I’m in mourning this morning.

May 16, 2012 — 40 Comments

Robert Cornelius was knocked out of the running in the quarterfinals. How could this happen? Sure, Rupert Brooke was a handsome fella, sure, but more handsomer than Robert Cornelius, the dreamiest dreamboat ever? HOW COULD THIS BE??

Even Mr. Weebles said, “Well, the other guy was pretty good looking.” Et tu, Mr. Weebles?

Look at this face. LOOK AT IT:

How much more dreamy could a man be? The answer is none. None more dreamy.

Below are the matchups for the semifinals. Sigh. I’m going to take a short recess before opening up the polls, because I need time to find an appropriate Victorian mourning gown and a veil.

40 responses to I’m in mourning this morning.


    If you want to eliminate Gary Cooper, just post a pic of what he looked like in the 1950s.



    I voted for Cornelius OVER Throckmorton. I thought he was running against the mystery man, Throckmorton. That’s a bummer.



      Well, Brigitte, with your help, Mr. Cornelius made it to the quarterfinals over Mr. Throckmorton. But in this last round, he got trounced by Mr. Brooke. It was a hard-fought battle, at least. It would have been even more heartbreaking if it had been a landslide.



    There’s no accounting for taste. I don’t understand who went for the foppish one. Can you name and shame them?



    He is devilishly handsome and by “devilishly” I mean, those tufts of hair on the side of his head make him look like Satan. I’m just saying… Perhaps why I didn’t vote for him…? Bwah ha ha!



    My money is on Rupert Brooke all the way. I have a hot dead guy crush on him (I feel like that is something you would get). That being said…the two are equally hot in different ways. Perhaps you can bring back RoCo as a wild card in a rematch?



    I have to agree with Julie. I think Rupert Brooke is the #1 seed!


    Cory (aka the "roomie") May 16, 2012 at 11:52 am

    My fault. I missed the quarter final vote…..



    I’m a little bummed about Nathaniel Hawthorne. Who knew the guy who wrote one of my least favorite books EVER and I’ve read it three times, was such a babe!? Other than that, I picked the other 3. Wish there was a pool.



    It’s your contest. You could just let us all vote, create a big build-up to the winner, and then just announce Mr. Cornelius the winner. In terms of this contest, you are GOD.



      That’s true, but I would feel bad doing that, it’s cheating. I like to keep things democratic here, and the majority has spoken. So instead of cheating, I’m just whining.



    I’m sorry I have been out of town . . . I’ve missed out on all the fun!



    It’s gonna be ok MW…but I feel your pain…



    Ha! You’re in for more disappointment I’m sure, because there can only be one! Ah, wait, no Connor Macleod’s no in the list.




    As the cops seem to say on TV – “I’m so sorry for your loss.”



    Maybe if the photo had been preserved better. I think the fault lies with his estate. He was totally hot.



      You could be onto something there, purplemary (I love that name, btw). Daguerreotype photos like that are notorious for being easily damaged, so someone didn’t give the love and care it deserved. Also, your taste in men is exquisite.



      You and I are not the only ones who feel this way. I don’t get it: why is Hawthorne so revered for his work?? Why do English teachers inflict him on us? Just show us a picture of him and be done with it. Spare us the House of the Seven Gables!! (Although to be fair, it’s actually a very nice house. I visited it when i was in Salem many, many years ago.)



    so it’s going to come down to Gary Cooper and Rupert Brooke? My money’s on Rupert



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