundaries. And I think that the people to whom you refer in this post have crossed the line into intolerance, obstinance and self-righteousness. I think one of the biggest challenges for me is to be tolerant of intolerant people, to avoid judging the judgmental. I don’t have that one down yet – and sometimes it just has to come down to a fight.

    Thank you for speaking my mind. I think the tears come from a deep sadness about where we seem to be politically and you’ve summed it up in your usual direct (if not polite) writing style. That’s why you have such a following and why I admire you deeply.


      Now I’ve got tears in my eyes too because you read the energy behind this perfectly, Cathy. Thank you. I wrote this several days ago, and rewrote and rewrote and reread and reread it. I had a few other people look at it too so I could get their take on it. And It’s something I’ve thought about for a very long time, long before I ever started blogging.

      I wrote this out of anger and sadness, yes. It obviously reads as hate to some people. I too am not good at showing tolerance for the intolerant. (As someone who wants to help people through energy healing, I should have a better handle on that but I don’t yet.) Especially when the intolerance is so incredibly offensive on so many levels, and to so many different demographics. And you very eloquently described exactly the types of things I mean. Intolerance, self-righteousness and obstinance—on either side—is bad, but at the moment the extreme right has tipped the scales.

      Thank you for *getting* it, my friend.


    Extremism of an kind is deadly. Intolerance of any kind leads to destruction.
    Unfortunately, it seems that we have become obsessed with the obscene, obsessed with the fringe, obsessed with edge, that we miss that most people are much more moderate at heart.
    The real majority needs to step forward and say we are done with hearing our leaders spewing insane, self-serving, hate. It is time for our leaders to stop speaking – and time for them to start listening.
    I look at every major leader of every major power and all I see are people full of purpose and empty of compassion. Full of fury, and empty of hope.
    Full of promises and empty of meaning.
    Maybe I just need to create my own country. Who wants to Terra-form Mars and start all over again?


      Can I come to Mars with you?

      You’re absolutely right, Merlin, and you phrase your points beautifully. At what point can we all just say “ENOUGH”? At what point can we have politicians who are serving the PUBLIC needs and not their own?


      I agree whole heartedly with you Merlin. For every idiotic thing that’s said on the right there is one of equal magnitude on the left. I could go tit for tat all day with someone if they wanted to get into it – but to what avail? What you said about the majority of Americans being moderate is very true. I’ve lived in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Kansas, and Utah, California and I have yet to meet anyone who reflects the radical viewpoints that I’m hearing in this post. I think the media likes to fan those flames when in reality it’s barely a spark. We need leaders that bring us together and work across the aisle, not people that divide us. I’m sick of it.


        You know what I find interesting,Grippy? You’re commenting on everyone’s reply except mine to you. Did you NOT read my disclaimer about this NOT being about every Republican?

        I’m referring to the extremists. They’re not just in the news, they’re not just the lunatic fringe. They’re in the Senate and Congress. They’re people who opposed the Paycheck Fairness Act, who don’t seem interested in finding an alternative to the terms proposed in that act if there were details they didn’t like. The people who agree with Pat Robertson about smacking their wives (and there are PLENTY of them, don’t kid yourself). The folks in Arizona who wanted to enact a law requiring everyone to show their “papers” upon request–that one had to go to Arizona Supreme Court to finally be stopped. The people who oppose legalizing same-sex marriage. I could go on and on.

        And if you think I’m an arbitarily ranting idiot who is easily swayed by media coverage, then you don’t know me at all.


          I don’t think that at all. You know I think you’re awesome, Weebs. I just know that there are radicals on both sides that say and do stupid things. Both sides. I could go tit for tat with everything and throw in the exceptions, in every argument, but to what avail? This post made me uncomfortable, not because your angry, but because it feels like your lumping a lot of things together. The result, whether you wanted it or not, feels completely out of whack. You may have just been specifying a small right wing group but some people reading your blog have now lumped your words to fit their general view of Republicans. So they leave your post thinking Republicans are evil, bigoted people. That’s not only untrue, it’s unfounded and unfair. I know that’s not your intention but when you put this stuff out there, that’s what you get.
          I think if you’re going to talk about politics it should be in a very respectful and responsible way, or not at all. There’s already too much hate and intolerance and stupidity to ever stir the pot again.
          I believe that states should decide for themselves what their laws will be, not some Washington bureaucrat who has no idea what’s going on in that particular state. I’m fiscally conservative. I want to shrink the size of government not come up with more rules and regulations and programs that tell people how they have to live their lives. I’m all about freedom and choice. I want those who are in office to work across the aisle. They work for us. They need to put their radical self serving agendas aside and compromise. I want to be proud of those holding positions in our government. I want competent, capable, intelligent, responsible leaders who love this country and know how to serve it’s citizens.
          I could go on and on… I literally started shaking and have felt rattled all morning. Not a happy thing.
          When I am passionate about something I lose my words – my dyslexia takes over and I’m rendered stupid. That’s why I didn’t respond to you. And still – if I read this back it won’t be right no matter how many times I tinker with it. I know you know my heart as I believe I know yours. You’re my animal loving, pepsi drinking, ancestry seeking, funny friend.
          I fear that I’m too soft and sensitive for this sort of cage rattling.
          I hope you understand.


            Please, take this as the civil toned question it is intended as: You’ve mentioned states’ rights over federal, but do you think that the Civil Rights issues should have been decided on the state level? The Nation Guard escorting kids to school in Arkansas, do you feel that was the government overreaching? Up until, what, 1980 (?), it was legal in some states for a husband to rape his wife. North Carolina became the last state to make this criminal in 1993. Would this not have been better dealt with as a federal law? I’m just curious, really.


            That’s fair, Grippy. I’m sorry you feel rattled, I know this isn’t fun stuff to think about. I personally don’t think my post was all over the place, and it doesn’t seem as if anyone here has interpreted my post as saying that all Republicans are evil. The comments reflect that people understand that there is an extreme element at work here. Both sides are culpable regarding our state of politics, of course, but I hold one the far right responsible for a particularly egregious set of distortions that affect people on a deeply personal level.

            We—meaning the folks here on this blog—all seem to want the same thing. We may have different ideas on how to do it, but we have the same goals. My rant here is in regard to the members of the far right, who evidently want very few of the things you and I might want, especially when it comes to personal freedom and equality.

            But as you said, we need competent, caring leadership and people who are willing to reach across the aisle to work together. That isn’t happening now and both parties are to blame. We can all agree on that. It would be nice if both sides could just get along.

            So let’s take some deep cleansing breaths, and have some Pepsi, shall we?


      I do I do.. please can I come?


    I want to comment but I don’t know what to say. This excited me when I read it. I was basically raised a hippie but I’ve drifted further and further toward the middle of the last few years. It’s interesting to see all of the comments here too. I can understand both sides. On one we should be tolerant of others, but what it too far. How can we justify being tolerant of intolerant people? We can’t, and shouldn’t. Some will say that it isn’t right to judge, but I don’t see you casting down a finial judgement on anyone. Judgment should be righteous. People need to be held accountable for their actions, even if we have to do so in a unflattering way. Thanks Weebs. So, these are the wing-nuts that keep coming unscrewed?


      These are the wingnuts I was referring to, yes. It’s interesting, the thoughts that this post has brought up. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with anger. I don’t even think it’s crime to feel hate. It’s what you DO with that anger and hate that causes problems. I’m certainly not casting final judgment, and I don’t think anyone else here is either. I think accountability is hugely important, as you’ve pointed out. On both sides.


        Yep, we are the only thing we can control.

        Both sides have moved so far in their perspective directions just over the last 10-20 years, if that. I’m more times than not, lost when it comes to finding a representative for myself.


    It’s a good show, isn’t it? There are idiots everywhere, and this post is just about one particular brand of idiots. The GOP doesn’t have the monopoly on idiots, they happen to just include the ones who piss me off the most at the moment, and they strike me as the most dangerous. But there’s plenty to go around.


    Exactly. And I agree that Clinton was a dipshit for getting his freak on in the White House, and that will never justify Pat Robertson spewing hatred. Nor does my ranting mean that there aren’t problems inherent elsewhere in politics.


    Sobering, and by sobering I mean heart-wrenching, break out in a cold sweat thought, no pie in the sky rosey glasses: Is this the climate, the timbre of public discourse in 1930’s Germany that made death camps possible? I pray we’re not there yet, but the mere thought has me swirling thinking: what the fuck can I do to make SURE that Auschwitz NEVER happens in my country, under my watch???????????? If there are warning signs, alarm bells someone please enlighten me…I’m serious as a heart attack. Marginalizing entire groups of people is step one to making them less than human. Individuals accountable for their crapola: a resounding YES.
    I’m calming down now, MW. Please reassure me we’re not there yet. Nikki


    Me and my outer limits political ass could never get away with saying this because, well — you might have figured out why — so I thank you for the fuck you I could never get away with.


    Since this seems to have raised all sorts of feelings, I’ll just jump in and out here –
    -An excellent rant!
    -I thought you were clear in not using a wide brush on Republicans in general , but stating the positions you had an issue with, and by associations, issues with the people who hold their positions.
    -Sadly, I don’t think much good can be said about either side right now, including the people I will vote for.
    -And most sadly, Theodore Roosevelt would either not be, or not be elected as, a Republican today. Nor do I think Lincoln or Reagan would.

    I think we may be in a whole new game here. And one that is exceptionally little fun to play, despite how necessary it is to be involved.

    And again, great job stringin them word-things together, Madame Weebles.


      Thank you, Guap! I agree with your points about Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln and even Reagan. They’re way too moderate for these guys. I don’t have a lot of great things to say for either side in general either, and it’s depressing. It really is a whole new game, in a whole new world. It is extremely unfun, but as you said, extremely necessary to play.


    I’ve read this all with deep interest, because though I live in New Zealand, what happens in the US affects us mightily – we’re even being pressured by the US to go GM at the moment. So people like me get anxious about American politics too.
    I read somewhere recently that the far right -, a smallish group of people -are controlling all of America, because not only are they running the Republican party, but also impacting on the Democrats and how they react and make policy. I lived through World War 11, and know how the far right can exert influence far beyond their numbers simply because they don’t care about the means to their ends, apart from the outrageousness of their ends..
    I have a quote by writer Marilyinne Robinson stuck to my computer:It says ” A successful autocracy rests on the universal failure of individual courage.A democracy relies on its exercise. I think we would be wise to learn to cherish it in one another.”
    So I really value this conversation, and hope it spreads.


      Hi there Valerie! Yes, of course NZ and so many other countries end up affected by what happens here, so you should join in the conversation as well. I will say, if it makes you feel better, that we’re not at the point where the whole country is controlled by the far right–I’m happy to report that those rumors are untrue. My fervent hope is that it never becomes true. But I suspect that this election will bring these issues to the forefront more than any previous one. So glad you commented!


        Thanks for your reply, you’ve certainly set my mind at rest over the far right! I shall be following the conversation with deep interest – watching your individual courage – democracy in action !




    Madame – I appreciate the dialogue you started here and humbly add a link to a sad/angry/strangely poetic rant of my own. Not political as much as a tortured view of the state of the union. I think it is wonderful when thoughtful people have the courage to express their views and I am grateful to live in a country where we can still hear freedom ring. However faintly or sharply it peals, it resonates in the hearts of those who love it. http://honiebriggs.com/2012/07/05/any-port-in-a-storm/


    OMG Weebs, I am going to burn my computer for not making this the first thing I read this morning, but I am kind of in love with you right now. I have so many American friends who fall somewhere in the middle between whatever the fuck is going on with the GOP and the democrats and I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to not have a voice, to not be represented. I can’t help but look at Fox News and how the GOP mercilessly beats anyone who disagrees with them into the ground and think that they’re using 1984 as their playbook. It’s such a bizarre and hurtful legacy that they’re inflicting.
    I need to spend some time going through what looks to be some very interesting comments.


    Weebles for Congress!!!


    Weebs – This one is from my local paper. (Sorry, unavailable online.) … from a guest editorial … near the beginning, thus the foundation for the essay.

    “He (God) would agree with the Tea Party pinciples, not because He agrees with us, but because we agree with him.”


    Loved the passion in this piece. I hate social engineering, and conservative Evangelical Republicans are the most guilty of it. What I hate is that many of them consider their area the real America. America actually began in Massachusetts, Virginia etc.—they talk like Paul Revere rode through Texas that one midnight.
    Now they are causing a brouhaha against legal immigration as well. Because we are ‘stealing jobs’ apparently.
    Also, I’m glad you mentioned that it was 3000 New Yorkers who died on 9/11, so it is particularly offensive of them to accuse coastal liberals of appeasing terrorists.


      Welcome, Bharat, and thank you very much! Social engineering of any kind sucks, and it’s really taken a very bizarre series of turns over the past several years. And you make a great point about how they define “the real America.” The Bible Belt doesn’t have the monopoly on American values but they think they do. People on both sides are guilty of mudslinging, but the conservative right wingers have gone way beyond anything we could ever have imagined. Thank you so much for such important insights!

    theabrasiveembrace September 14, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Thanks a lot for writing this. I feel the same.


    AMEN Madame. I’m gonna love the new “fuck you” series.
    I don’t even know what this post of mine says any more, but I’m going to share a link with you.
    I don’t think the people to whom you refer know what a troglodyte is though. I suggest using more words like it! Keep ’em pissed off and guessing! BRAVO!


      Bless you, Twinkly!! I read your post, and it’s a BEAUTY. Yeah, girl! Good call on the use of the word “troglodyte” too. Real English can be a strange and foreign language to a lot of them, I suspect.


    Note to self: Do not piss off Mme. Weebles. Good on you. I love when people speak their minds. I’m going to like this series as well. :-)


    You have a really screwed up perception of “republican wingnuts” and the political playing field in general. Not offended, most of what you said is bs.
    A Marine Veteran


      I wish it were bullshit but I’m afraid it’s not, sir. Thank you for commenting, though.


        I am interested to see the evidence that Repubs are discriminatory, against women’s rights, and in general only want to prop up the white Christian male.


          Aside from the legislation they’ve proposed that outlaws same-sex marriage, encourages racial profiling, and their continual rejection of the Equal Rights Amendment and fair pay acts? Aside from the lawmakers who support faith-based initiatives that ban abortion, birth control, sex ed, equality for gay people, and the teaching of evolution in schools, because they go against Christian teachings? Not much, I guess.


    It ain’t just the political and religious folk either. Well said, well said.


    I wish I could like this a million times.


    Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m appreciative of it! I’m just maybe not so worthy of such an exuberant greeting. And I thank you, and grovel and stuff.


    You are the shiznit.

    Honestly, I’m more Right than I am Left, but these hardcore cuckoo birds are just too much. Where is honest representation in this country?

    The other day I tweeted that election season makes me embarrassed for my country, and I totally stand by that.


    That was beautiful! Brava!!


    We have nut bars in Canada too. Little bit harder to group them by political bents, but we have them. I am a practicing Christian and I’m very committed and devoted to my faith. Sadly, in my circle of fellow believers, there is some hatred of certain groups, mainly gays, aboriginals and Muslims (and Seiks because they can’t tell the Seik from the Muslim) that shames me. I wont get into a debate on what is sin and what is not sin for three reasons: I am not qualified, I am not without my own sin, and Jesus’ mission was with sinners and that means EVERY LAST ONE OF US. Not one of us is better in anyway than the next guy. In my interpretation of sin and sinners I see my roll is to love sinners (ie everybody), let God convict sinners of right and wrong (that is not my job-mainly because I’d bugger it up) and to be a support to anyone that feels lead by God or any other inspiration, to make a change in their life. I know non Christian gays and Muslims that show more compassion and love for humanity than some of my more embarrassing compatriots. I guess I gotta try and love them too for they know not what they do. I can’t tell them they are wrong ’cause they wont listen. I try to lead by example.


    Ah, Madame Weebles…you’ve expressed what we’ve been thinking at our house for awhile now!!! I wouldn’t use quite so many f-bombs, but the sentiment stands :) I am a deeply faithful Christian, and I am appalled at the things that are being said that get attributed to Christians in general. Just as when all Muslims get blamed for the views and actions of radical extremists, the things that the extreme Christians say and do cast a bad name on us all. I have read the Bible through and through, and the message it sends is one of love and tolerance. Jesus stops people from stoning sinners, he heals the outcasts, he demands we help the poor and oppressed. This is not the message I see coming out of the very far right. And that far right is moving right into the mainstream these days.


      You’re right, Aimee. It’s terrible to see how these people try to pass themselves off as good Christians and then turn around and say and do things that decent humans just shouldn’t do. Thank you so much for commenting!!


    Madame Weebles you’re my hero! I love you! You said it perfectly and inspired such an amazing volley! Now everyone take a fucking chill-pill, think about it, and have a good weekend :)


    One more quote for you, MW. I promise it’s my last for the day.
    From the very inventive Mr. Alexander Graham Bell,
    “America is a country of inventors, and the greatest of inventors are the newspaper men.”
    I don’t know the context of this quote or even if Mr. Bell indulged in satire but it seems to fit the conversation? Nikki


    You go go go!! Love that about you. And you are a fabulous Catwoman!


    In Australia the political equivalent of the Republican Party is the Liberal Party. I don’t vote for them. Just the other day however an old Liberal Party Prime Minister – Malcolm Fraser – was interviewed on tv. He was asked why he had left the Liberal Party. One of the things Fraser said in reply was that the original Liberal Party had never been a party of conservatives [said in a tone of loathing].

    I suspect that the US Republican Party was meant to stand for something else, way back in the time of Theodore Roosevelt as well. Back then democracy was not synonymous with rampant capitalism. It was not synonymous with ‘spin’. It was not synonymous with small minded consumerism. It was not synonymous with hatred and a religion pandering to the fears of its congregation.

    Isn’t it curious that that period coincides with the time when the whole world looked up to the US as an example of the best that a nation could be?

    Something has to change or democracy will become one of those failed theories that promised hope but died with a whimper.


      You are so right. SO RIGHT. When Teddy Roosevelt was president, the US had its share of internal issues, even though we hadn’t yet become hated by the rest of the world. But democracy and progress still meant something. There was still optimism about what could be done. I think that was true in many countries back then. It was just a different era.

      And as you said so articulately, the Republican party back then wasn’t all rampant capitalism, small-minded consumerism, religion and hatred. That’s a much more recent phenomenon, which has evolved over the past 30 years or so. Something really does have to change.


    You the Queen!


    Reblogged this on curvyelviesays and commented:
    Mrs. Weebles has written a very thought provoking blog. Hope you enjoy it!


    Great post… It’s a shame that there are actually people that live in this country like that. Isn’t this supposed to be 2012? Shouldn’t we not only be more tolerant of people but also more accepting? Doesn’t the Bible that they hold in such a deep regard say something to the effect of “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”?


    If I wasn’t already a follower, I would be one after reading this post. I am envisioning the wingnuts’ faces as they ricochet to the side and spew saliva from their loose lips as your enraged fist makes contact. Take that and well done my dear!


    Tell it like it is sister! I couldn’t agree more, and I couldn’t have said it better.


    We have politicians like that over here too (ireland) completely crazy, two faced and will step over their dead mother for more power, more money.



    A few weeks ago, I read a piece by a blogger I follow who is a Republican. Her cry was to “just try to get along.” I was livid. Steaming mad.

    Sure, I’m going to watch idiots destroy the economy, the environment and the reputation of my country and I’m gonna play nice? Nope. Not gonna happen.

    Fuck you wingnuts!


    So happy I found your blog! Ya gotta love that Freshly Pressed! LOVE this post, too!


    So I say to myself, I like her wit and damn, she can write. Let me have a look-see on what she’s up to, and wham! I have a sore neck from dodging your saliva. As an independent and half Sicilian, I feel your rage. Feel better now?


    OMG, you wobbled via Freshly Pressed into my in-box. I did a double-take and just about got whiplash because my name is MrsWeeble and has been for 30-some years. So jealous of your brilliant blog name. I have been wracking my brain for a Weeble name for a future blog. If you have any rejects, I’d love to hear them. Knew I loved you when I read this post. Keep up the good work. Love, MrsWeeble


      Well hello Mrs. Weeble!! I must know more about how you came to be known by this name. I’m afraid I didn’t have any other Weeble-related blog ideas, this one sort of popped into my head! But there must be some other good ones, I’ll have to think about that….. in any case, welcome!!!


        I’m married to Wendell, who is really a Weeble-type guy. My father-in-law started calling me Mrs. Weeble a long time ago. He passed away but the name stuck. Mr. Weeble’s and my dream is to pull up stakes and become full-time RVers within the next few years. All those wandering folks have blogs and we thought we would do the same…you know, Weebles on Wheels or something like that. How about you, Madame?


    Awesomeness! You have said everything I have been thinking/feeling about the crazy right wingers! Well said!


    Yes. Thank you. Two posts read is all it took for me to hit “follow.”


    My dear, Madame Weebles, I think my heart just grew five sizes for you and your blog :D Hats off, Lady! xo


    From the number of comments here I think you’ve been FP for this brilliant post. Congratulations!

    The original Republicans who founded this country were honest folks. I can’t believe how the current crop get away with all the lying and “flip-flopping”, and I didn’t give them permission to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body, AND what scares me more is there are folks out there who believe them.


      Hi Rosie! Believe it or not, this wasn’t the post that got me FP’d, but it obviously hit a nerve with a lot of people. This current crop of Republicans scares the crap out of a lot of people, and you’re right, there are so many people who believe them, and that’s even scarier.


    Looks like I’m late to the party. I loved the passion in your piece and read through many of the comments. Your piece wasn’t about hatred at all. Anger has a proper place. When your life is in danger, you have a right to forcefully speak out and/or protect yourself. For even a moderate republican to vote republican today is a vote against modern science, and thus a vote for the continung destruction to our planet. Well done!


      I like your style, Mr. Hill. And thank you! I am in 100% agreement with you. The Republicans are setting knowledge and science back 100 years, and as you rightly pointed out, they will only contribute to the destruction of the environment everywhere. I try to be open minded and respectful of everyone’s opinions, but I don’t see how people can not understand how much we’ve already destroyed the earth and how Republican policies contribute so much to it.


    You inspired me to post my own rant, FWIW :)


    Wow, you really stirred up a hornet’s nest. Well done

    PS I’m a Brit, Does my view count?


    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You articulated exactly what I have thought for a while now. I wish I had typed “fuck you republicans” into google sooner!


      Hi Scooter! I’m so glad you found me, glad to know another like-minded soul. There are many of us, it seems… Here’s to common sense (barely) winning out over crazy Republican fuckers!


    Madame Weebles, it has been a very long time since I’ve felt such pride. Thank You. I can comfortably say, you represent me, and evidently many more. It’s been somewhat difficult and lonely around the ‘net, if not down right painful. Because so many people in far away lands truly believe the fuck lords represent me, and every other U.S. citizen.
    I’m also quite proud of our commonality of Sicilian immigrant Grandmothers, and the fact that my homeland is Mount Vernon, NY.
    (I haven’t always been a Southern Belle.)
    Huge Love to You!


    You have big fucking beautiful balls and I love them.

    Thank you for having a mind, an opinion, and a voice…and using it. Thanks for not being a pussy. It’s a gift to write what so many think but are afraid to say, and to say it with so many fuck you’s is indeed powerful and incredibly awesome. You’ve got moxy, I’m right down the turnpike in Baltimore, so from one Mid-Atlantic woman to another, I admire your backbone. You fucking rock.


      Thank you so much! I’ll tell you, it’s hard to find pants sometimes to accommodate these massive balls. Between them and the giant ovaries, I’m really bottom heavy. It’s not pretty. But I needed to get out all the anger and frustration that was building during that fucking presidential campaign. It felt goooood. I damn near smoked a cigarette after posting that.

      You’re in B’more? Whereabouts? Mr. Weebles is from just south of Baltimore, he grew up a few miles from BWI, in Linthicum. High-five to my I-95 homey!


    You’re one of the few people I know who can swear more than I can. Well done


    Oh yeah, I mean swearing in real life. I don’t often swear on my blog unless it’s reported speech, but my blog’s different from your, so that’s OK.
    BTW did you know that people who swear a lot tend to be of above intelligence, both at IQ and emotional intelligence?
    Sadly so do heavy metal fans. Never trust surveys:-)


    Shut the fuck up! I am going to follow you just because of this rant! I’m Canadian and have looked on my southern neighbours with horror at some of the antics that go on down there. Not that we don’t have our own shit up here (exhibit A – slaughtering baby seals with club) but man, that tea-party shit is creepy, like in-bred creepy. So, thanks for the show of passion for the sane side of the US.


    Weebles. You New York-residing climate change-believing wanker. I have some serious love for this rant. I’m afraid my middling feelings have fled me in exchange for a sizable intellectual erection that, while somewhat interesting, is also a little painful. You don’t know how real climate change is lady. And NYC. I love that place. I love with all my heart.


      Be sure that intellectual erection doesn’t last longer than 4 hours. If it does, please watch Fox News or read something involving Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck. That should take care of it.

      Something tells me you have some deep knowledge of how real climate change is, beyond what the average environmentally aware person knows. This intrigues me. You should come down to NYC so we can discuss.


        Maybe we should do that. I hope to be in NYC in the fall a few times. Climate change is a scary thing, the lag times involved make it seem entirely likely that it can’t really be stopped at this point.


    Fuck yeah, and I’m not even American and I liked it. Way to stick it to them! (But they’re going to hate you for it… Pesky shits).


    I loved everything you had to say! thank you! I so hope there are many many more like you and many many less like them(right wing psycopaths)out there! hopefully, with time, the sane ones will win out. thank you for a breath of fresh air.

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