Hot Dead Guys & Hot Dead Chicks

One of the regular features here at Fear No Weebles is the Hot Dead Guy/Hot Dead Chick profile. Click on “Hot dead guys” and “Hot dead chicks” in the Tag Cloud for biographical blurbs on everyone featured so far.

Alice RooseveltJennie JeromeSir Walter RaleighJohn OReillySailor Malan

Here are the results from our first Hot Dead Guy Sweet 16 Tournament. It was a huge success.

A Hot Dead Chick Sweet 16 is in the works. Stay tuned!

67 responses to Hot Dead Guys & Hot Dead Chicks


    Don’t know if you’ve added him yet or if you will, but how about John Paul Jones 1747-1792? Just a suggestion…love your blog. My favorite so far is Robert Cornelius. ;)


      Thank you so much! Actually, it’s funny that you should mention JPJ—he’s on my list for the next round. And Mr. Cornelius is my favorite as well. Clearly you have impeccable taste in men. So glad you visited!


    Yeats! Wowsa, and then throw in the poetry… That guy must have gotten all the chicks!


    Note to self: Buy cravat, write poetry, and wait for the honeys to line up. No, wait, one has to be dead first. Note to self: Become zombie, buy cravat …


      Well really, you have several options—you can do the poetry/cravat thing, that’s always a winner. But you could become a pilot (chicks dig the flyboys), or wear a Victorian-style suit, those seem to be popular too. And you’re in luck if you become a zombie–I’ll be introducing a new feature called “Zombie Hot”, where people can weigh in on which guys and gals they find so hot that they would do them even if they were a zombie.


    Could I nominate Beethoven? I had a strange hot dead guy crush on him some years ago. I thought he was rather dashing with his wild, untamable hair and menacing expressions. I swooned over him many a night whilst listening to Moonlight Sonata.


      He does look pretty good in that drawing, doesn’t he. Plus, have you ever read his letter to “Immortal Beloved”? That’s swoon-worthy right there. Okay, Ludwig goes on the list!


    LOVE this! :D Hahahaha


    I’m glad there’s going to be more. I was slightly anxious about looking at this page in case the photos were post-mortem. Luckily, it was just the right side of wrong which is just the way I like it. More please.


    I think you should definitely add Edwin Booth to the Hot Dead Guys repertoire. Just take a look at him:


      I can see the appeal—he has that Victorian thing going on, which I love. For some reason his little brother John Wilkes seemed to get more love from the ladies. Too bad.


        Yes, I think he’s much hotter than John Wilkes.

        He’s got the Victorian thing, but also in a slightly unkempt sort of way, which just makes it all the better, in my opinion.


    Dear Madame,
    That Robert Cornelius.
    The hair, the broody look…..
    Isn’t this the guy that has communicated with you?
    I need to do some homework on your blog here.
    Love, Lis


    I’ve got another one for you: Francis Bicknell Carpenter:

    I came upon that one quite by accident today.


    Oops, stupid stray slash:

    Am I crazy, or does Yeats look a little like Montgomery Clift? Just a few of the facial features. And Rupert Brooke looks like Hugh Grant.


      I can see a bit of resemblance to Monty—if Monty were wearing glasses and posed in the same position as Yeats in that photo, yeah, there’s a similarity. I definitely agree that Hugh should play Rupert in the movie.


    Al, Alexander Hamilton, that is, looks way better in his statue than in his portrait. He was a stud. A short stud, but still.


    If Hawthorne has defeated Cooper I would have had to lodge a serious protest….


    love Sir Francis Drake’s triangular beard – surely the reason he’s included here…


      Hello there, SVHN, and welcome to my blog! The gentleman in the portrait you’re referring to is actually John Donne, but now that I think about it, he and Sir Francis Drake do resemble each other, especially in the beard area, don’t they? Thank you so much for visiting, please stop by anytime!


    I forgot to ask… who in the hell is Pierce McKeenon?


    This is doing it for me.


    How did I miss this? I was sure I’ve been here—because it’s one of my favorite posts, ever.


    I prefer the hot dead chicks to be honest and I would love to add Elvira Mistress of the Dark to this array of deliciousness :) How do you mean she is not dead yet? Well I know that of course but I would still like to add her just out of pure naughtiness, after all she is downright bloody gorgeous is she not? :) lol

    Thank you for adding such a delightful offering :) xxx


      You’ve got a good point there, my dear sir. And she’s well preserved, isn’t she?? I can appreciate the Hot Dead Chicks but for me the Hot Dead Guys hold much more appeal. I will be adding more of each soon, I’ve been very remiss in updating this collection…


        It is funny that you mentioned that as I used to have a category ‘For the Girls’ that I might consider reactivating :) lol Of course I will need to know your favourite guys or you might end up with Mr. Bean without the Sean ;) lol xxx


    I do solemnly swear that I feel you have not near enough hot dead chicks. ;)


      You, my dear, are absolutely right. And I plan to rectify that soon, because there are quite a few dead hot ladies I want to introduce to everyone… I’m so glad you stopped by!


    As soon as I saw the heading for this, I thought to myself, “I would totally put Hawthorne on this list.” Lo and behold, you had already recognized his beauty. I used to teach high school English, and whenever I would start The Scarlet Letter, I would always mention my little crush…and I usually referred to him as “Hottie Hawthorne.”


      Howdy ma’am—I see you and I are kindred spirits. I had no idea how good looking he was as a younger man, I always see portraits of him as an older, mustachioed gentleman–he doesn’t do it for me in those. But in the above portrait? Yowza!!


    Wait a second, where is Cary Grant?


    I’m shocked at Voltaire early exit. Also, Yeats over Cooper? I demand to see the judging.

    great idea


      To be fair, Yeats WAS pretty dreamy. And he was a poet. Chicks dig the poets, you know. Plus, the Irish accent. It’s all about the accent. Don’t get me wrong, Gary Cooper was STUNNING. But Yeats was a hot piece.


    Hi Madame. I seem to have stopped receiving updates from the wordpress-o-matic thing that distributes news about your posts. However, I just thought I’d let you know that George Ridler commented on my McKennon post. His father (George E Ridler) witnessed the rescue of the hot guy from the fields outside Berlin in 1945. Apparently, it was a great story to hear. Sometimes it a gob-smackingly small world, isn’t it?

    Glad to see your still kicking, and ranting, and, well, everything else :)



      Apologies for being so late to answering this, Nigel. Holy cow, I’ve got to go over to your blog and read Mr. Ridler’s comment. Just think, that makes us only a few degrees separated from The First Hot Dead Guy Tournament Winner. This sort of thing is why the internet was invented.


    I hate to disagree with you, but Gary Cooper should have won. I adore him! He was so handsome.

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