And now, some hot dead chicks

April 3, 2012 — 7 Comments

After posting several bits of male eye candy, it’s time to give the ladies a chance. So without further ado, may I present the following hot dead chicks for your consideration:

Ada Lovelace

Ada was the only legitimate daughter of Lord Byron, but that’s not why she was famous. From an early age she showed an aptitude for math and science. In 1833, when she was 17, she met Charles Babbage, who had just invented one of the world’s first computers, a contraption called the difference engine (which was basically a primitive calculator). Babbage was at work on a new computer called the analytical engine, and he told her about it. She was intrigued. She took his ideas and ran with them, eventually coming up with a program for his machine. Unfortunately the analytical engine was never completed, but Ada Lovelace is still considered to be the very first computer programmer. One of the original Geek Grrls, and a darned good looking one too.

Emma Hamilton

I’ll be honest, I don’t like this broad. She was basically a kept woman for many years before she married one of her keepers, Sir William Hamilton, an English ambassador living in Naples. While in Naples she became acquainted with Admiral Horatio Nelson of the Royal Navy. Lord Nelson had a wife in England, but that didn’t stop him from getting busy with Lady Hamilton. Pretty soon they were living as a couple, but oddly, they lived with Sir William (who was either the most understanding husband ever or the biggest doormat on earth). They lived very happily until Lord Nelson shipped out in 1803, at the start of the Napoleonic Wars. Nelson was killed during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Emma ultimately ended up penniless and died of alcoholism in 1815. Sad ending, and even though she was a homewrecker, she was a pretty hot piece.

7 responses to And now, some hot dead chicks


    This may be the best post title I have read to date. HY – STER – ICAL!



    Glad to oblige! Thank you very much!



    She certainly was a hot chick, and she’s certainly dead! ;-). I feel a little sorry for Emma Hamilton. No one ever pretended she married Sir William for love (he was a very dry politico whose main love it seems was classical Greek pottery), whereas her relationship with Admiral Lord Nelson was passionate and loving. The British Establishment chose to ignore the promise given to Nelson that Emma and their son (their daughter died) would be looked after by the State.
    In an era when women were to pretty much all extents powerless I think she managed as best she could.



    How spooky; my Gravatar is Emma Hamilton! May I suggest Simone de Beauvoir? Most of her images show a rather stern lady but there are a couple in her very young days that make me go all weak….


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