Weebles Board of Directors

It’s difficult to get so many Weebles together for a group photo, given all the scheduling conflicts. But we finally made it happen, with only a few absentees…Christopher Robin and the circus clown were last seen trying to pick up some Fisher Price little girls and it wasn’t pretty.

11 responses to Weebles Board of Directors


    lol, why does that look so funny? whats hiding outside of the oval boundary? lol



    Dear MW,
    I just love this kind of blog.
    It makes me totally forget about spider veins on my legs, which I’ve been obsessing about lately.
    Which is to say, an awesomely thing to do for a girl.
    Thanks so much my New York friend.
    Love, Lis



      I’m happy to help, Lis. If it’s any consolation, this blog distracts me from a lot of unpleasantries too. But try not to obsess too much over the spider veins–I’m sure they’re a much bigger deal to you than they are to anyone else. And spider veins or no, you’re still awesome.



    Dear Madame,
    Thank you. I know you are right. Although, I have a pretty nasty one on my right leg. This summer, before my legs got some sun….one of my daughter’s teammates said…”ewww!!! what’s that on your leg???”
    Children are the BEST at being brutally honest, you know?? haha!!!
    Anyway, it’s nice to escape into BlogLand. No one can see my spiders.
    Love, Lis



    Not sure if you follow Wil Wheaton or not but he’s moved his blog over to a fancy wordpress site. I think you might like his cover photo. I know it’s not a weeble but it still reminded me of you. http://wilwheaton.net/


    petit4chocolatier November 18, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    Very cool!!



    Best. Group. Photo. Ever!



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